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How To Recognize And Avoid Weak Passwords

Last time we talked about how to create the stronger passwords. This time we want to cover the opposite part about avoiding the weak passwords. Sometimes people may choose the lazy short cut and use the easy-to-remember passwords instead of a good one. Even use the same password for all...

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How To Create Strong Passwords

We are going to provide some guidelines to show you how to create the strong passwords for your online security. Following these guidelines will immediately improve and make your passwords stronger and protected. Especially for your online bank accounts or any kind of sensitive websites, it’s highly important to use...

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Easy-Peasy Bookmaking Solution

There might be some stereotypes related to bookmakers’ image for the people. Probably what it comes first to mind is a mafia looking boss who orders his subordinates to break someone’s hand or leg due to the late payments. It’s not true about what a bookmaker is and this is...

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Remain Anonymous While Navigating On The Internet

Nowadays, online privacy becomes extremely insecure because personal data and identities can be stolen or hijacked anytime. Besides, it’s certain that nobody like to be monitored on their activities or have their private information being stolen. Therefore, it becomes highly important to remain anonymous while navigating on Internet in order...

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