Keeping It Legal By Betting With Price Per Head

To many, traditional sportsbooks have always had a certain amount of risk attached to them. Since they are not allowed everywhere, bookies have been force to take extra precautions with the management of the business and protection of their players’ info. Today, with the increased use of price per head sites, they are now able to oversee the daily operation of the book in a way that is safe and legal.

Countries such as the United States have tried to make it tough to run a brick and mortar sportsbook. Many bookies have resorted to using flash paper and other methods to keep player information without risking discovery by law enforcement. This is especially tough since keeping accurate data means having permanent records.

Utilizing a per head site has proven to be a wonderful option for many bookmakers and their clients. Storing data online has become commonplace, and many sportsbooks are finding it to be quite safe, allowing bookies to keep sensitive info away from governmental agencies.

Located in countries that allow online gambling, per head companies provide sites with a number of excellent benefits. These sites are simple to build, which means that a bookie can begin the transition in hours, in contrast to weeks or months if freelance programmers created them. In addition, players can sign up easily, receiving options like 24-hour customers, extra gaming options and easy access.

The simplicity found at these sites applies to their player protection features as well. Many online businesses struggle with data security, and the stakes are even higher when there is money involved. Something of a rival to per head sites, Internet betting exchanges have encountered this issue. Fortunately, for the gamblers, bookies have been given a means to overcome this problem.

Per head sites are not sportsbooks; there is no gambling, and no money changes hands online. Unlike betting exchanges, this means that per heads do not force players to divulge banking or credit card information. The bookie still does his own collections; this move is a huge step toward avoiding bank fraud and identity theft.

When a player enrolls on the site, he is given a PIN and access code. These form an identity for the member that is largely anonymous, allowing for a betting experience that is more private. Since the company generates the codes, it is also less likely that intruders can discover them, meaning that the player’s data is more secure.

This secure access makes it easy for players to logon whenever they want, placing wagers from their desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. The process is also very beneficial to the bookie, who is likely to see an increase in betting, since his members can gamble with greater confidence.

Security at per head sites also extends to the manner which data is stored. The companies have built their reputations and service on safety, allowing them to ensure that the business is not vulnerable to loss. Redundant data backups and call recording helps to maintain a cohesive account of player interactions with the customer service team. Redundant servers and emergency power solutions keep the company up and running, which in turn keeps the site available to the players.

Using a price per head site can also offer some excellent legal benefits for both the bookie and his customers. For players in many parts of the United States and elsewhere, utilizing sportsbooks is not considered lawful. This can leave players fearing exposure to local law enforcement if their gambling records are ever found.

Moving the business offshore can help to eliminate that concern. While the bookmaker does continue to handle the financial transactions personally, the records are kept far from the eye of the police. This reduces the risk of discovery.

In addition to minimizing the link between player and bookie, this method offers another huge benefit. The only aspect of online gambling that is considered illegal is the use of credit cards or bank transfers to fund accounts. Since that function is taken care of directly between the bookmaker and bettor, no payments are processed, and no federal laws are broken.

Per head sites are not sportsbooks; these companies offer data processing and customer support to bookies so that they can run their businesses more efficiently. That means when players logon the site, they are able to review their account, record wagers and more, but they never actually bet online. This eliminates one of the biggest concerns that scares many away from sports betting.

The business model also makes other games possible. While American players cannot enjoy online casinos or poker rooms because of the federal regulations, they can enjoy the same action at a sportsbook. Price per head sites allow bookies to offer these games to the players, creating additional gambling action that is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Just like betting on soccer or basketball, visiting these games is possible because of the direct connection that exists with the bookmaker.

Creating a specialized business model that combines the best aspects of a traditional sportsbook with the flexibility of online gambling, a price per head site is a great way for bookies and players to keep it safe and legal. Players have the opportunity to wager when they want at a site that protects their privacy and personal information. Bookmakers can also enjoy the great features here, while creating a secure environment for their clients.

Michael Hill is an avid sports fan and a sports writer who has been in the betting and price per head industry for years. Michael writes about his experience and offers tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to make a living with sports bookmaking.

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