Price per Head Price per Head, Pay per Head Bookmaking & Sportsbook Software Wed, 23 Jul 2014 02:17:18 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Pay per Head Bookie: Key Elements To Attain Success Wed, 23 Jul 2014 02:17:18 +0000 When running a Pay per Head Bookie operation, there are certain elements that you need to take into consideration if you want things to go as you expect them to pay-per-head-bookie-key-elements-attain-successgo. Here are some of the most important ones.


Pay per Head Bookie: Reputation

If you really want your Pay per Head Bookie business to flourish, you need to pay attention to your current reputation, as it is truly in your best interest to have a positive one.

People really don’t want to deal with businesses that have a bad name, and that is totally comprehensible as nobody wants to get ripped off by some person or company that is presenting a false image just to make a quick buck.

Instead, try to do everything that is in your hands in order to give your Pay per Head Bookie startup company a positive image in order to be able to attract the attention of both local and online players alike.


Client Attention

You also need to be a good customer service provider. Even though you are working with a PPH shop, which allows you to run your Pay per Head Bookie operation smoothly, you still need to be able to attend to your clients’ needs when they demand it from you directly.

Maybe you have a VIP client that doesn’t want to deal with the PPH shop and wants to be taken care of by the owner of the company himself.

In that case, you can make an exception and get the action of such a client yourself. By doing this, you are letting the VIP customer know that you are an entrepreneur that really takes care of his clients, no matter how demanding they can get.



Another element that is going to contribute to the success of your Pay per Head Bookie operation is your attitude.

You need to work with a good attitude towards any task at hand because that is going to allow you to perform better and avoid any mistakes that can result from working with a negative state of mind.

When you have a good attitude, the clients of your Bookie Services business will notice it; no matter if they are locals who can see you face to face, or players from the internet, whom stay in touch with you over the phone or email.

Sure, you might have some personal problems, we all do, but that doesn’t mean that you need to combine those mental setbacks with the work you’re doing.

Keep this in mind: while you are working, give yourself completely to your work, smile big and forget about the situations that are making you uncomfortable outside of your Pay per Head Bookie business.



There might be times when things might get a bit complicated, but if you want your Pay per Head Bookie business to remain on the right track, never give up and try to remain as positive as you can.


To stay positive during tough times will give you the strength that you need in order to face such problems in the best possible way in the future.

On the other hand, when you switch to a negative mood as soon as a problem arises, you will probably be prone to take the wrong choices as your mind is just not in the right place.



Also, don’t forget to be a responsible Pay per Head Bookie! Always pay your clients on time and always be there when you have a meeting with a prospective customer.

Try to avoid excuses as much as possible because some people are really not fond of them. Even though your excuse might be real, people in general have the tendency of mistrust excuses.

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Pay per Head Bookie: Things to Avoid Related to Management Sat, 19 Jul 2014 21:33:27 +0000 If you want to be a competent and convincing manager for your Pay per Head Bookie business, make sure that you stay away from the following:pay-per-head-bookie-things-avoid-management


Pay per Head Bookie: Complaining

Since you are the head of your own organization, when you complain, you are diminishing your own efforts and are also putting in doubt your abilities to lead a Price per Head Services Bookie business.

Instead of complaining about something is that going wrong with your wagering operation, make sure that you deal with the problem right away in the best possible way and without undermining the work of those under you.

When you complain, you are also filling yourself with negative feelings that can lead you to take the wrong decisions.

Remember: it is never good to act with a hot head because you are being emotional, and you actually need to be rational when it comes to taking care of decisions related to your Pay per Head Bookie sports betting operation.


Not Paying on Time

Sure, you created a Pay per Head Bookie startup company in order to collect cash, and not so much to give it away, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be irresponsible when it comes to giving your clients their winnings on time.

In fact, paying your customers when you must do it is great for your Pay per Head Bookie business because you are creating a positive image for yourself and your whole organization.

On the other hand, when you fail to do so, you are promoting a negative perception of the work you do, which means that you will find it more difficult for people to trust you in order to give you their money.

Just try to be as fair as you can with the clients of your Pay per Head Bookie business, and chances are that most of the players that you are dealing with are going to do the same for you.

If for some reason you realize that you are being honest with a given customer but the latter doesn’t do the same and often fails to pay you when he or she losses, then it is probably in your best interest to stop taking action from such individual.


