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  • vpn-is-important

    Why Using VPN Is Important

    There are so many online threats existed everywhere and even through a simple Wi-Fi connection your security could be invaded. Therefore, learning how to protect your online privacy and security is totally necessary and one of the easiest solutions is to get a VPN. As a matter of fact, a...

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  • free-public-wifi

    Important Steps To Take Before Using Public Wi-Fi

    As we have already learned that there are many risks of using public Wi-Fi; however, there is always a particular moment that we still need to use it. For example, you may go to a place where you can’t get a good signal and decent internet reception from your mobile...

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  • public-wifi-risks

    What Are The Risks Of Using Public Wi-fi?

    Do you use Wi-Fi connection everywhere you go? We all know that the technology nowadays makes our life more convenient and easier with Internet. However, have you ever heard that there is a potential identity exposure while you use public Wi-Fi? To be more specific, insecure and unknown Wi-Fi connection...

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  • tricks-manage-time

    Time Is Money! Learn These Tricks To Manage Your Time!

    During this Coronavirus pandemic outbreak time, most of people decide to stay at home for their major safety and protection. However, such pandemic has changed our perception of time and staying at home all day long every day even makes us lose the track of time. But life still needs...

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