Price per Head Price per Head, Pay per Head Bookmaking & Sportsbook Software Wed, 20 Aug 2014 16:14:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Price per Head Sportsbook: Search Engines’ Top Link Signals Wed, 20 Aug 2014 16:14:00 +0000 Links are a signal of how popular or trustworthy a Price per Head Sportsbook website is.price-per-head-sportsbook-search-engines-link-signals

Although it is impossible to know the entire link attributes measured by the top search engines, SEO (search engine optimization) experts have come up with clearly accurate assumptions about factors that are directly related to link value.


Price per Head Sportsbook: Global Popularity

The more popular and relevant a website is, the more importance the links from that site have.

There are many websites that are considered trustworthy by people in general, such as Wikipedia, which has thousands of diverse websites that are linking to it.

If you really want your Price per Head Sportsbook site to earn authority with Google and Bing (which also provides results to Yahoo) you will definitely need the help of trustful link partners.


Topic-Focused Popularity

Links that are topic-focused definitely matter most than links that are off-topic (although these are also good if they have authority).

For you, who own a Price per Head Sportsbook site, it is better to get links from trustful websites related to the gambling community than to get links from a website that sells shoes, for example.


Anchor Text

A great sign of trust for the search engines when it comes to rankings is anchor text.

When you’re in the process of contacting the webmasters of websites which you would like to link-partner with, make it clear about the keywords that you want included in the anchor text.

If you can get a good number of links with the right keyword term pointing to a page of your Price per Head Sportsbook website which is based on the same keyword, then such page has some good chances of getting a good position in the SERPs (search engine results pages) for such term.



It is considered that as much as 60% of the internet’s content is spam, and this is the main reason why the search engines have made an effort in order to try to weed out such content, which is unnecessary and irrelevant.

A big part of the engines algorithm is said to be based on measuring trust, so trying to get links for your Price per Head Sportsbook website from trusted domains such as government sites, colleges and even non-profits is definitely worth your time.



The fresher your Price per Head Sportsbook website is the better. If you manage to keep your site fresh and relevant, you will increase your chances of getting authority sites to link back to you.

On the other hand, if you let the content of your site to go stale, chances are that you will fail to earn new links and your popularity with the search engines will likely decrease.


Link neighborhood

Just you as you ask for links to other webmasters for your own Price per Head Sportsbook web portal, there might be others out there interested in getting a link to their site on yours.

Before you say yes to any requests, make sure that you won’t be linking back to a spammy site because this can give your Price per Head Services site a bad reputation with the top engines.

Google and Bing both measure the totality of links as a group, and if they realize that your website exists in a bad link neighborhood, then you are likely to get penalized.

The same goes the other way: make sure to be quite selective when you try to earn links from other sites. If the site that you are considering has a good reputation and doesn’t look spammy, then go for it.


Social Sharing

Although the top engines doesn’t see shared links as they see other types of links, the former are nonetheless important.

It is difficult to know how the engines factor social link signals, but it is true that the popularity of the source that is sharing your content, such as an influencer, is quite relevant.

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Pay per Head Bookie: Steps to Building a Website Sun, 17 Aug 2014 21:22:23 +0000 To count with a Pay per Head Bookie website is essential to attain success, especially now that most players tend to favor the web when it comes to placing their pay-per-head-bookie-steps-building-websitebets.

If you don’t work with a price per head services site, then you will just be able to offer your services to local bettors, and although that is Ok, you are preventing yourself from expanding to other markets, and therefore, to make more money.


Pay per Head Bookie: The Steps

Here are the steps related to the process of building a business site:


1. Get your PPH Pack

This is the most crucial step in your quest to become a successful agent because things such as sportsbook software are going to serve as the core of your whole operation.

The reason is because without the help of a PPH shop, you will really find it difficult to consolidate your own startup  company as you will need a lot of resources and it is likely that you will end up paying excessively for overhead costs.