Remaining in the Comfort Zone

If you are a Pay per Head Bookie that is doing well with the clients you currently have and you haven’t been recruiting more players because you feel that you are doing just fine with the way things are going, then we recommend you to re-think your current business strategy.

This is because when you stay in a comfort zone, you are not moving forward, and relaxing so much is probably not a good idea.

Instead of remaining in that security perimeter where you have stayed for a while, take the decision of becoming more proactive and start looking for ways of adding more money to your pockets.

In your case, this means to go out there and start recruiting as many players as you can on a constant basis. That way, if you have some players that no longer want to play with your Pay per Head Bookie organization, you have new ones in order to replace them.


Preventing Micromanagement

As your Pay per Head Bookie business grows, you will have more and more responsibilities and tasks to look out for, and let’s face it; you will reach a point where you won’t be able to do everything by yourself!

For this reason, you need to start trusting your employees to the point where you will allow them to take full control of certain duties related to your Pay per Head Bookie operation.

This is also known as micromanagement, and it is indeed a very effective way to run things in order to be as proficient as possible.

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Bookie Pay per Head Solutions: 3 Words All Clients Appreciate Tue, 15 Jul 2014 21:46:23 +0000 There are three key words that the clients of your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions business really enjoy to hear.bookie-pay-per-head-solutions-words-clients-appreciate

Behavioral research has shown that these words are very effective, and here is some information related to them that can be useful in order to apply them to the marketing plan for your Bookie Services operation.


Bookie Pay per Head Solutions: The 3 Words:


First Word: FREE

This is truly a non-shocker as “free” is a word that clients of all types, including those whom are looking for Bookie Pay per Head Solutions, really appreciate.

This is a word that is considered a top option when you really want to get the attention of a specific group of people.

In fact, FREE is a word that is almost synonymous with expectation and it also seems to be hardwired to the brains of consumers.

When you use FREE in your own Bookie Pay per Head Solutions sports betting operation, you really want to stay away from things such as offering false promises to prospective clients.

You want players that visit your website to feel like value seekers instead of bargain hunters. This means that when you offer something for free, people really need to see the value of the “free” part of the promotion that you are running.

According to recent studies, people is not going to respond well with a promo that has the tag “free” on it but which still requires the consumer to make some sort of additional purchase.

In your case as a Bookie Pay per Head Solutions provider, you can offer free things such as your very own newsletter, podcasts, or maybe even a small free play at the casino, no strings attached.

You can also opt for offering a free promo such as one week to try out your services, or also an object such as a nice pen or a piece of sports memorabilia after a new client signs up.

The kinds of things that you give out for free are really totally up to you. Just be careful not to offer things that you can’t deliver or you might end up losing some credibility.


Second Word: INSTANTLY

In general, consumers want to see results instantly, either when they buy a product or obtain a given service.

When running a Bookie Pay per Head Solutions operation, you truly want to be the kind of agent that attends to the needs and concerns of your clients INSTANTLY.

When a player wants to place a bet, you should be able to allow him or her to do it right away, which is why working with a Price per Head Services shop is certainly a great idea.

Old school bookies certainly didn’t had the opportunity of taking all the wagers of their customers immediately because their resources were very limited.

But since that is a thing from the past, make sure that you are always available to the customers of your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions startup company in one way or the other in order to help them with anything they need other than taking bets personally.


Third Word: NEW

New is a word that appeals to novelty, so this is definitely one that you can use to hook, for example, clients of other Bookie Pay per Head Solutions operations whom are currently dissatisfied with the service they are receiving and are looking for something NEW.

Although “new” is a very powerful word, you still need to consider the value of keeping a familiar brand with clients, which means that “new” is a word that you can use for promotional campaigns to sign more customers and not on your regular content for existing players.

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Bookie Price per Head Services: 4 Factors Startup Owners Share Thu, 10 Jul 2014 21:15:34 +0000 Why is it that some Bookie Price per Head Services businesses make it and others don’t?Startup business text

There are four important factors that owners of successful startup companies have in common:


Bookie Price per Head Services: Founder’s Passion

In order to start a Bookie Services business that can have real options of turning successful, the founder of such company must truly show some passion and commitment from the very beginning.

This will allow the owner of the Bookie Price per Head Services sports betting operation to inspire those who work for him.

At the same time, this can have some truly positive consequences in the sense that, for example, employees such as sub-agents can feel encouraged to do better for themselves.

