Price Per Head – Adding Up The Reasons To Switch

As anyone knows, operating a sportsbook is all about the numbers. Points, spreads, odds and more are the obvious proof of that, but so are implementation costs, profits and growth. These numbers represent the supreme measurement of whether a book is successful or not. The good news is that for many bookies, moving to a price per head site is a decision that really adds up.

Implementation time is one of the first numbers to take into account when deciding to move online. Per head companies have been in business for more than two decades, and they have experience at creating the type of operating software and websites that get a sportsbook noticed. A professional setup can give an enterprise instant credibility something that  they can make happen in hours, rather than days or weeks.

The next thing to add into the equation when considering is convenience. If customers can sign up quickly while getting secure logon access, they are more likely to enroll. Because players at a per head site can use the service any time of the day or night, they will appreciate the convenience factor when they decide to join.

Once on the site, new members are likely to be pleased by another big number. There are many more betting options available at a per head than were possible at a brick and mortar book. Because of geographical limitations involved in a traditional sportsbook, bookies were often forced to concentrate on just a few sports and events. Using the global reach of the Internet, that number just increased substantially, allowing the bookmaker to pick the ones that his players prefer.

The variety offered at a per head site is not just influenced by more betting options. Bookies now have the ability to provide casino games and Internet poker to their customers. Instead of watching players leave the site to spend their money at a poker room or online roulette table, it is possible to keep them on the site. This can quickly add to the profit potential of a sportsbook.

Balancing the income and expense equation can be the single most important part of deciding to switch to a per head site. Every dollar that is spent building or running the site comes out of its profit. The good news is that going online can cost almost nothing upfront, eliminating the concerns of investment costs from the equation. Comparing this type of setup to the exorbitant costs involved with a custom site (website design,  software development, customer service staff and more), this can be an important point in favor of the per head.

For bookies who are still taking bets on the phone and doing their own data processing, the number of reasons to switch is compelling. With an easy setup, great customer service, low costs and more, the numbers favor starting a price per head site.

Michael Hill is an avid sports fan and a sports writer who has been in the betting and price per head industry for years. Michael writes about his experience and offers tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to make a living with sports bookmaking.

Price Per Head

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