Price per Head Price per Head, Pay per Head Bookmaking & Sportsbook Software Thu, 24 Apr 2014 01:49:48 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Freelancing Guide to Becoming a Bookie: Managing Funds Tue, 22 Apr 2014 21:55:39 +0000 In this brand new article of our Freelancing Guide to Becoming a Bookie series, we are going to talk about how to obtain and manage your funds properly.


Bookie Guide: Getting Funds

Before you start a Bookie business, you need to come up with an operating budget; otherwise you will not have the necessary funds to run things the way you supposed to do so.

There are many ways to get funds for your Bookie operation. Let’s explore some of the best ones:
Your Personal bank account
If you actually have some good extra money in the bank, then that is actually the best way to fund your Bookie business. This is because if you lose some cash after paying winning bets, then you are losing your money, and not anybody else’s.

Sure, sometimes you’ll end up short of cash after paying your players, but on the good side, you really don’t have an external outstanding debt, which means that even though you have lost some cash, you are still in good shape because no extra money is going anywhere.


Obtaining a Loan

You can also opt for getting a loan. Although at first it might seem difficult for you to get one because of how easy bookie-moneyit is for banks to refuse loan applications, if for some reason yours is denied, you still have other great options such as credit unions.

If you actually want to go for this option, then you must try to be as convincing as you can in order to get the bank representative to grant you the loan.

Before heading to the bank, go ahead and create a nice proposal that is sure to impress the people at the bank, or at the very least, encourage them to see you with good eyes.

We certainly recommend you not to tell the banks that you are trying to fund a Bookie operation. Of course you don’t want to lie to them completely too as this can create an adverse situation from different perspectives.

In order to have better chances of getting your loan approved, tell the banks that you are actually planning to start a small client attention business, for example.

Another great strategy to improve your possibilities of getting a positive answer is to anticipate the questions of the loan officers.

Indeed, the more prepared you feel, the better you will do when the time to ask for the loan arrives.

If you are able to afford the monthly payments, then this is certainly one of the best ways to obtain the funds that you actually need to run your own Bookie Price per Head Services operation.


Angel Investors

Some people sometimes confuse the term philanthropist with angel investor, but the two are nothing like it. The first one is a person that gives away money without expecting anything in return and he or she does it in order to support a given cause.

Angel investors are quite different as they do help business to grow by infusing much needed capital, but they do it with the goal of making a profit.

When you deal with an angel investor, you must do so with the same approach as you will have towards banks. This means that you need to convince the person with deep pockets that your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions business has the potential to come up with some good earnings.

The difference between an angel investor and a bank is that you really don’t need to hide anything from the former, which means that you can feel free to tell the person that you indeed are running a sports betting operation.

If an angel investor likes your idea, it is likely that he or she will take a calculated risk and will give you the capital that you need in order to get your Bookie business going.


Venture Capital and Private Equity

This is an option you might want to consider at a later time than angel investors. This is because venture capital is not delivered by a single individual, but by a company, and the amount of cash that they are willing to provide is fairly larger than the one you can get from an angel investor.

They might even ask you for a share of ownership, which means that this is a good choice only if you are planning to go big from day one.

Private equity firms are similar to venture capital companies as they are willing to grant you the funds you need with the condition of getting a share of your business.


Types of Funds

When it comes to the funds of your Bookie operation, there are two sides to it: Paying and Collecting. Let’s check bookie-typesout some information on what agents must pay on a regular basis and what they are able to collect.


Paying the Pay per Head Shop

When you obtain the services of a top Price per Head provider, you must pay for their services. You actually pay the PPH shop every week (usually every Monday) and you pay based on services rendered to every client.

This means that you only pay the PPH shop every time your clients make use of either the internet, call center or casino solutions.

For example, if you have 50 clients and only 25 of them were active during a given week, then you only have to pay for those and not for the remaining 25 that didn’t had any action.

When you first start working with a Price per Head provider, you will be asked to agree on a fixed weekly deal for the services that you acquired. This fixed price is only going to vary if you decide to acquire a service that is considered an extra.


Requesting Credit

A top Pay per Head Solutions Company usually offers credit to his clients. If you decide to work with credit, then you need to make sure that you’ll have the money to pay up when you need to.

When a PPH shop offers you credit, it means that they are allowing you to pay your fees at a later time and not precisely on a weekly basis. This is a deal that a customer of a Price per Head Company obtains after a degree of trust has been established.


Split Business

When you work a split business with a pph shop it means that you don’t have to pay weekly pay per head fees. Instead, you are splitting the profits.

bookie-splitSplit profits also means split risk. For example, when a client of yours wins, then you, the Bookie, and the Price per Head Services Company have to pay such player’s winning bet.

On the other hand, when a client loses a wager, then you and the PPH shop collects the winnings.

A split Bookie business with a Pay per Head shop it is usually based on a 50-50 proportion, but it is not unusual that either the agent or the shop assumes a larger responsibility for better profits while the other party gets less cash but the financial risks involved are also lower.

This is a great alternative for a new Bookie that doesn’t have enough funds to run a large business all by him or herself.

Paying what you owe to both your clients and the PPH shop is in your best interest. Otherwise you might end up with no business at all and with a bad reputation that will make it really hard for you to get new players in the future.


Players and Sub-agents

When you run a Bookie business, all of your profits are going to come from players, either from those that are directly under your command, or from those whom are handled by sub-agents.

Players: At the end of every week, you can start collecting your earnings from players, or you can also start paying up what you owe them.

