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What Are Web/Internet Cookies?

Internet becomes indispensable for people’s daily life and you need it for all kinds of data searching. Which means whatever you navigate through Internet generates the small text files containing data about your interaction with all the browsing websites. We call them Web or Internet cookies and they normally contain...

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Correct Habits That A Successful Bookie Should Have

There must be some reasons behind every success and bookmaking is not the exception. It’s not a secret that partnering with a good Pay Per Head company is the very first thing that every bookie should do before starting out the bookmaking business. However, having the great assistance from such...

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Bad Habits To Endanger Your Online Privacy

Many people consider surveillance as a threat to online privacy and even invading our human rights. However, such happening is usually caused by ourselves giving away our personal data unconsciously. Besides of some additional actions that we recommended you to do for increasing your privacy protection, there are still potential...

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Further Actions To Increase Your Privacy Protection

You can’t imagine how much the Internet knows your personal information and such data can be used by any entities or individuals on other purpose without your notice. To be more specific, advertising companies monitor your online searching preferences to sell you brands that might interest you, government entities spy...

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