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Many sportsbook agents still write their players’ tickets by hand, or are simply overburdened with the ability to manage a high-volume sports book. We understand the time requirements involved in running a successful bookie business, and offer the most customizable, reliable solutions on the market.

Price Per Head software looks to immediately solve common bookie issues, and lower the stress levels of most bookmakers.

Our software offers the best bookie software on the market for a number of reasons. Our team of expert bookmaking professionals maintains 40+ combined years in the industry, which is why they innately understand the needs of a bookie, no matter how long you’ve been a bookmaker. We can assure you that there is simply no better software for bookmakers in existence.

Our robust book making tools are designed to instantly improve your betting operation on a day-to-day basis, by allowing bookies to be in direct control, 24/7.

Bookies have the option to add, remove or freeze player accounts as they see fit. They can also control their own lines if they so choose to. When a bookmaker has the ability to control his players, he can more accurately control his business. Bookmakers can watch any type of betting activity as it is occurring. With this feature, bookies can make accurate predictions about their daily course of action.

Our Price per Head software also provides a variety of analytical reports. Bookmakers can use these to run their respective businesses more effectively.  By keeping all statistics in one database and accessing instant reports, a bookmaking operation can certainly be handled more conveniently.  Since we have an in-house development staff, we are always upgrading our software based on our clients’ needs.

Breakdown of our detailed reports:

Daysheet:  With this report, you can control the weekly house figures, compared to those of the agents and the agents vs. players weekly figures.

Management:  This report will show you the list of players and/or sub-agents under your management. It allows you to edit any personal information or configuration you may have set for your players or sub-agents.

Line and Exposure: This report shows live lines and the current monetary exposure that you have on each game. It shows side by side, totals and money lines and propositions along with a detailed description of the status of each line for each game.

Real Time Betting: This feature allows the agent to view all incoming action in real time. It also integrates with personalized options such as refreshment time, bet history and wager detailing.

Open Bets:  A feature that shows all open or pending plays for all active players.  It can also be filtered by sport, type of bet and/or player name.

History:  This report displays the history of all the players that you currently have, including the type of bets placed, date, amount, result and whether it was placed via phone or Internet.

Standings: This option displays all of your players and their standings. It will show you the player, the credit limit, the amount wagered for the week, wagers at risk, current balance, amount wagered and won/lost in sports, in horse betting and casino betting.

Cash Flow:  This report shows you all cash transactions performed on players.  It lists data by player, date placed, method, reference, description of the transaction and the amount.  It is used for receipts, disbursements and cash transfers.

Hold Percentage:  This displays the gross amount made by the agent from their players or sub-agents.  It provides the percentage made from the players action by showing a detailed report of the type of wagers made by players, the amount, the win/loss of the player for the week and the hold percentage for the agent.

Hold Percentage by Player:  This is similar to the Hold Percentage feature but displays a specific amount of predetermined players. This feature is useful for agents who want to monitor the action on any number of specific players.

Agent Position:  This feature provides you with the monetary exposure you have on all the games on the board for the week.  It will show you a detailed report for each game, each sport on the money line, point spreads, totals and additional propositions.

Position by Game:  This is very similar to the Agent Position feature but will display the monetary exposure by game, reporting the type of wagers you have for the chosen game, the amount and the players who have action on the specific game.

Handle Setup:  This option allows you to deal with your sub-agents or players by giving them a kickback or a percentage of their losses on a weekly basis.  You can set up specific players or sub-agents and also set up the amount of the percentage you want to return to them over their overall action.

Handle:  This option displays a full report of your sub-agents and their players along with the corresponding percentage that each of them will receive on a weekly basis, broken down for you on a daily basis.

Agent Exposure by Game:  This allows the agent to view the total amount of action per game on a per wager basis, the game, the type, the time and amount wagered by your players.

Action by Player: This is a full report of action taken on a weekly basis from your players.  It will display the amount of action taken for that week, a breakdown of the type of wagers placed by the player and the amount of those wagers, any casino or horse action along with the outcome for that week.

Player Totals:  This option will display the totals on a weekly basis for all your players with a breakdown on the pending wagers and graded wagers along with the losses for the week and the current and net balance shown for the players account.

Our per head software is extremely reliable with a 100% uptime rate. Four high-tech servers in multiple locations ensure ZERO downtime. Our top-notch servers utilize the highest level of security available, so there is no risk of your information or your players’ information being compromised.

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