In fact, without the help of an established offshore shop, you won’t even have the time to think about expanding your business to the internet because you will find yourself too busy dealing with the day-to-day operations of your local office.


2. Hire Some Help

Once you have made a nice deal with a shop, then you can actually start calling yourself a Pay per Head Bookie and are also ready for the next step on your expansion plans, which is to get the assistance of people that can help you build your site.

If besides being a Pay per Head Bookie you also have the capacity to build a website from the ground up all by yourself, then that is great, but chances are that you might find yourself in the group of people that does need to get some collaboration.

The three key people that you need to hire are: a web designer, an SEO (search engine optimization) pro and also a copywriter.

The web designer and the SEO will both work together to come up with a functional site, and the copywriter will collaborate with texts that can complement the job of the SEO and the designer in order to come up with a website that is friendly for both the search engines and prospective clients alike.


3. Give your Opinion

Tell your new freelance employees what it is that you need and want concerning the new website. Remember that this is your personal business Pay per Head Bookie site, which means that such web portal is going to serve as your online image.

For this reason, don’t be afraid to tell your newly hired staff what is it that you actually want, including colors, fonts (type and size) and the site’s overall theme.


4. Pick the Right Domain Name

Picking the correct domain name for your Pay per Head Bookie site is important for many reasons.

For example, choosing a name that goes along with your industry will tell the search engines that your website belongs to a particular niche, and that can increase your chances of coming up in good positions for keyword terms that are related to your domain (and also to the keywords that you are using on the overall content of your Pay per Head Bookie website).

Try to pick a name that is both related to your industry and that it also reflects who you are and where you’re from. This will allow you to appear friendly to players from other areas and also to locals whom are looking for an online sports betting solution.


5. Start Promoting your Website

Once everything is in place and your Pay per Head Bookie site is up and running, then it is time to start promoting it in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can also add your website’s URL to your personal presentation cards so local prospective clients can jump in the web and check more information about what you have to offer.

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Price per Head Bookie: Quick Link Construction Guidelines Tue, 12 Aug 2014 21:30:10 +0000 The links of your Price per Head Bookie website should all be as both user and search engine-friendly as possible in order to get the best rankings, and therefore, price-per-head-bookie-link-construction-guidelinesthe most visitors. Here are some tips that you can use to keep URLs SEO-standard.


Price per Head Bookie: Empathy and Small URLs

Think like a player and what he or she is looking for when doing a search forPrice per Head Bookie Services, and those are the terms that should be employed in your URL.

Since links should be short but descriptive, avoid giving too many details and instead create links with text that is short, yet explanatory and according to keyword terms based on searches made by players.

Keep in mind that the shorter the full URL of a given page of your Price per Head Bookie website, the better.

This is because such type of links are friendlier to the search engines’ algorithms and also because they are easier to copy and paste, and to remember by people who wants to email your link or use it as blog post or even as a text message.


Avoid Stuffing

Stuffing your URLs with a lot of keywords will not help you and instead it can hurt your reputation with the search engines.

If you are targeting a certain keyword term for a given page of your Price per Head Bookie site, then by all means feel free to add it to all the areas of your page’s content, including the URL.

What you should try to avoid is to add keywords that are not directly related to the content of the page even though it is related in some way.


Clear URLs

A clearer version of a URL is better than one that contains a lot of different parameters and things that only computers, and not people, can read.

When you create URLs, try to make it both friendly to humans and the search engines in order to improve your chances of getting better ranks in the SERPs (search engine results pages).



In order to separate words in a URL of your Price per Head Bookie website, it is better to use the hyphen “-” character than any other because this is the one the search engines are most familiar with and accept the most.

You can alternatively use the plus “+” symbol for picture names, but the hyphen is the most recommended one.


Unique URLs for Unique Pages

Canonicalization is a practice that you can use in order to organize the content of your Price per Head Bookie website in such a way that there is a unique URL for each page.

The search engines are quite picky about multiple versions of a single piece of content, and when they see different URLs pointing to the same material, they are forced to choose which one is the right one, and sometimes none of your duplicate pages is going to rank higher enough as to be included in the SERPs.