You can either opt for handling every single situation separately, or you can also work with a set of general rules for all of your players.

This means that you might have some players that don’t pay you right away but that are always good on your bookie-players-sub-agentsword, so you might want to keep a separate deal for this type of individuals.

On the other hand, there are players that always pay on time. The thing is that if some of them realize that you allow some of your clients to pay you at a later time than what you had originally established, then chances are that they will want to get the same kind of deal for them, and this can certainly affect your regular income.

For this reason is that we recommend you to keep your deals with individual players a private matter unless you don’t want to offer deals to anyone and use the same set of rules for all of your customers.

The attitude that you take considering this aspect of your Bookie business depends entirely on the type of wagering operation that you are running.

Remember: When collecting from players, you must try not to show that much flexibility with people that don’t want to pay. It is actually better to say goodbye to such type of clients as they are just basically wasting your valuable time and resources.


Sub-Agents: Apart from yourself, the only ones that should be collecting funds for your Bookie operation are your sub-agents.

These individuals, whom are the face of your business in other areas of the country, have under their wing a number of players whom they either pay up or collect from.

You can basically ask your sub-agents to stick to your very same personal policy for paying and collecting cash from clients in order to be able to run an overall homogeneous operation.

Of course there might be the case with some sub-agents whom will ask you for personal deals for given players, and to say yes or no to their request is totally up to you.


We hope this article has helped you to understand how to handle the funds attached to your Bookie operation in a better way. If you want to check out our previous releases off the series, feel free to do so:


We invite you to read our previous releases from the series:

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5-      Sub-Agents and Third Party Services

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Bookie Price per Head Services Tips: The Digital Marketing Funnel Thu, 17 Apr 2014 21:41:16 +0000 Digital Marketing is, doubtless, essential to run a modern, profitable Bookie Price per Head Services business, bookie-price-per-head-services-marketing-funnelespecially because the majority of prospective clients have a certain degree of regular online activity.

When you start a Bookie Services operation and decide that it is time to start using the web to your advantage, the whole concept might seem a little intimidating at first, but there are some strategies that are not difficult to put into practice and that are sure to help your business grow.


Bookie Price per Head Services: Setting Goals

Once you’ve started running your Bookie Price per Head Services operation, you will realize that the only way to get to where you want to be is to come up with ideas that can help your small business grow.

Concerning what you want, there are some things that you already probably have in mind such as more clients, recognition or simply to be at the top of the game.

Whatever the case may be, when you start with a clear goal your chances of succeeding greatly improves.

Digital marketing of course, is one of the modern, great methods to help your sports betting operation to flourish.

Since there is some planning and strategy involved in digital marketing, your best bet is to set some goals that can help you to work in a more focused way.


Create a Marketing Funnel

The businesses that are considered as to be amongst the most successful ones certainly work with a marketing funnel, which happens when you map out a client’s journey from where you didn’t even knew the person until it became a clear lead for a conversion.

Then, using the information that you collected, you can influence others to become your customers by offering them what other players have asked you on a general level. Such data includes things such as calls to action, offers and lead magnets.


There are actually four parts to the marketing funnel process; let’s check them out:

Awareness: The potential client knows that you are a Bookie Price per Head Services provider. They remain a stranger, but there is a strong reason why the person is visiting your website.

You want to attract such visitors and invite them to stay in your site for a while by offering them something that you believe most players are looking for.


Interest: When a visitor to your Bookie Price per Head Services site is clearly expressing an interested in what you have to offer by contacting you, try to offer them some more general info on what you can do for him or her as an agent, and if the interest goes further, then offer to the possible customer more info that is actually more tailored to the person’s specific needs.

When you show a prospective client that you not only took the time to talk to him or her in order to get to know him or her better, but that you also have a special, specific deal to offer the person that is customized according to what the player wants, will prove to that you are a Bookie Price per Head Services provider that is attentive and really care about you clients.


Desire: After you’ve noticed an interest and have provided the necessary info, then you must try to build up in prospective clients a desire to acquire what you have to offer by telling them why is it that they need your solutions and the real and most convenient reasons why they will be tremendously benefitted.


Action: After the possible client has acquired the desire to sign up for your Bookie Price per Head Services, then it’s time to call for some action in order to turn the person into a clear lead and then into a conversion.

In fact, one of the best tricks at this stage is to treat the player as if he or she was already your client in order to gain the confidence that you need to close the deal successfully.

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Bookie Price per Head Services Tips: The Getting Things Done System Wed, 16 Apr 2014 21:41:17 +0000 By any chance you happen to have in mind a list of things to do that really gets your attention away from the work bookie-price-per-head-services-gtdyou are supposed to do for your Bookie Price per Head Services business?

Maybe it has happened to you that you forget about completing a key task or maybe you feel that you have way too many responsibilities? If that is your case, don’t worry, you are not alone.

Getting overwhelmed is a phenomenon of today’s fast-moving world, and because of that particular reason, productivity experts have come up with a variety of methods to overcome such problem, and one of them is the one called Getting Things Done or GTD.

Let’s check out some information about it, and how you can use it for the benefit of your Bookie Services operation.


Bookie Price per Head Services Tips: Background

Back in the 20′s Bluma Zeigarnic from Lithuania was eating out at a local restaurant, and during that dinner, she noticed that the waiters were able to remember difficult orders with ease, delivering the right plates to the right tables without a problem.

She also realized that despite their ability to remember orders, after an order has been paid for, it quickly left the mind of the waiter, so if for any reason a client returned with a query about a certain plate they had at the restaurant, the waiter had a bad time remembering it.