This means that they will work with a burning desire to put more money in their pockets, which equals to better profits for your Bookie Price per Head Services organization.

Additionally, when you work with a passion, the rewards of your work will feel immensely more gratifying.


One Thing at the Time

When you try to do many things at the same time, you end up doing all things half way.

Instead of working like that, focus on doing one single thing at a time and do it as best as you can.

This will ensure that when you put some work on any area of your Bookie Price per Head Services business, your labor is really worth your time and efforts.

Also, try to do your work in stages, with certain doable, periodical goals, which you need to commit to in order to see some good results.

This will allow you to assimilate the growth of your Bookie Price per Head Services business in a gradual way.


Value and Care for your Customers

Without players, you really don’t have a Bookie Price per Head Services startup company, period.

For that reason, you should always remember that your clients’ demands should be attended as soon as they arrive in order to keep everybody happy and betting comfortably.

When you fail to provide the clients of your business with the kind of solutions that they expect from a business like yours, they are sure to leave you to wager with somebody else.

You certainly don’t want that to happen, and even worst, you don’t want former dissatisfied clients to start spreading bad rumors about you in the local area where you work or over the internet, so do your best in order to keep a clean, positive reputation.

Your goal is to make your customer feel so satisfied with your Bookie Price per Head Services, to the point where they will feel like signing up to bet with you was one of the best decisions of their lives.


Remain Loyal to your Practices

If you want to get to the point where you can retire happily with a nice bank account, you will also need to remain loyal to your regular business practices and be as constant as you can.

If you recruited 10 players during a given month, then try to recruit no less than that the following month.

The more constant you are, the more you will learn to be disciplined, and once you have gotten to this point, you will find it easier to respond better to the challenges and opportunities ahead related to your Bookie Price per Head Services operation.


In sum, in order to make it in your particular niche industry, you need to be passionate, focused, care for your clients and be constant. Once you learn to balance these elements, you will certainly find it easier to accomplish more and be more successful.

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Bookie Price per Head Services: Paid Search Marketing Wed, 09 Jul 2014 21:54:37 +0000 Promoting your new Bookie Price per Head Services site is essential if you want to attract more prospective customers to your pages.per-head-services-paid-search-marketing

In order to do so, you can make use of paid search marketing, and here is some general information that can give you a better idea of what this online business practice is.


Bookie Price per Head Services: PSM versus SEO

Paid search marketing is not the same as SEO (search engine optimization), but they can indeed work together.

PSM consists of placing ads related to your Bookie Price per Head Services website on the SERPs (search engine results pages) while SEO consists of trying to promote your pages in an organic way (the content that the big search engines like Google finds most relevant to a given search made by a browser).

When you work with SEO, you are trying to get the pages of your Bookie Price per Head Services site to appear more trustful for users, but you can also complement this practice by adding an extra one that can also get your listing on a SERP: you can pay for an ad.


Shortcut: In fact, paid search marketing is a fail-proof method that serves as a shortcut to become visible in the SERPs right away and without having to wait for your SEO efforts to pay, which might take a while depending on the kind of keyword terms that you are trying to hit.


Pay per Click

Pay per Click, also known as PPC is definitely the most common model for online ads. PPC refers to the practice of paying the giant search engines every time a person clicks on a given ad.

When a browser hits a pay per click ad, he or she will be redirected to a given page located on the advertiser’s Bookie Price per Head Services website, which was previously chosen by the advertiser himself (this differs from organic results, where the engines are the ones that selects the pages they believe are more appropriate).

Location and Labeling: Although organic results for your Bookie Pay per Head Services website are more reliable to the eyes of most online browsers, paid ones have also a big advantage: they appear at the top of the SERPs (or also on the right side).

Despite this, people that click on paid ads know that they are not dealing with organic pages because paid ads are labeled as either Sponsored Links, Ads, Paid Listings, Featured Listings and Sponsored Listings.

PPC alternates between the top 1, 2 or 3 advertisers for a given keyword term so their respective ads can appear at the top of a SERP, and the rest of paid advertising is shown on the right side of the screen.


Complementing SEO with PSM

It is definitely a great idea to utilize paid search marketing additionally to your search engine optimization work and as part of a big overall strategy.

For example, you can start a pay per click campaign specifically for the landing page of your Bookie Price per Head Services website, using different variations of keyword terms and setting individual ads for each one of them.