If for some reason you realize that there are a number of duplicate URLs for a give page of your Pay per Head Solutions site, you can consider the option of 301-redirecting it or using the Canonical URL tag attribute so the search engines can have a unique, strong link that can be shown in the SERPs.


As you can see, the links of your Price per Head Bookie website are crucial in your SEO strategy, so try to follow the tips above and browse the web for even more in-depth information that can help you to come up with the type of links that can become visible to prospective online customers.

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Price per Head Services: Client Importance and Satisfaction Fri, 08 Aug 2014 17:09:45 +0000 Before you get started with your Price per Head Services startup company, always remember that: the customer is always right, even if they’re wrong.price-per-head-services-client-importance-satisfaction

Here’s some info on why the client is always right and ideas on how to keep customers satisfied.


Price per Head Services: No Clients, No Business

If you have no players, you have no Price per Head Services business to run. Since you are working with an offshore Pay per Head Solutions provider, the number of customers that you can handle is unlimited.

Although this means that the PPH shop can run many core aspects of a bookie operation, you should still try to keep an eye on the overall sports betting business in order to make sure that everything’s running smoothly and that everybody’s satisfied.


The Client is Always Right

It is true that clients are NOT always right, but for business purposes they always are because, at the end, they are the ones paying you for your bookie Price per Head Services.

This famous saying is fully tied to customer attention because there is nothing worst for a business than client dissatisfaction.

If a given client tells you that you are wrong, you of course have the right to defend your personal beliefs, but you might end up losing a customer and also the profits you were obtaining from his or her betting action.

It is also important to consider the type of clients you have on your agent Price per Head Services portfolio and their actual demands.

For example, if you have a client that is not very profitable and likes to complain all the time, then you probably are in front of a case where you can actually decide to keep the client or letting him or her go.

On the other hand, if you have a client that is kind of demanding, but the profits he or she is leaving in your pockets are responsible for your latest Caribbean cruise, then you might be right about having some extra patience with them.


Staying Close

Sure, many players just want to get their sports betting action, that’s it; and that is great. But remember that there is other set of customers that might require some more personalized attention in order to make them feel that their action is wanted and the owner of the bookie Price per Head Services operation is always willing to listen.

The key will reside in identifying one set of clients from the other  in order to provide a more assertive and accurate set of agent Pay per Head Solutions based on what each set of players want and need.


Be Friendly

Apart from staying close to the clients of your bookie Price per Head Services operation, you also want to be friendly.

When you stay close to your players and also manage to bring a sense of friendship to the provider-client relationship, you are certainly on the right path to remain a successful bookie entrepreneur for a long time.


Encourage Betting Action

There will be times while running your Price per Head Services business when you will notice that things are running slow, and if that is the case, make some phone calls or send some emails to inactive clients in order to try to encourage them to start placing some bets again.

Since you also count with casino services, you can, for example, offer some free chips with no strings attached. Chances are that when an inactive client visits the online casino area, he or she might be interested in placing some sports bets also.

This is just a quick idea on how you can get people to become active again, but we’re sure that you, as a bookie professional, can come up with a set of your very own ways to get your players back.

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Pay per Head Solutions: Tips for Posting on Instagram and Vine Mon, 04 Aug 2014 16:01:49 +0000 Instagram and Vine are two great social media sites that can give the marketing campaign for your Pay per Head Solutions business a boost. Here are some tipspay-per-head-solutions-tips-instagram-vine that can help you get the most out of the two.


Pay per Head Solutions: Quick and Easy Tips



You can use other applications such as Snapseed and Camera+ in order to make your already great pictures even better.

Once you get used to edit your pics on a regular basis, the feed of the Instagram account associated with your Pay per Head Solutions business will become more consistent in terms of its feel and appearance.

Rule of Thirds

When you manage to put the subject of the picture in just 2 thirds of the screen, this factor makes the photo even more appealing to the eye.


