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    Price per Head Bookie: Exploring Cash Attitudes

    Before you begin making financial plans for your price per head bookie business, it is in your best interest to explore you attitudes towards cash.   Price per Head Bookie: Your Attitudes About Cash   Your thoughts about cash definitely have an influence over your actions. If you have positive...

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  • 31

    Price per Head Bookie: Finances and your Business

    Many price per head bookie entrepreneurs are not good at managing their finances because they were never taught how to do so. Other bookmaking agents have learned, but the hard way, by making lots of mistakes that were quite costly for their sports betting and casino operations. Everybody makes financial...

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  • 26

    Price per Head Bookie: Evolution of Client Attention

    If you want to become a successful price per head bookie, client attention must be, unquestionably, above average. Since the eighties to the modern times, customer service experts have provided sports betting and casino entrepreneurs with great ideas on how to establish, and maintain relationships with players and gamblers.  ...

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    Price per Head Bookie: Negotiations, Knowing the Marketplace

    Researching the marketplace is where the majority of price per head bookie entrepreneurs begins and finishes their preparation for a given negotiation. Your actual marketplace is your line of business. In your case, sports betting and casino services.   Price per Head Bookie: Gathering Data   If you want to...

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