Pay Per Head Solutions for Sports bookmaking agents

Pay Per Head Services

Our Pay Per Head services company provides bookmakers with fully customizable cost-effective sports betting management solutions, including access to our bookie software application and unlimited call center and internet services. All offered for a convenient weekly Pay per Head fee that is based on actual usage (this means that we take a fixed percentage from each client of yours who has some action during any given week).

Once you have signed up for our pay per head services, you will have the chance to focus your time on acquiring new clients, and our Pay Per Head services will serve as the perfect card of presentation for the demanding bettor of nowadays.

Our solutions includes pay per head sports management and pay per head horse racing management, although you can additionally request our casino services for a small extra cost. We invite you to browse our website for a better understanding of how our pay per head services can really transform the way in which you handle your sports betting operation.

Since not all betting operations are the same, we invite you to pick up the phone and give us a call, it is free of charge, and it will make it easier for us to assess your particular situation in more detail in order to set up a convenient deal for you.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Pay Per Head Services!

24/7 – 365 Outstanding Customer Service assistance
State of the art technology / Software
State of the art security features that will guarantee you and your players a safe environment
Call center equipped with over 150 customer care professionals standing by to help you with all your requests
Exclusive Multiple reporting systems
Sharpest Lines in the industry
Most complete wagering menu available / Live in game betting
Quality control monitoring on all call and online placed action
Technical troubleshooting available
Mobile capabilities for both agents and players
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