After checking this out, she suddenly realized that once a person has dealt with a certain task, he or she drops it from his or her mind, no matter if the task was actually completed or not.


Open Loops

David Allen, an expert on the subject, called these types of tasks “open loops,” which he defined as: anything getting our attention that does not belong where it is, the way it is.

Even individuals whom are not feeling consciously stressed, will experience an increase in their productive energy when they’re able to handle the open loops in their lives better.

GTD then, is a system that helps business pros, including Bookie Price per Head Services providers, to be able to control their loops in a better way in order to focus on the actual task at hand.

This of course means that you will not be able to complete all of your lives’ current open loops. On the other hand, it should give you some peace of mind to know that you are currently dealing with your loops in some way.

Most importantly, since you are getting more productive, you will be able to complete more open loops than before.

When applying GTD, all open loops have their own place. You can see GTD as a filling cabinet for all of the open loops related to your Bookie Price per Head Services that you really know that you have to deal with.

Some open loops will be dealt with immediately, while others are going to be stored in order to return to them later on.


The Steps

Here are the steps to GTD:

Step 1: Collecting

The first thing that you must do is to put together your open loops related to your Bookie Price per Head Services business in collection buckets.

Sit down and do some brainstorming in order to collect as many open loops as you can. Other open loops will actually come from external sources, including your clients.

Although your collection buckets will help you separate your open loops in a more organized way, you must have as few as possible in order to make it easier for you to deal with your tasks.


Step 2: Empty the Buckets

You must try to empty your buckets as often as possible, or at least put some real work into trying to do so in order to close as many open loops as possible.


Step 3: Organize your “Next Actions List”

In order to empty your buckets properly, you must use a Next Actions List that contains more than thirty items related to your Bookie Price per Head Services operation. There are two ways to organizing your list: either by the priority of the item or by context.


Step 4: Getting Things Done

Now that you have your buckets and an organized list to work with, it is actually time to start getting some work Done!

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Price per Head Services Business Tips: Working with To-Do Lists Thu, 10 Apr 2014 17:14:27 +0000 Although you are using Price per Head Services to run your bookie operation properly, there are likely a lot of things price-per-head-services-to-do-listthat you need to do on a daily basis related to your professional duties, and it is vital that you count with a plan that allows you to keep track of everything in order to stay in control of your to-do list.


Price per Head Services: A Simple Technique

Efficiency expert Ivy Lee provided us with a great, yet simple technique that we can use to manage daily tasks, and it is comprised of 3 elements:

When your working day is over, write down 6 things you really want to accomplish the next day related to your Price per Head Services operation.

Create the list in order of importance, with the most relevant task at the very top.

The following day, start working out your list. Once you are done with one of the items, continue with the next one and so on until you’re done.

Some people see Lee’s technique as the birth of the contemporary to-do-list.


Main Benefits

To keep a to-do list has a great deal of benefits such as:

  • Staying Focused on what are currently doing.
  • Remembering what you must do related to your Pay per Head Solutions operation and when is the time to do it.
  • Remaining productive and motivated.
  • Reducing stress.


Keep Focused

A to-do list allows a person to remain focused in 2 main ways:

The first one is when you complete a task for your Price per Head Services business. After doing so, you immediately turn your attention to your to-do list in order to see what it must be then afterwards.

This simple process prevents you from wasting valuable mental energy and time recalling what you need to accomplish during a given day. Indeed, writing down your tasks on a list allows you to make choices beforehand that can save you time.

The second one: when you create a to-do list, your mind actually wanders less while you are executing a task for your Price per Head Services operation because you already know what needs to be done, and you have even written those things down. This reinforces your capacity to remain focused and with your full attention on the task at hand.

Once you have formed a plan, your unconscious basically stops bothering your concious mind with reminders. This means that the to-do list acts like a memory bank. Once you have created a to-do list, you really stop thiking about the things that you need to accomplish, because in a sense, by writing those things down, you already took care of them (at a mental level).


Steps to Create Lists

Now, there is a certain way to create to-do lists that will allow you to complete all the items in the list. Just follow these 3 steps to create your own lists:

Capture Tasks: Sometimes you might remember a task for tomorrow at an awkward time during the day, even in the middle of the night or just when doing some random brainstorming, which is why it is important that you count with a system that allows you to capture tasks. For example, you can carry a notepad with you at all times, or you can make use a notepad-like application for your smartphone. The important thing is to capture tasks as soon as you have them in mind.


Filter your List and Prioritize: Once you’re working with a task capture system, you need to filter yours tasks by order of importance and relevance. For example, there might be things on your list that are urgent related to your Price per Head Services business and must be done ASAP while others can become part of a future project.


In order to help you find out which tasks have priority over others, you can use the Eisenhower Matrix, which allows you to group your tasks in the following groups:

  • Urgent and Important
  • Urgent but not important
  • Important but not Urgent
  • Neither Important nor urgent


Time Limit: When you’re working on a task related to your Price per Head Services operation, you need to set up a time to complete it. This of course allows you to remain even more focused on your task since you know that there is a time limit to get it done. In fact, if you fail to add times for your tasks, it will take you longer to accomplish them.

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Freelancing Guide to Becoming a Bookie: Sub-Agents and Third-Party Services Tue, 08 Apr 2014 21:47:57 +0000 Sub-agents and third-party solutions are going to be two things you will definitely going to have to deal with if you bookie-sub-agentswant to run your Bookie business properly.