Using captions allows you to get some extra attention from viewers, it makes your pics even more interesting and it will also keep people’s attention on the pic longer.

Make sure that the captions that you are planning to use are relevant to the picture that you are uploading to you Price per Head Services Instagram business profile.

Another thing that we recommend is to add comments or questions that can drive people to provide you with their own opinion.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are popular across all social media websites, and they are also one of the most popular ways to increase the traffic that you are getting on your Pay per Head Solutions Intagram profile.

When you use hashtags, people will identify your pic as being popular (even if it still isn’t), so try to upload photos that are trendy and that won’t disappoint viewers whom are checking your newest additions because of the hashtag factor.


When you see new comments on a new pic that you previously uploaded to your Pay per Head Solutions Instagram account, try to take the time to send a note to the person letting him/her know that you are aware of the comment and that you liked it.

It is important to keep the two-way conversation to a conversational level instead of trying to push sales. This is because if you do the latter, people are just going to feel betrayed and are likely not to return to your profile again.

We recommend you to start pushing sales to people that have been returning to your Pay per Head Solutions profile for a while, and we also advise you to do it as casually as possible.




Just like in Instagram, using hashtags in your Pay per Head Solutions Vine account is also a positive factor.

It is advisable to use hashtags such as how-to and look in order to increase engagement.

It is also important to mention that when new visitors come to Vine, it has been demonstrated that the majority of them start at the hashtags, so using them is crucial in order to get the kind of traffic and responses that you are expecting.

Find a Style

The people that have managed to stand out over others in Vine are those whom have been able to come up with a style of their own.

Take some time to do some brainstorming in order to see what is it that you really love in order to portray it in six-second videos.

With that said, you should also take into consideration that you’ve created a Vine account with the main purpose of promoting your Pay per Head Solutions startup company, so your vids must also reflect this.

Infinite Loop

One of the greatest things about Vine is the infinite loop, which is a tool that makes it possible to replay the same video again and again, non-stop.

If you wish to use Vine to the advantage of your Pay per Head Solutions business, this is a key tool to master because people are really fond of the videos that have been created using it.

Be Still

It is also a great idea to work with a tripod. This is because a Vine vid that has been created with a shaky cam can be annoying for some (or most) people.

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Pay per Head Solutions: Going Beyond Facebook and Twitter Sat, 02 Aug 2014 21:19:23 +0000 Besides Facebook and Twitter, there are other social media sites that you should consider to have a presence in order to promote the posts ofpay-per-head-solutions-beyond-facebook-twitter your Pay per Head Solutions site.


Pay per Head Solutions: The other Social Media Giants

Here are the other social media giants, and some tips on how to improve yours posts on such web portals.



The Least Faces, the Better

It has been demonstrated that users of Pinterest have an affinity for pictures that have no human faces, and in fact, such type of pics get shared 20% more often than those containing them.

For that reason, try share pics to promote your website that are not people-based, and more object-based instead.

Red Tones

Another factor that will get your images re-pinned even more is to upload and share images with red, orange or similar colors.

Multiple Colors

You can also combine those dominant red tones with other colors, including green and yellow in order to count with a varied and attractive set of pics on the Pinterest space associated to your Pay per Head Solutions site or blog.

Light and Color

Also, try to upload images with 50% color saturation as it has been demonstrated that they get re-pinned four times more often than the ones with 100%, and also ten times more than plain black and white images.

Portrait Style

Believe it or not, the shape of the pictures that you share on Pinterest in order to promote your Pay per Head Solutions site can also get you better results.

It is actually recommended to use vertically orientated images, and when it comes to ratios, the perfect ones are 2:3 and 4:5.



Tag Brands and People

When you use the names of brands and people on the posts from the Google+ account associated to your Pay per Head Solutions site, try to tag them when applicable.

This will make it possible for even more people to check out such posts after they get the notification.

Hashtags and Trendy Topics

When you use tags, you will automatically increase the reach of the Google+ profile that you use to promote your site.