By doing this, you can verify the traffic that you received for each keyword term. This is not only important because of the numbers obtained, but also because you have the chance to track accurately which keywords are better for conversions, and then you can use this data in order to complement the work that you are already doing related to SEO on your Bookie Services website.

Remember that the goal of a PPC campaign is to generate a positive ROI or return on investment, and PPC data is truly relevant in order to implement a more profitable SEO campaign since it provides instant feedback.

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Pay per Head Bookie: Expanding To Latin America Sun, 06 Jul 2014 13:22:18 +0000 With more than 200 million web users, Latin America is constantly getting more and more interested in online sports betting, which means that this is a market that Colombia on mapyou definitely should try to hit in order to expand your Pay per Head Bookie operation.

Remember that if you are building a site, you are doing so because you want to hit as many markets as possible, and starting with Latin America is a great idea, so here are some tips that can help you get started with the right foot.


Pay per Head Bookie: Language

With the exception of Belize and Brazil, Spanish is the king language in Latin American countries, so if you are planning to create a Bookie Services site especially for doing marketing in nations such as Mexico, Costa Rica or Argentina for example, you should use generic Spanish that is universally understood.

This is because some words that might have a certain meaning in a given country might have a very different one in another.

In other words, if you want to prevent people from getting the wrong message related to the content that you constantly add to your Pay per Head Bookie website, try to avoid local slang words at all costs.


Keywords and General Content

Translating your current website from English to Spanish might prove to be a challenging task if you are a Pay per Head Bookie that is not very familiar with the latter language.

For this reason, we certainly recommend you to get a native speaker to help you create the kind of content that can attract the attention of Latino players.

This also includes keywords, so you can’t simply translate a popular term that you are using on your English Pay per Head Bookie website to Spanish because it might not have the same sense. In fact, your best bet is to do a separate keyword research campaign for your Spanish site.

In this case, you probably should get some help from an SEO (search engine optimization) professional so you can actually find the kind of terms that are commonly used by Spanish-speaking players whom are looking for Pay per Head Bookie services online.


Learn Some Spanish

Even though you can get the help of a partner or sub-agent that is a native speaker, you are indeed the owner of your Pay per Head Bookie business, and precisely because of this you need to, at the very least, understand what is being said to you.

Sure, you can trust your Spanish-speaking sub-agent to tell you what a possible client is saying, but the reality is that you want players to know that you are the boss, and not the sub-agent.

Failing to understand or speak some Spanish can give Latino clients the wrong idea about who is the actual owner of the sports betting startup company.

This means that if you don’t understand your clients, they will perceive your sub-agent as the person in charge, and although this is not completely negative, if for some reason you stop doing business with the sub-agent, you will not only lose him, but also your players whom were dealing with him.



Although your Pay per Head Bookie site is hosted in the United States, you can use Google Webmaster Tools in order to help you associate your web portal with a given Latin American country so your site can appear at the top of the SERPs for such nation.

If you have the cash to build a Pay per Head Bookie website but are not necessarily too familiar with site construction and optimization, it is certainly recommended to get the help of your Spanish-speaking SEO pro in order to give you a hand with this process.

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Bookie Pay per Head: Mistakes to Avoid at Home Tue, 01 Jul 2014 18:11:54 +0000 When you launch a Bookie Pay per Head business from home, you can run it with a lot of flexibility, but there are also some challenges that you need to consider,bookie-pay-per-head-mistakes-avoid-home and some mistakes to avoid.

Here are the top mistakes that you should prevent yourself from committing when running your Bookie Services operation from home.


Bookie Pay per Head:  A lot of  Home Time

Many people out there possesses the entrepreneurial spirit to start a Bookie Pay per Head operation based at home, but they are not too fond of the idea of spending too much time at their own house, which is exactly one of the big mistakes made by many stay-at-home first-time business owners.

Although running your sports betting operation from the place where you live is great, you need to balance your work at home hours with your duties outside your house.

This means that you also need to go out there and plan for lunch business dates and face-to-face meetings with prospective clients or possible partners. Also, consider doing some of your computer-related work from a coffee shop for example.

The important thing is for you to manage to start building up a social element that is indeed very important for the growth of your Bookie Pay per Head startup company.


24-7 Schedule

If you work from home on a 24-7 schedule, you will likely get overwhelmed faster than you can say burnout.

In order to find success with your Bookie Pay per Head small operation, you need to create a regular schedule and respect it as much as possible.