Bookie Tips: Sub-Agents

Sub-agents are a big part of a Bookie business because at their best, they provide the main agent with most of his profits, but more commonly, they still provide agents with a steady stream of good regular income.


What does a Sub-Agent Do?

When you hire a sub-agent, it means that you are hiring, basically, a sales professional to help you sell your sports betting operation.

Collections: Another important task related to sub-agents is doing collections. They can collect money and pay winners for you.

Getting paid for lost bets can turn into a conflictive situation, but a good solution comes in the form a local sub-agent who can do collections for you and who can also establish a contact with your clients in order to cement the trust they have put on your wagering business.


Types of Sub-Agents

There are different ways in which you can perceive sub-agents. For example, you can see them as partners, direct employees or freelancers.

It really all depends on the kind of working relationship you have established with your sub-agents.

bookie-teamWhen your business have grown enough, it is likely that you will be working with different sub-agents from all over the country. When this happens, you will notice that it is best for you to deal with each agent as a separate entity.

This means that some sub-agents might become your partners because of the kind of good deals they are bringing to your door.

The better the deals, the greater the cut for sub-agents. This is a motivating factor that allows some top sub-agents to acquire the status of unofficial “business partners.”

Treating top sub-agents as royalty should be your policy if you want to avoid a confrontation that can lead to top sub-agents leaving you to start their own sports betting operation with the clients they’d obtained for you.

Others are going to be sort of your “direct employees” because they only work for you and do it for a commission. Since the volume of profits that they bring to your pockets is not considerably high, they can’t be ranked as partners.


Why Are Sub-Agents Necessary

When you work locally, you probably might not need the assistance of sub-agents, unless your local sports betting operation is considerably large.

On the other hand, when you promote your Bookie Pay per Head Solutions over the internet, you are trying to sign up players from all corners of the country, which means that there is a significant possibility that you don’t know most of them.

This is the main reason why it is vital for you to count with a physical presence in an area where you have a considerable number of players.

Indeed, when people deals with a physical person, then tend to perceive a business as to be more trustworthy than when dealing with a virtual character.


How to Get in Touch with Sub-Agents

There are different ways in which you can get in touch with possible candidates for the position of sub-agents on your Bookie Services company.

bookie-touchOne of them is to post local ads on websites related to sports or gambling from the area where you are interested in expanding your business at.

If you let a message on such sites about the possibility of making cash based on commissions, there are good possibilities that you will get more than one individual contacting you.

Chances are that you already know more than a few people who work in sales. Try to get in touch with as many of them as you can and see how they feel about gambling.

Do it in a casual way (remember, you really don’t want everybody to know that you are running a sports betting operation), and if they are open to the idea of the Bookie profession.

Then you can tell them that you know of someone that might have a nice profitable business available for the right individual, and if necessary, don’t disclose the information about you being the one running the wagering operation for as long as you need to.

The main thing that you need to remember when becoming a Bookie is that the more discreet you are at a local and personal level, the better you will do.


Screening People

There are chances that not all the people that respond to your request for individuals with sales experience whom are willing to work for a commission are going to be of the trustworthy kind. For this reason, you need to take some time to “recruit” your sub-agents.

What is vital, so you know that you are dealing with people that play fair, is not to reveal the nature of your businessbookie-search neither on your ads nor during the interview process.

You can, for example, rent an office in order to conduct the interviews, during which you can tell the suitors for the available position (s) that the job is related to sales and that it is paid based on commissions.

This article is about renting an office to meet with clients, but many of the points touched in it can be applied to meeting with sub-agents and other third-parties. Check it out, it is called Bookies: Using an external office to meet with players.

When you find someone that you like, then call that person for a second interview, where you can reveal that you are looking for a trustful sub-agent.

You can test out the abilities of your prospective employee by requesting that person to bring you a determined number of clients during a determined amount of time so you can confirm that you are actually dealing with someone that can really make things happen for you on a determined area of the country (or even overseas).


Agree on a Deal

Once you have agreed to work a given sub-agent, make sure that a deal is created between the two of you in order to avoid future misunderstandings concerning the kind of profits each of one you is going to enjoy individually.

For example, if you made a deal with a sub-agent about a given percentage to be paid to him during the course of bookie-dealthe professional relationship, and after some time the sub-agent is demanding more, then you need to consider if dealing with agents who can’t keep their word is worthy of your time.

If the agent that is demanding a better commission is one that is stagnating and has not been bringing you more clients, then maybe it is better to cut that sub-agent because chances are that he or she will continue to demand better commissions in the future, even when the volume of work is the same.

On the other hand, if you have a sub-agent that was a low-level member of your company but that is suddenly bringing you some good clients and continues to do so on a steady basis, then such person probably just realized that he or she has a talent for sales related to gambling and is just demanding some more money for their talent and professionalism.

These individuals you do want to keep on your side, so you if you think someone are going to bring you big players in the future, don’t let that person go.


All versus Shared Risk

When you work with sub-agents, you have two options: you either assume all the risk, or you share it with your sub-agents.


You Take All the Risk

When you assume all the financial risk yourself, you get most of the profits, except for:

  • The cash that you have to pay your Price per Head Services provider on a weekly basis.
  • The cash for third-party services (monthly basis).
  • A commission to sub-agents.
  • Paying Winners


Shared Risk

You can also opt for sharing the monetary risk with your sub-agents. This means that when players lose, both the Bookie and the sub-agent get a nice cut of the action.

The same thing goes the other way around: when players win, both the Bookie and the sub-agent shares the expenses.