Also, remember that Google+ is going to add a hashtag for trending and key topics automatically, so it is always a good idea to write content on your Pay per Head Solutions website or blog related to stuff that people is currently interested in.


Don’t forget to add images to the posts from your G+ account because this will definitely increase the visibility factor.

The size of images that it is recommended for posts on Google Plus is 800×600 pixels.

Find Communities

If you want to get closer to people that can turn into conversions for your Pay per Head Solutions business, give relevant Google Plus communities a try and become a regular contributor.

If you take the time to do this, you will soon witness how your reputation within the right Google+ circles grows stronger, and this factor will allow you to turn into a favored source of bookie Price per Head Services for an increasing number of online players.



Know your Post Types

In Tumblr, there are seven posting options to choose from, so make sure that you are choosing the right one for the current post that you want to share with others.

Follow People

When you follow people in Tumblr that is relevant to your Pay per Head Solutions startup company, you will always be aware of the latest trends and will also increase your chances of getting more followers.

Choose a Nice Theme

Fortunately, Tumblr offers a variety of free themes that you can choose from, so try to pick a theme that can be considered interesting by prospective clients.

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Pay per Head Bookie: Great Books for Entrepreneurs Sun, 27 Jul 2014 21:16:39 +0000 It is always a good idea to take some time off of your Pay per Head Bookie business in order recharge your batteries and work more proficiently.AA003102


Pay per Head Bookie: Reading

Reading is a great way to spend that off time, and here is some information on five books that are considered must-reads for entrepreneurs like you.


Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk

If you haven’t had the chance to check out this best-seller you are truly missing out.

Mr. Vaynerchuck was able to create a great book that allows Pay per Head Bookie providers to know how to beat the competition and also to know how to connect better with clients.

The author is a renown social media professional who provides readers with strategies that actually work and some key rules that you should also consider following.

This book is a great read because social media is not a waste of time at all and Mr. Vaynechuck has some of the best written advice about it.


The CMO Social Media Handbook by Peter Friedman

Many leaders from the business industry, including managers, executives and Pay per Head Bookie entrepreneurs have only good things to say about Mr. Friedman’s book, The CMO Social Media Handbook.

The author provides some great real-world advice on how to properly develop long-term social media strategies using content that is effective, and most importantly, wanted.

We consider this a great read for Pay per Head Bookie pros because it will allow them to avoid many mistakes and also to create social profiles that can engage visitors to the point where they can’t resist returning.


Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers certainly is at the top of many best-seller lists out there, and there are many reasons for that. If you’re wondering what makes people like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett great, then this is a book that you want to get in your hands because Mr. Gladwell has some great answers about it.

We recommend this book because we believe it to be quite inspirational and also because Mr. Gladwell doesn’t focus on the characters that he writes about, but rather the focus is on the factors that allow such people to shine.


7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

It doesn’t matter if you are just starting a Pay per Head Bookie business or if you are a seasoned sportsbook professional, this book is a great read for everybody.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is certainly a book that has been tested through time as it was first released in 1990 and it remains a best-seller nowadays, having sold more than 15 million copies to date.

We believe that Mr. Covey is able to provide a personal yet critical and reasonable opinion on professional development, and such information can truly prove to be quite helpful for Pay per Head Bookie business owners.


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This is a book that, it really doesn’t matter how old or young you are, you should definitely read.

It was first released in 1937 and from that point on, people has taken Mr. Carnegie’s work as a regular source of wisdom and advice, especially those from the sales and marketing industries (including Pay per Head Bookie businessmen).

The book indeed offers substantial information aimed to help readers to learn how to deal with people the right way.

We recommend this book because in order to do well in the business world, you need to be able to create and cement solid relationships.


We are sure that by the time you are done reading these five books, you are going to have a broader idea of how to run your Pay per Head Bookie business in the best possible way.