When you work non-stop, you will get to a point where you will not even function well and your ideas will become blurred.

For this reason, doing your job using a flexible schedule allows you to stay fresh all the time and work at your maximum potential.


Allowing Interruptions

If you work at home, it is likely that members of your family and even some friends are going to be around from time to time.

This means that you can get easily interrupted when working on things related to your Bookie Pay per Head operation, and this is certainly no good for your business interests.

In order to avoid this, make sure that even though you are working from home, you have a personal space where you can do your job in a comfortable way and without any interruptions.

When you’re busy, just put up a “do not disturb” sign outside the door of your home office and have a chat with your family members about the importance of respecting such sign when you have it on.

Of course you can be flexible about it, but not too much or this strategy will simply not work.


Failing to Remain Organized

Remember that there is just so much space available in your desk, so you really need to prevent your work from piling up because that means that you are succumbing into disorganization.

Make sure that you deal with one task related to your Bookie Pay per Head operation at a time, and once you are done with it, remove any elements related to such task from your immediate view.

This will allow you to start working on your next task with the feeling of having fulfilled the previous one and you are also avoiding having unnecessary stuff on your working area.

Also, if you are working with others, get your co-workers to follow the same guidelines in order to make sure that everybody is on the same page.

Indeed, when you work in an organized way, you will become more productive and your Bookie Pay per Head operation will turn more profitable.

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Price per Head Services: Targeting International Players Sat, 28 Jun 2014 20:07:25 +0000 Let’s say that you have decided to go international with your bookie Price per Head Services business. There are certain challenges that you must consider if you price-per-head-services-targeting-international-playersreally want your website to produce the best results.


Price per Head Services: Browsers

The first thing that you need to take into consideration is browsers. Not everybody uses Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, so when designing your international Bookie Services site, make sure that you tailor it for the particular browsers which are most popular on the region of the world that you are planning to target.



A good international Price per Head Services website should also count with valid code. This allows you to add the W3 tag on your main page, which brings even more credibility to your web portal.

In order to test your pages for validation, you can use the validator available at the World Wide Web Consortium site.



When targeting international markets, you need to be aware of the fact that not everybody deals with dollars on a regular basis.

For this reason, you need to make the prices of your Price per Head Services business available in a variety of currencies, for example the Euro and the Japanese yen.

This way, when a player from a given country visits your site and sees that you have prices on his currency, this factor will make your sports betting operation more familiar to the eyes of such a prospective customer, which will help you to get a new conversion more easily.

Alternatively, you can also add a special currency converter gadget to the main page of your Price per Head Services site in order to make it easier for people to check on the current exchange rates.



Since English is the universal tongue by excellence, that is definitely the main language that you should use for your Price per Head Services website.

You can also create versions of your site in other languages, such as Spanish and Chinese in order to be able to target those markets.

In order to create translated versions we truly recommend you to get some local input. This means that it is better to get a native speaker to give you a hand when creating this type of Price per Head Services site than to rely solely on translation software (no matter how expensive or professional).

Also, make sure to use neutral words for sites that are written in different languages. This is because, for example, in Spanish, what can be an innocent word in a country can also have a different type of meaning in another.



Although your goal should be to deliver the same message on all sites that you develop in a variety of languages, the design doesn’t necessarily have to be the same.

You can study the visual culture of the country that you are currently targeting and create the design of your Price per Head Services website accordingly.

Here are a few examples:

In Korea and Japan, a site with a lot of bright colors and links will definitely work better than one that contains almost zero links and with grayish tones on it.

On the other hand, in a country like England, a Price per Head Services site that is super busy and with a lot of bright tones can be considered unprofessional.



When adding keywords to your international Price per Head Services site, make sure that you do your keyword research in the language of the targeted country.

In this case it is also better to use the help of a native speaker so he or she can tell you how to write correctly your desired keyword terms.

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Bookie Pay per Head Solutions: Quick Link and Keyword Hacks Thu, 26 Jun 2014 21:50:55 +0000 In order to get the kind of search engine rankings that you want for your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions website, there are certain SEO (search engine bookie-pay-per-head-solutions-link-keyword-hacksoptimization hacks that you can put into place.

Here are the ones we consider as the most accessible and which you can start implementing right away, including both link and keyword hacks.


Quick Link Hacks

Bookie Pay per Head Solutions: Check the Competition

In order to know what kinds of links are considered high-quality, feel free to visit the websites of competing Bookie Pay per Head Solutions providers to what is working for them. When you study your competitors, you won’t be doing things blindly.