You, as a Bookie, can also opt for working out a “percentage deal” which means that, for example, when one of your sub-agents brings you a new player, the sub-agent will get, let’s say, 20% of the losses or will have to pay 20% of the total winnings when the outcome of a game favors the player.

The latter is a great way to run things because you are both treating your sub-agents as your peers and they are also getting paid nicely while you are still getting the big cut of the profits.


Building your Network of Contacts

It is also good for your business to stay in touch with business associates and industry-like individuals because of many reasons, including the most important one: they can send clients your way!

The list of professionals can go from sub-agents, to those offering third-party solutions.

If you wish to know more about how to build a professional network, check out this article.

This is another useful article on building relationships the right way which can also help.


Third-Party Services

Apart from sub-agents, there are other third-parties that you will need to involve in your business if you want things to go as best as possible.


An Accountant

Needless to say, you also are going to need the assistance of a good accountant. Depending on the volume of your bookie-calculatorsports betting operation, you can actually decide if you need to hire an accountant full time or if that is a job that can be done from time to time.

Since this is a business that you want to run in a discreet way, you need to make sure that the person that you’re going to hire as your accountant is fine with your criteria about how a sports betting operation should be managed from a financial point of view.

Needless to say, your accountant must be someone that you can be relied upon 100%, all the time.

Monitoring: You can ask your accountant to update your Bookie Software information concerning your sub-agents in order to always have a fresh look of the current status of your business.


A Web Designer / Programmer / Blogger

If you wish to mount your own Bookie website in order to provide information online to prospective clients, you are definitely going to need to hire both a web designer and a programmer so they can give your site maintenance on a regular basis.

Remember that you, as a Bookie, will get a special website from the Price per Head company that you are doing bookie-web-designerbusiness with, but such site is destined to be utilized only by your players in order to place bets.

The Bookie website we are referring to is one that you can create from scratch by yourself in order to do marketing for your betting operation. This of course once all the details have been worked out and the business is up and running.

If you wish your website to rank well on the SERPs, you need a team that is comprised of a web designer, a programmer and a blogger. All of them with knowledge of SEO or search engine optimization.

The first two to give your site a nice look and regular technical maintenance and the last one to provide you with fresh content for the search engines.

All the work aimed at improving your chances of being found in the web by your targeted audience.


A Personal Assistant

If you are planning on running a small Bookie operation with the help of Price per Head Services, chances are that you can run your business without the need of a personal assistant.

On the other hand, if you have the funds and want to go big right since day one, you will definitely are going to need bookie-assistanta personal assistant that can help you with many things, which may or may not include handling things related to your personal life, such as getting messages for you, for example.

A personal assistant is great because you can pay this person to manage tasks such as being your direct contact with sub-agents, staying in touch with your freelancers and give you resumed data concerning your current accounting affairs (that is, if your account is not doing it already)

Overall, an assistant can become your right hand, helping you with many tasks at the same time and giving you a break from all of those obligations.

For information on the difference between actual employees and freelancers check out this article.


We invite you to read our previous releases:

Sports Betting Explained

Price per Head Services

What is an Agent?

All About Clients


Check out soon for brand new article of our Freelancing Guide to Becoming a Bookie!

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Bookmaker Price per Head Services: The Servers and your Site Pt.2 Thu, 03 Apr 2014 21:50:45 +0000 In the previous article of this two-part series on servers and your Bookmaker Price per Head Services website we bookmaker-price-per-head-services-serverdiscussed things such as speed and efficiency and why the Apache and the Microsoft IIS are the top two options out there because they favor SEO (search engine optimization) and also because they are flexible and perform great.

In this one we expand on other available choices, why it is important to work with a fast server and monitoring tools.


Bookmaker Price per Head Services: Other Options

There are of course other web server options out there, including Sun Java System, Barracuda, AppWebb and iceWarp. RedHat also offer a nice enterprise edition of Apache that is destined for big-scale operations with very high traffic.

However, all of the alternatives in the market have limitations that users will definitely don’t find either in Apache or Microsoft IIS.


Best Possible Performance

When your pages take a long time to load, chances are that the people that are visiting you to find out about your Bookmaker Price per Head Services are just going to leave your website in disappointment to never return again, and this is certainly bad for business.

In order to make sure that your web server is performing at its best, here are the 3 top things to check out for:

  • Malfunctions: When your server has problems that include script errors, improper redirects or similar things that might cause a page not to display.
  • Processing information at fast speeds: Speed is very relevant when it comes to the search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

When you have a slow site, chances are that the web crawlers will get impatient and will leave your Bookmaker Price per Head Services website even before they finish crawling it.

If this happens, it is likely that the spiders won’t re-index your site as often as they should.

Servers are not that expensive, so it is in your best interest to buy them when your Bookmaker Price per Head Services site is performing slowly.

  • Clean Internet Protocol: Your IP address is quite important for the search engines, and if a site using your same IP gets caught spamming, there are some big possibilities that your Pay per Head Solutions website is also going to get affected by this. For this reason, try to avoid spam strategies on all of your websites, no matter if they belong to different projects.


Server Monitoring Tools

If you really want to find out if your web server is performing at its best, you can use a server tool, which can be used to provide you with a quick diagnostic related to how easy it is for spiders to crawl your Bookmaker Price per Head Services website.

When you run the tool, it will tell you if there are any unwanted problems when attempting to index your site and it will create a special report that you can keep for future reference.

Even though you might have a good website, a poor server can prevent your site to reach its full potential related to the SERPs (search engine results pages).

