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    Price per Head Bookie: Integrating the Right People

    One of the top mistakes new price per head bookie entrepreneurs make is to hire, and keep the wrong people. It may be the case that you like a person so much as to even consider that individual as a good candidate for a long-term friendship. However, just because you...

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  • 17

    Price per Head Bookie: Things You Must Accomplish

    When it comes to making it as a price per head bookie entrepreneur, there are five important things that you need to accomplish.   Price per Head Bookie: The Five Things   Make Meaning There is a simple, single question that you must ask yourself before starting a new sports...

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  • 11

    Price per Head Bookie: Focusing on Sales, Life-Changing

    Whether you like it or not, the main thing that is going to determine if your price per head bookie business succeeds or fails is sales. Here’s a fact for you to remember: The success of a bundle of services is 10% the quality of such solutions, and 90% sales....

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  • 07

    Sportsbook Software Entrepreneur: Lessons from Jeff Bezos

    In order to become the best sportsbook software entrepreneur you can be, to take into consideration the advice of the billionaires of the world seems like a good idea. On this article, we are offering you the top business tips by no other than Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.com, so...

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