Blending Price Per Head With A Traditional Sportsbook

Gambling has been around for almost as long as the human race; in fact, even traditional sportsbooks have been in existence for more than two hundred years. Although this business model has a long history, bookmakers and bettors alike have found that switching to a price per head site can create some attractive new benefits.

Bookmakers have been able to create an effective living by offering action on a limited number of events and handling their affairs directly with the customers. This model, while efficient, meant that the bookie was doing a great deal of his own account management and collection. This created a situation where it was tough to get out and find new clients.

As businesspeople find new ways to utilize the Internet, the benefit of being online can shine on sportsbooks. Since sporting events are held all over the world, this coverage makes it possible for bookies to offer round-the-clock action to their players. This can lead to additional profits for the book and an attractive blend of technology and old school efficiency.

For the bookmaker, per head companies are able to improve the book’s efficiency, while offering additional opportunities for growth. The players benefit as well, thanks to the increased action, exact data control and improved security features. All of these combine to provide a better gambling experience for everyone involved.

Traditional sportsbooks have always suffered for a certain amount of unavoidable inefficiency. If the bookie is at the track, he cannot be managing the book at the office. If he is answering phones and dealing with customer service issues, there is no time to be out finding new customers.

Even though this has been a struggle at times, things are looking better for traditional sportsbooks. Thanks to the availability of per head companies, it is possible to offer excellent customer service, accurate accounting and the ability to make bets any time of day. Regardless of whether a player wants to bet on the website or call a toll-free number, it is easy to get all the action that he or she wants. That flexibility is just one of the ways that the bookie can restore balance to his business, creating more time to find new players while getting things done more efficiently than ever.

Since the amount of time a bookie personally spends on attending to clients and managing the books is reduced, he can get handle collections and attempt to add new members to the site. Because the clerical work is being performed by the per head site, his time is spent more efficiently, allowing him to work on expanding the operations.

Players are also beneficiaries of the improvements, as they enjoy the improvements made by the successful combination of technological improvements and traditional business methods. Improved access to a wider variety of sporting events and wagering options can make things more exciting. They can rest assured that their account data is accurate, and their personal information is handled discretely, allowing bookies to maintain the trust that has developed with his clients.

Much like the bookmakers, players used to be hampered by the limitations found at a traditional sportsbook. Although things were typically secure, flexibility was missing. The number of events was small; few betting options were available and interaction with the bookie could be tricky. Since the move online, gamblers are given more variety, opening new doors while they maintain the strong business relationship with their bookmaker.

Connectivity has often been a problem at brick and mortar operations. Since a player could only wager if he could make contact with his bookie, missed phone calls have an impact on his chance of winning. By taking advantage of the 24-hour availability of a price per head site, that problem can simply disappear.

Security is one more issue that can disappear thanks to the power of a per head company. Although bookies have always been careful with their business dealings, there was still a close proximity to local law enforcement. If the authorities managed to get their hands on the bookmaker’s records, it could expose what gamblers were using the business.

The per head can eliminate this issue as well. The company specializes in maintaining accurate records that are safely kept in countries where sports betting is legal. This means that it is highly unlikely that players’ identities would be revealed, keeping them safer from any potential problems.

Safety online also means protecting players from hackers and identity thieves. Personal data and banking information is often a target, and price per head companies pride themselves on keeping it all safe.

Players are given secure login information. By using a PIN and access code instead of player-defined passwords, the site offers a more anonymous point of entry. In addition, the fact that the bookmaker still handles collections personally means that no credit card data is stored on the site, preventing it from being stolen.

While traditional sportsbooks have been around for a long time, they have experienced limitations due to their way of doing business. When the business is taken online, many of the previous shortcomings can be eliminated. This allows the bookie to blend the strong points of his traditional operation with the benefits found online, adding more to the overall product and allowing him to provide more features to his clients. It is this blending of new and old that can make things even better for those who gamble at the site.

Michael Hill is an avid sports fan and a sports writer who has been in the betting and price per head industry for years. Michael writes about his experience and offers tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to make a living with sports bookmaking.

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