Our Staff

Most bookmakers eventually reach a point where they realize that they have far more tasks than those which can be accomplished in a given day. Many phone calls to be answered, lines to be checked, wagers to be processed, etc. That is why they certainly need assistance, and this is where a prestigious sports betting Price per Head call center can help.

Our large offshore call center is staffed with professionals whom have many years of experience in the betting industry, and they are the individuals in charge of maintaining strict customer service standards. You can be sure that your players will be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect as our staff has been trained with superior human relationship skills and also count with an extensive background in wager-taking services, which is why players can place their bets promptly and effortlessly. Our staff can also assist them by answering any questions they may have.

Because we are an organization that provides services to bookmakers worldwide, our staff is comprised of individuals whom are fluent in several languages. These languages include English, Spanish, Mandarin and Cantonese. The reason why we maintain such varied personnel is because we want your players to feel comfortable when they phone-in our call center, no matter where they are calling from.

Our line management staff is constantly hard at work to make sure that live lines are always set correctly. This alone requires a lot of time and dedication as we process bets on a good number of games and sporting events every day. Price per Head helps you to reduce risk while still providing attractive lines for players.

Price per Heads call center operates under a 24-hour, 7 days a week, 365 days a year schedule. No matter when you or your players call, someone will always be available to provide assistance. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service and bookmaking software. Being available at all times is one of the reasons why we are above and beyond of what other sportsbook call centers offer to their clients.

By allowing us to handle all of your calls and bookmaking matters for you, you should have a lot more free time in your hands. Whether you use this time for personal enjoyment, spending it with your family or marketing you enhanced bookmaking operation, Price per Head sports betting services will undoubtedly improve the way in which you do businesses.