Follow the Top Directories

It is also important that you follow the top directories out there; we personally recommend you the following:

Yahoo! Directory



Best of the Web



When researching for top directories, take into consideration that the ones that are worthy of your time and efforts are the ones that work with fees and editors.

When paying for a submission to a given directory, make sure that you are dealing with a respectful site that is not going to hurt your rankings in the SERPs (search engine results pages).


Social Media

It is also important to take advantage of social media in order to build links for your Price per Headwebsite.

There are many social sites out there, but we recommend you to have some sort of presence on the following ones, which are some of the most popular sites not only related to social media, but related to the internet in general:


















Yahoo! Answers



Quick Keywords Hacks


Internal Search Data

You can also use Google Analytics in order to get keyword ideas based on internal search information. When someone visits your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions site and use the search bar, they are providing you with a set of fresh keyword phrases that you can are already sure your prospective clients are interested in.

You can use such new keyword terms in order to create content around it, which is a strategy that can pay off really well in terms of Search Engine Optimization.

If you are using WordPress in order to run your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions website, you can also install the Search Meter plugin in order to gather this type of data (it can be downloaded at no cost at all).


Google Adwords

Since Google Analytics has certain restrictions and sometimes it will return the message “not provided,” nowadays you need to become a little bit creative in order to get valuable data from the search engine giant.

A great way to get good info from Google is to login into the new Adwords Keyword Planner and selecting the option “Search for keyword and ad group ideas.”

Once you’re there, enter the URL for your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions site where it says “Your landing page” and then click on search.

What you will get back is a series of keyword term ideas which Google thinks are directly related to your own website.


When it comes to SEO, this is certainly the top of the iceberg, but putting these hacks into practice will indeed have a positive impact on your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions site.

These are hacks that you can implement yourself, but there are always things related to website optimization that will require the attention of a professional, so make sure to work hand-in-hand with someone with experience.

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Bookie Pay per Head Solutions: Getting Influencers to Help You Sun, 22 Jun 2014 21:28:16 +0000 When you use the web to transmit a message related to your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions company, you certainly want it to be shared and conveyed.bookie-pay-per-head-solutions-influencers-help

If you are able to find an industry influencer that can give you a hand at starting a sharing fever, such action can really take your blog or full website to a viral overdrive that is sure to attract the kind of people that can turn into customers in the future.

Here is some info that can help you get influencers to watch and share your content with others.


Bookie Pay per Head Solutions: Don’t Expect Social Networking Miracles

There is an unfortunate truth related to social media that you need to be aware of when you are sharing the content that you have created for your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions site: social networking is not going to cut it when it comes to reaching out to influencers.

Those that are considered influencers within a given industry, including the ones related to Price per Head agent services, get to see thousands of tweets or comments on Facebook, for example, which means that they really are not going to find the time to see your message.

Of course there is nothing wrong with giving it a try, but the truth is that the chances of your message to be heard by an industry influencer on social media are as slim as your chances of winning the lotto.


Get Creative

Since it is clear that to get the attention of a person that is considered a major influence on the Bookie Pay per Head Solutions industry using social media channels alone is unreal, you really need to get as creative as possible.

One thing that we certainly recommend you to do is to get in touch with the PR agency or the management staff of the person in question.

This is considered a great step to take because you are already cutting a lot of people from the middle and are reaching out directly to those closer to the influencer, which makes an introduction to your business and message more likely.

What you really need to have in mind is that influencers pay a lot of attention to people that contacts them in a unique way, so take your time, do some brainstorming with your own team at your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions business, and you’ll certainly find it easier to get what you want.


Show Passion!

When an influencer shares your message, he or she does it because he or she finds it quite appealing and more interesting than the rest of the stuff that is out there.

For this reason, you really need to put some passion on your work in order to demonstrate influencers that you have the kind of material that they wish to convey to others.

The more passionate you seem about your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions startup company to an influencer, the more likely it is that such person is going to take your message for real and share it with their vast network of contacts.


Keep it to the Point and Short

Influencers tend to favor content that is short and really goes to the point, so that is precisely the kind of material that you need to create for your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions website.

In fact, you really need to go for the type of content that influencers are going to find easy to digest.

Forget about long intros on your content; instead, go to the main point of your message as fast as possible on your text.

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