If you want to ensure that everything is running smooth, it is recommended that you run the tool regularly.


Addressing Problems Faster

Making use of a server tool is also great because it allows webmasters to fix issues quickly after running the software and getting the current data on how well a Bookmaker Price per Head Services site is performing.

It is important to recall that taking a long time to fix server issues can get you in trouble with the search engines, so your best bet is to address problems as fast as possible.

Even though you aren’t able to encounter any issues that can get you in trouble with the top engines right away, it is always better to eliminate clutter in order to have a cleaner, engine-friendly Bookmaker Price per Head Services site.


Don’t forget to check the first article of the series!

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Bookie Price per Head Services: The Servers and your Site Pt.1 Wed, 02 Apr 2014 21:26:18 +0000 Your server is the solution that allows your Bookie Price per Head Services to be online. If you have a website that is bookie-price-per-head-services-apache-iis-servercurrently up and running, you are actually making use of a web server, which can be located either at your home, place of work or at a remote hosting facility where you pay for others to provide the hosting.

Every single time that a visitor takes an action on your Bookie Services site, such as loading a given page or image, the request to get such data goes directly to your web server in order to return what the user needs.


Bookie Price per Head Services: Speed and Efficiency

Just like when you go to a restaurant hoping to be well attended by a good waiter, you also want your Bookie Price per Head Services website to be as responsive and efficient as possible in order to secure the satisfaction of visitors.

How fast your site is also very important when it comes to Google and other top search engines because their algorithm to rank pages for the SERPs (search engine results pages) takes into consideration how well a website performs.

Doubtless, the engines really don’t want to bring up pages to their users that are slow because this can hurt their credibility as information providers.

Using slow servers for your Bookie Price per Head Services site can also be bad in a more damaging way as a factor like this can even get your website removed from the top engines indexes.


Meeting the Servers

When it comes to servers, there are two big major competitors that hold ninety percent of the market, and they are Microsoft IIs and Apache.


Using an Apache Server

The most used web server out there is named Apache HTTP Server, which is software that is open-source. It is estimated that Apache supports around half of all sites in the web, and being free seems to be one of the major reasons why it is so popular.

The people from the Apache Software Foundation mentioned that they also believe their product is so utilized because it is an open-source application, a factor that allows many people out there to fix bugs and improve the overall usability of Apache.

According to the experts, Apache is the best option in terms of SEO or Search Engine Optimization because of how flexible the software is.

This last factor makes it a great option for your Bookie Price per Head Services if you want prospective customers to find you more easily.

Another great advantage related to Apache is that it allows the owner of a given site to access his website even when it is hosted by a third-party site.

As of this writing, the latest release of this product was the version 2.4


Using Microsoft IIS

There is of course another big competitor to Apache, and that is the Microsoft IIS (short for internet information services) server.

This is a proprietary piece of software, which means that you need to buy it directly from the manufacturer, in this case, Microsoft.

It provides you with a good base to run your Bookie Price per Head Services website and it comes included with the latest release of the Windows Server operating system designed for data centers.

The major disadvantage people find about this product is that, if your Bookie Price per Head Services site resides on a shared server that is run by an external hosting provider because only the admin, in this case the third-party providers, have access to the server directly.

This latter factor force users to contact the hosting people in order to make changes to the files located on the server, and this indeed can sometimes become frustrating and can also cause the owner of the Bookie Price per Head Services site to experience unnecessary delays.

On the other hand, if you happen to have a dedicated server (meaning that it is not shared), the IIS server can in fact accommodate your search engine optimization needs if you count with special administrator-level permits.

As of this writing, the latest stable release of Microsoft IIS Server is version 8.5.


Check out the second part of this two-part series on servers and your Bookie Price per Head Services Site!

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Freelancing Guide to Becoming a Bookie: All About Clients Mon, 31 Mar 2014 14:25:20 +0000 If you want to run your Bookie business properly, you certainly need to know how to deal with your new or current clients. This article from our “Freelancing Guide to Becoming a Bookie” series is focused on helping you to know how to establish a good relationship with your clientele.

We invite you to read our previous releases:

Sports Betting Explained

Price per Head Services

What is an Agent?


Launching your Bookie Operation: Your First Clients

Getting your first customers should not be complicated; in fact, you probably already know them! That’s right; your bookie-clientsfirst set of clients is likely to come out of your circle or friends or family.

These are people that know you well and believe in what you are doing, so it is reasonable to believe that they will enjoy having you as their Bookie instead of placing their wagers with a regular post up sportsbook.

Even those around you whom don’t place bets might want to take a chance and get some wagering action with you just to help you to get started.

Here are the links to a couple of articles that can come quite handy when it comes to getting ready to start getting clients:

Your Bookie Operation: Building Relationships the Right Way

Pay per Head Bookie Tips: How to Get to Know Your Clients


Places to Find Clients

A good place to start looking for clients outside of your personal circle are sports bars. Chances are that many of the people that visit these places are also fond of placing wagers.

bookie-placesWhen you try to get clients this way, you need to introduce yourself in a casual way. Don’t let everybody know immediately what the purpose of your visit is.

Instead, try to get close to some of the visitors and engage in small talk in order to verify if the person that you are talking to actually wagers.

If you get a positive answer, then you can provide that person with your contact information so he or she can contact you whenever they want to.

It is also a great idea to create some personal cards with your phone and email address in order to appear more professional to prospective clients.

Another great place to get customers is colleges. Just like with bars, don’t let everybody at a given college know that you are a Bookie.



