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  • mobile-encrypted-messaging

    Best Recommended Mobile Encrypted Messaging Apps In 2020

    Since there are so many threats of security breaches happening around the world all the days, we should learn carefully to watch out our own online privacy and security. One of the main channels that snoopers use to steal the personal data is through messaging services. Therefore, communication with end-to-end...

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  • email account is hacked

    What You Should Do If Your Email Account Is Hacked

    You probably think that you have your email account well protected or you think it is just an email account not a bank account and there is nothing you should worry about. However, there is actually so much personal information involved to your emails and your data will become vulnerable...

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  • Have-Questions-To-Avoid-Becoming-Identity-Theft-Victim

    Have These Questions In Mind To Avoid Becoming Identity Theft Victim

    You can hear the news everyday about a data breach that could happen anywhere, even involving a place or person you know. Although you can be a very careful person, you would still have the risk of becoming a victim of identity theft any moment. Besides, having your data compromised...

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  • identity-theft

    Simple Tips To Teach You How To Prevent Identity Theft

    Identity theft has become a common threat everywhere and it can cause you a huge loss if you don’t treat it seriously. In other words, you may be the next victim if you have no idea how to prevent it from happening. Therefore, we want to give you some simple...

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