Advertise Your Bookie Operation Using A Sports Website

pph-advertise-bookie-sports-website-pphTo promote your price per head bookie solutions over the internet can be the expansion opportunity that you were aiming for since you started your bookmaking business, but when it comes to advertising your services as a pay per head agent, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to do it with a direct approach.

Instead, you can, for example, create a sports website and try to turn visitors into players. By doing this, you are enhancing your own internet presence without exposing your betting business.


Bookie Operation: Copy the Big Names


Have you seeing advertising for gambling sites on ESPN or similar web portals? Well, if they can do it, so can you! So try to check out important, relevant sports sites that have a lot of traffic and see how they are advertising sportsbooks and casinos in order to follow a similar approach.


Fresh Content is King

If you want to have the chance of making some good bookmaking business using your new sports site, you need to attract as much traffic as possible, and in order to do that, you must upload fresh content every single day in order to keep new people coming all the time.

If you really don’t have the time to do the site’s updates yourself, then we recommend you to hire a helping hand that can take care of that part of your marketing efforts for you.


Be Controversial

The more controversy in a story, the more people gets interested in reading it. For this reason, you can, from time to time, create content that might be catalogued as controversial in order to get the attention of more readers.

The trick for this to work is to be controversial about a current hot topic and you can, for example, visit social media sites where a given news piece is being discussed in order to give your controversial opinion on the matter and promote a link to your site for a related story (Let’s say that you see a discussion about Rafael Nadal winning the Roland Garros, you can then create a story on your site about rumors of Nadal using steroids to get the title).


Make Use of Newsletters

Using a service such as MailChimp can help you create outstanding newsletters. If you decide to make a sports website, you can add a sign-up form to it in order to collect email addresses from your newsletter subscribers.

Then, in your newsletters, you can inform about your site’s regular activities and you can also write a few lines on your services as a Sports Betting bookie. Try to be as discreet as possible with the info you add on your wagering operation as to be perceived only by players and not by the rest of your subscribers (for this purpose you can actually use common wagering slang that can be easily perceived mostly by bettors).


Create a Forum for Your Site to Engage Visitors

People love to talk sports, and that is one of the main reasons why online forums are so popular, therefore, you can create your very own forum on your site in order to prevent people from leaving your sports website shortly after they arrive. Many people will certainly get hooked with the forum’s topics, and what is best, you can create your own “sports betting corner,” where you can speak freely about the services you offer.


Assess Your Strategies with Google Analytics

If you want to be more effective when it comes to your sports site’s marketing efforts, then you can make use of Google Analytics in order to verify how people are getting to your site and why. By doing a focused analysis of the traffic you’re getting will doubtless help you determine what is exactly working and what’s not, therefore, you’ll have the chance to make the necessary changes in order to ensure that the majority of your visitors will be part of your targeted audience.

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