You want to be as discreet as possible, so it is a good idea if you work with a partner that is a student at a college or an employee at a given sports bar.

When one of these individuals sends a client your way, you can pay that person a commission, and that will encourage him or her to continue to get you new customers.


A Fun Activity

If you want to convince people to become part of your bookmaking portfolio, a great strategy is to promote betting as a fun activity.

Sports are certainly fun to watch, and when you bet on a given game, the excitement of winning increases. When you let others know that they can make their games even more enjoyable, chances are that some people are going to give wagering a try just for the experience of it. Although not all of them are going to continue to gamble with you, some will indeed do.


Keeping your Clients Happy

Making your customers satisfied at all times should be your number one priority because, after all, without clients, bookie-happy-clientsyou really wouldn’t have a Bookie business.

Not all clients are the same; some are nice and others aren’t, but that is a fact related to every industry out there. If you are just getting started with your sports betting operation, you need to treat everybody the same and satisfy people’s needs as much as possible.

When you have to deal with a client that is not very nice or polite, try to offer a professional service and always let that person know that you are more than willing to improve his or her wagering experience according to your possibilities.


Listen to your Customers

If you really want to provide a Bookie service that is going to be fulfilling, then it is important that you always pay attention to what your customers have to say.

Maybe there are some flaws related to your sports betting business that you hadn’t noticed before, and listening to your clients can allow you to fix those little things that definitely matter.


Local and Online Customers

The good things about using Pay per Head Solutions is that you can get both local and online clients and although there are certain rules that apply to the two kinds concerning clients attention, there are some aspects that are unique to each one of them.



Your local clients are those that you know in person and that feel that they have a bond with you. They certainly prefer to wager with someone they know personally than to give their cash to a post up sportsbook because they know that you are a Bookie with a good reputation on your community.



These types of customers are the ones that you have signed up to your Bookie business throughout your Price per Head Services website or via social media.

Since you don’t know such people in person, it is in your best interest to always ask first-time online clients for a deposit before they can start placing wagers with you.

In fact, we recommend you to ask first-time internet customers for deposits at least during the first month of Bookie Services in order to establish a degree of mutual trust.



Once you have verified that a local or online client is trustful, you can then start offering credit. This is a good way to bookie-creditwork because even though someone might not have cash when a given game that he or she wants to bet on is on the board, they will indeed have such cash at a later time.

If you extend credit to that type of clients, chances are that your business will prosper even faster because you are not refusing any action.

Instead, you are allowing your customers to enjoy their wagering experience even more, which means that they will be more than happy to pay you when they have to because they know that you will extend them some credit again in the future when they need it the most.


Create Boundaries

Sure, you might be close friends with some of your clients; people that you grew up with for example. That type of client-Bookie relationship is more than fine, but a main rule to run your business properly should be to create boundaries in general.

This means that you must be “friendly” but you also need to remain professional at all times. This is because you might run into some clients that would like to take advantage of your good spirits in order to get “special deals” that are not necessarily favorable to your Bookie business.



A great way to bring more excitement to your Bookie operation and to retain current clients or attract new ones is to create promotions and give out bonuses.

This is an aspect of your sports betting operation that you need to handle client by client. This means that you can offer promos based on individual wagering activity or personality.

Concerning new clients, when you’re talking to someone that might want to become part of your wagering portfolio, you can ask that person some information about him or herself in order to create a promotion that is going to sound attractive to him or her. Alternatively you can work a general promotion that is applicable to all new customers.

In order to avoid getting on the bad side of your clients because they believe that you are treating other customers better, it is a good idea to offer the same promo or bonus to the clients that know each other. This will certainly prevent some conflicts and will keep everybody satisfied.


The VIP Treatment

Very Important Person: That should actually describe each and every one of your customers, but the truth is that bookie-vipsome clients are more demanding than others and there are different reasons for that.

In your case, people that spend a lot of money wagering are likely to become the VIP’s of your Bookie portfolio. These individuals usually want to be treated differently than others and be pampered.

It is actually in your best interest to provide such people the kind of service that they demand from you because chances are that they are providing you with the bulk of your profits, and losing even one of such customers can really be harmful to your pocket.

If you wish to know more about how to deal properly with wealthy big-time players, we invite you read the following article:

How can a Bookie Get and Keep Wealthy Clients


Keep in Touch

Keeping in touch with your clients lets them know that you really care about them. Of course you need to be careful not to contact your clients too often because they might think that you are actually annoying instead of helpful.

Try to give each one of your customers a call or send them an email from time to time. Don’t do it only when you have a promotion running, instead, get in touch to ask them how they feel about your Bookie business.

When you do this, you can figure out if your clients are happy or if there is something that is bothering them.

A good example of why it is good to keep in touch with clients is that maybe some of them have not been placing wagers lately, and there might be the case that you can actually do something to change that and get them back on your active clients list.


Make Yourself Available

When you actually contact your clients, let them know that they can always count on you to help them out. Of course there might be times when you really don’t want or can’t be bothered with phone calls, so you can, for example, set up a special schedule in which your clients can call you as much as they want to.

You can also let your customers know that even though you can’t always be contacted by phone, they can indeed send you an email at any time, and you need to commit yourself to get back at your clients ASAP so they’ll know that sending you an email is quite an effective method to get your attention.

A new article coming soon!