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Pay per Head Bookie: Key Elements To Attain Success Wed, 23 Jul 2014 02:17:18 +0000 When running a Pay per Head Bookie operation, there are certain elements that you need to take into consideration if you want things to go as you expect them to pay-per-head-bookie-key-elements-attain-successgo. Here are some of the most important ones.


Pay per Head Bookie: Reputation

If you really want your Pay per Head Bookie business to flourish, you need to pay attention to your current reputation, as it is truly in your best interest to have a positive one.

People really don’t want to deal with businesses that have a bad name, and that is totally comprehensible as nobody wants to get ripped off by some person or company that is presenting a false image just to make a quick buck.

Instead, try to do everything that is in your hands in order to give your Pay per Head Bookie startup company a positive image in order to be able to attract the attention of both local and online players alike.


Client Attention

You also need to be a good customer service provider. Even though you are working with a PPH shop, which allows you to run your Pay per Head Bookie operation smoothly, you still need to be able to attend to your clients’ needs when they demand it from you directly.

Maybe you have a VIP client that doesn’t want to deal with the PPH shop and wants to be taken care of by the owner of the company himself.

In that case, you can make an exception and get the action of such a client yourself. By doing this, you are letting the VIP customer know that you are an entrepreneur that really takes care of his clients, no matter how demanding they can get.



Another element that is going to contribute to the success of your Pay per Head Bookie operation is your attitude.

You need to work with a good attitude towards any task at hand because that is going to allow you to perform better and avoid any mistakes that can result from working with a negative state of mind.

When you have a good attitude, the clients of your Bookie Services business will notice it; no matter if they are locals who can see you face to face, or players from the internet, whom stay in touch with you over the phone or email.

Sure, you might have some personal problems, we all do, but that doesn’t mean that you need to combine those mental setbacks with the work you’re doing.

Keep this in mind: while you are working, give yourself completely to your work, smile big and forget about the situations that are making you uncomfortable outside of your Pay per Head Bookie business.



There might be times when things might get a bit complicated, but if you want your Pay per Head Bookie business to remain on the right track, never give up and try to remain as positive as you can.


To stay positive during tough times will give you the strength that you need in order to face such problems in the best possible way in the future.

On the other hand, when you switch to a negative mood as soon as a problem arises, you will probably be prone to take the wrong choices as your mind is just not in the right place.



Also, don’t forget to be a responsible Pay per Head Bookie! Always pay your clients on time and always be there when you have a meeting with a prospective customer.

Try to avoid excuses as much as possible because some people are really not fond of them. Even though your excuse might be real, people in general have the tendency of mistrust excuses.

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Pay per Head Bookie: Things to Avoid Related to Management Sat, 19 Jul 2014 21:33:27 +0000 If you want to be a competent and convincing manager for your Pay per Head Bookie business, make sure that you stay away from the following:pay-per-head-bookie-things-avoid-management


Pay per Head Bookie: Complaining

Since you are the head of your own organization, when you complain, you are diminishing your own efforts and are also putting in doubt your abilities to lead a Price per Head Services Bookie business.

Instead of complaining about something is that going wrong with your wagering operation, make sure that you deal with the problem right away in the best possible way and without undermining the work of those under you.

When you complain, you are also filling yourself with negative feelings that can lead you to take the wrong decisions.

Remember: it is never good to act with a hot head because you are being emotional, and you actually need to be rational when it comes to taking care of decisions related to your Pay per Head Bookie sports betting operation.


Not Paying on Time

Sure, you created a Pay per Head Bookie startup company in order to collect cash, and not so much to give it away, but that doesn’t mean that you need to be irresponsible when it comes to giving your clients their winnings on time.

In fact, paying your customers when you must do it is great for your Pay per Head Bookie business because you are creating a positive image for yourself and your whole organization.

On the other hand, when you fail to do so, you are promoting a negative perception of the work you do, which means that you will find it more difficult for people to trust you in order to give you their money.

Just try to be as fair as you can with the clients of your Pay per Head Bookie business, and chances are that most of the players that you are dealing with are going to do the same for you.

