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    Price per Head Bookie: Making a Decision, Having Control

    The road to attain success as a price per head bookie starts with one thing: a decision. When it comes to business responsibilities, it is true that you can delegate a lot of tasks, but the main responsibility is still yours. Indeed, you are always the one in control of...

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  • 14

    Pitching your Price per Head Bookie Business

    Pitching your price per head bookie business properly is essential if you want to attract as many clients and investors as possible.   Price per Head Bookie:  4 Kinds of Pitches   In order to take control of your audience in any situation, there are 4 kinds of pitches that...

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    Price per Head Bookie: Knowing the Market, Being Different

    Knowing the market and being different are two factors that can definitely have a positive impact on a price per head bookie operation. You don’t really need to be a market expert to be successful, as you can always hire an industry expert that can help you with his knowledge;...

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    Price per Head Bookie: Putting Clients First, Grading Yourself

    If you want to become successful as a price per head bookie, you must focus all of your efforts and energy on pleasing the customers of your bookmaking operation instead of yourself. And in order to do so, you must take the time to grade yourself to figure out what...

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