Price per Head’s Call Center Infrastructure

The infrastructure of the sports betting call center at Price per Head is one of the key elements that truly set us apart from competitors.

This large office building was completely remodeled to meet our needs as a modern sportsbook call center.

It features two separate call centers, each with their own management staff and a series of rows filled with high-tech computers, plus different televisions where live lines and games are always in display.

A sophisticated VoIP phone system backed by different technologies contributes to a working environment in which downtime is unlikely, allowing our staff to respond to betting customers and their sports agents promptly and efficiently.

There are also offices for the IT, web design, online marketing and customer service departments, all handled by hand-picked call center managers and clerks whom are ready to handle any situation or challenge.

The IT room in particular, is heavily secured as to protect our encrypted servers and computer framework. From this area of the building, the IT staff can monitor the different Internet and phone systems and make the necessary adjustments so that they can always be operating with maximum efficiency.

The Internet marketing and web design teams utilize cutting-edge CPUs and innovative software to create custom websites for our clients, and the customer service department is always on-call to handle payments, wagers, or any other bookmaking matter.

To prevent power outages in our sports call center located in San Jose, Costa Rica, we have invested in several industrial power generators which are as reliable as the ones used by busy places like hospitals. These generators are so powerful that we can guarantee you that we will always be up and running, no matter what is going on in the surrounding areas.

We also work with a variety of Internet sources and multiple phone services (combination of local, VoIP and satellite) to make sure that your customers can always place their bets online or over the phone in a timely manner. We can certainly assure you that your customers wont be complaining about not been able to reach us.

Price per Head is constantly investing time and resources in order to improve the quality of our infrastructure to always provide a superior service. Just a handful of sportsbook call center providers has spent as much time or money on equipment, staff and software as we have to ensure that players are always satisfied.