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It may be hard to beat the excitement of watching and betting on a big sporting event, but gamblers may find that the move to a price per head site is strong competition. Offering improved security, more betting options and round-the-clock customer service, this change can be a big advantage for players who enjoy the thrill of making a wager.

A traditional sportsbook is the same business once it moves online. The switch does not change the operation; it simply improves it. Gamblers still deal directly with their bookie for account transaction, but they have more options for everything else. Going to the Internet is a perfect way to create more benefits than bookmakers could ever offer in the past.

Data security is one of the areas where these sites excel. Members need only provide limited info when they enroll. Once they join, they have a secure access to the site. In addition, the direct interaction with the bookmaker means players do not have to share their banking and credit card info online.

Account data can be more secure as well. Per head sites are located in countries where gambling is legal and protected, and the companies guard the data they keep. Redundant backups and the recording of customer phone calls can protect the interests of everyone involved. Since this data is not kept at the bookie’s office, local authorities have fewer opportunities to snare sensitive info; this is important in countries where online sports betting is not permitted.

Per head companies are also famous for their ability to offer outstanding customer service. From the moment a bookmaker registers, the company will assist with the website creation, implement the bookie software and offer technical support. All of these features mean that the operation will function smoothly from the moment the site goes live, removing that worry from the bookie’s mind.

For players, wagering and managing an account becomes very easy. Members can logon whenever they want, and they can place bets online or on the telephone with a company representative. Because customer service is a 24-hour operation, players always have the access that they want and need.

The switch also means that members have more options when it comes time to gamble. Prop bets, exotic wagers, teasers and more bring additional action and excitement. Thanks to the global reach of the Internet, bookies can lay odds on more events than they previously could.

Everything can become much easier once a bookie moves his business to a price per head site. There are powerful tools at everyone’s disposal, making both the bookmaker and his clients more skilled at enjoying the action that goes on at the site. The bookie can profit from the increased wagering and players can use the additional features to enjoy better gambling here.


Michael Hill is an avid sports fan and a sports writer who has been in the betting and price per head industry for years. Michael writes about his experience and offers tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to make a living with sports bookmaking.

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