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Bookie Price per Head Services Tips: Web 2.0 and Widgets Fri, 28 Mar 2014 20:49:59 +0000 You probably have heard of the term Web 2.0, but what is it and how can it be applied to yourbookie-price-per-head-services-web-2.0-widgetonline Bookie Price per Head Services operation? Here is some useful information.


Bookie Price per Head Services: What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 is technology with some clear goals: to get people close to each other, stimulate conversation and increase creativity.

The online standard out there is static pages with really no interaction. Web 2.0 is aimed at creating more vivid Bookie Price per Head Services websites which allow users to affect the current status of a given page. Social networking sites and widgets are probably the best known examples of web 2.0.



Functioning tools or widgets are HTML pieces of code that can be easily added or embedded to a page of your Bookie Services site, and which can be utilized by users for interaction purposes.

If you currently have a blog or a Bookie Price per Head Services website, you can include widgets of a different variety in order to catch the attention of prospective clients.

For example, you can do some research in sites such as Widgipedia for sports results widgets, which will indeed increase the chances of getting new visitors to return to your website in order to check for fresh sporting results on a regular basis.


Creating your own Widgets

When you create a custom widget, you can add a direct link to your site. This is certainly great because it can help you to increase the traffic of your site.

The types of widgets that you can use to bring more people to your Pay per Head Solutions site include online quizzes, astrology, fun ones, etc.

When you create a quiz, always keep in mind your targeted audience. For example, you can come up with quizzes related to sports or gambling. The point is to attract the attention of players.

On the other hand, if, for the moment, you are just interested in getting traffic, no matter what kind, you can opt for creating widgets that are fun and not precisely related to the areas of interest of prospective customers.



Just like quizzes, polls are a type of widget that tends to get a lot of attention. What is great about polls is that apart from being used as tools to keep people on your Bookie Price per Head Services longer, they can also be utilized to get actual information about what people thinks of your business or your industry in general.

With such data at hand, you can make the changes that you consider necessary in order to improve in the areas where people consider you have some flaws, and by doing so, you can increase the respectability of your sports betting operation.


Linking Back to Your Site

When users post the results of a given quiz (or similar) on their own sites, blogs or even in social networking websites such as Facebook, they doing so using a line of HTML code

Such code comes with a link back to your site that can be used by other people to click on it in order to visit your Bookie Price per Head Services website.


Make your Widget Visible

If you really want your widget to bring you some good results, it is quite important that you make it as visible as possible.

You can even add some eye-catching colors in order to get visitors to focus on it when they visit your Bookie Price per Head Services website. On the other hand, if you fail to display your widget properly, you will just be wasting your time and efforts.

Also, make sure that the link to your website sticks out so visitors of third-party websites where someone is displaying the HTML code for your widget can find the link easily.

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Bookie Price per Head Services Tips: Marketing and Social Networks Thu, 27 Mar 2014 17:24:52 +0000 Community building is all about how you manage the brand and reputation associated to bookie-price-per-head-services-social-networkyour Bookie Price per Head Services on social networks.

When we refer to social networks, we are not talking about regular networks, so common networking methods really doesn’t apply to them.

People on the web tend to react in a different way to marketing techniques than they do elsewhere.

In fact, browsers usually don’t like to be bombarded with traditional advertising when they are surfing the internet, and that is the main reason why many companies out there don’t do well when they advertise their offerings on the web.


Bookie Price per Head Services: The Solution

It seems that the real solution to come up with the kind of marketing that is not adverse to browsers is to give away control.

When it comes to the web, there is only so much that you can do to advertise your Bookie Price per Head Services. Indeed, at a certain point, you need to allow it to work for itself.

When there is an active conversation on the web related to your Pay per Head Solutions, you really cannot control what others are saying; you can only act as one more participant.


Getting Feedback

Although you are unable to control social networks at will, the conversations people are having about your Bookie Price per Head Services can be really helpful if you really listen to what people are saying because their words can be taken as feedback on your offerings and also on those of the competition.

Sure, you might find out that not all is positive feedback, but that is in fact a good thing because people is letting you know where your flaws are , and you can use that to your advantage in order to fix your weaker spots in order to prevent more negative comments.

Same goes for your competitors: you can see what people are saying about them and take the good stuff and apply it to your own Bookie Services and also check on the negative comments in order to avoid falling into the same mistakes.


Twitter and Facebook

Twitter and Facebook are excellent sources of feedback because people are able to tell what’s in their minds in just a few words, and their opinions are shared with all of their friends and acquaintances immediately.

You can search for what people is saying about your Bookie Price per Head Services company in posts, and when you find a comment that is referring to your establishment, you can immediately reply to that person.

This is quite advantageous because it allows you to provide people with an immediate response concerning their opinions, and this can indeed be seeing as a really positive thing by prospective customers.

You can also look for posts that are not necessarily related to your business in particular, but to your industry in general. So for example, when someone is asking for Bookie Price per Head Services, you can go head and reply to that person and offer your own solutions.


Be Genuine

When using social networks to market your Bookie Price per Head Services, you must be completely honest about what you offer and about your real possibilities.

This is because when you lie in order to sign up a client and that person really doesn’t get what he or she was looking for, things can actually get pretty bad for you online.

This is because, after all, you found that customer on the web, which means that the person is fond of using the internet to look for products or services, and it is likely that he or she also uses the web to express his or her opinion on how good or bad the products were.

So, if someone realizes that you really don’t offer what you are promoting, you will just get a lot of bad feedback.

That is quite detrimental for your business because you must remember that what is posted on the web, stays on the web, so it is best for you to be as genuine as you can in order to get the best possible comments, which can lead you to close more deals.

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