If for some reason you realize that you are being honest with a given customer but the latter doesn’t do the same and often fails to pay you when he or she losses, then it is probably in your best interest to stop taking action from such individual.


Remaining in the Comfort Zone

If you are a Pay per Head Bookie that is doing well with the clients you currently have and you haven’t been recruiting more players because you feel that you are doing just fine with the way things are going, then we recommend you to re-think your current business strategy.

This is because when you stay in a comfort zone, you are not moving forward, and relaxing so much is probably not a good idea.

Instead of remaining in that security perimeter where you have stayed for a while, take the decision of becoming more proactive and start looking for ways of adding more money to your pockets.

In your case, this means to go out there and start recruiting as many players as you can on a constant basis. That way, if you have some players that no longer want to play with your Pay per Head Bookie organization, you have new ones in order to replace them.


Preventing Micromanagement

As your Pay per Head Bookie business grows, you will have more and more responsibilities and tasks to look out for, and let’s face it; you will reach a point where you won’t be able to do everything by yourself!

For this reason, you need to start trusting your employees to the point where you will allow them to take full control of certain duties related to your Pay per Head Bookie operation.

This is also known as micromanagement, and it is indeed a very effective way to run things in order to be as proficient as possible.

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Bookie Pay per Head Solutions: 3 Words All Clients Appreciate Tue, 15 Jul 2014 21:46:23 +0000 There are three key words that the clients of your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions business really enjoy to hear.bookie-pay-per-head-solutions-words-clients-appreciate

Behavioral research has shown that these words are very effective, and here is some information related to them that can be useful in order to apply them to the marketing plan for your Bookie Services operation.


Bookie Pay per Head Solutions: The 3 Words:


First Word: FREE

This is truly a non-shocker as “free” is a word that clients of all types, including those whom are looking for Bookie Pay per Head Solutions, really appreciate.

This is a word that is considered a top option when you really want to get the attention of a specific group of people.

In fact, FREE is a word that is almost synonymous with expectation and it also seems to be hardwired to the brains of consumers.

When you use FREE in your own Bookie Pay per Head Solutions sports betting operation, you really want to stay away from things such as offering false promises to prospective clients.

You want players that visit your website to feel like value seekers instead of bargain hunters. This means that when you offer something for free, people really need to see the value of the “free” part of the promotion that you are running.

According to recent studies, people is not going to respond well with a promo that has the tag “free” on it but which still requires the consumer to make some sort of additional purchase.

In your case as a Bookie Pay per Head Solutions provider, you can offer free things such as your very own newsletter, podcasts, or maybe even a small free play at the casino, no strings attached.

You can also opt for offering a free promo such as one week to try out your services, or also an object such as a nice pen or a piece of sports memorabilia after a new client signs up.

The kinds of things that you give out for free are really totally up to you. Just be careful not to offer things that you can’t deliver or you might end up losing some credibility.


Second Word: INSTANTLY

In general, consumers want to see results instantly, either when they buy a product or obtain a given service.

When running a Bookie Pay per Head Solutions operation, you truly want to be the kind of agent that attends to the needs and concerns of your clients INSTANTLY.

When a player wants to place a bet, you should be able to allow him or her to do it right away, which is why working with a Price per Head Services shop is certainly a great idea.

Old school bookies certainly didn’t had the opportunity of taking all the wagers of their customers immediately because their resources were very limited.

But since that is a thing from the past, make sure that you are always available to the customers of your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions startup company in one way or the other in order to help them with anything they need other than taking bets personally.


Third Word: NEW

New is a word that appeals to novelty, so this is definitely one that you can use to hook, for example, clients of other Bookie Pay per Head Solutions operations whom are currently dissatisfied with the service they are receiving and are looking for something NEW.

Although “new” is a very powerful word, you still need to consider the value of keeping a familiar brand with clients, which means that “new” is a word that you can use for promotional campaigns to sign more customers and not on your regular content for existing players.

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