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  • 17

    Online Bookie Software: Practical Data Management Outsourcing

    Online bookie software is certainly the most popular data management solution utilized by sports betting agents worldwide. Now, instead of developing their own, most bookmaking agents prefer to outsource this service. And the best provider for this product is doubtlessly an offshore price per head services company.   Online Bookie...

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  • 12

    Cheapest Pay per Head: If Quality is High, Go For It

    As a bookie, you must understand that the cheapest pay per head can’t be determined only because of its price. In fact, to determine what the best price per head shop is, you need to consider the quality of the bookmaking software; and the overall data management solutions. So, even...

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  • 09

    Pay per Head Free Trial: One Full Week, No Charge

    Do you want to know what you get with a pay per head free trial? If this is the case, this article can clear some doubts on the things you get to experience, free of charge, for a full week.   Pay per Head Free Trial: What You Get  ...

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  • 05

    How to Run a Small Sportsbook: Doing It Takes Just 5 Easy Steps

    If you want to start your own business, you may consider learning how to run a small sportsbook operation. To run your own wagering and gambling business does require an effort on your part. However, when it comes to data management, signing up with a price per head shop is...

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