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Call Center Security and Technology

We take your bookmaking business seriously here at Price per Head.  Ensuring that your clients are always able to play and are satisfied with our call center, bookmaking website and online casino is not just a priority, it is a necessity.  Unlike many other sportsbook solutions establishments, we go the extra mile to avoid mistakes and complications.  Since our management staff has over forty years of experience in bookmaking, plus having the best software available, we know that mistakes cost bookmakers money.

Our offshore call center is always available for players to make wagers or to ask general client attention questions related to their personal accounts. We have installed an industrial generator to ensure that we will always have electric power.  A combination of three different types of phone systems such as land lines, VoIP and even satellite phones ensures that communication is always steady.

Players can also utilize the free website (enhanced with the most sophisticated technology) granted to the bookmaker as part of our Internet sports betting business service pack in order to make bets or check their account balance. With a variety of different templates and features, bookies are sure to get one that matches their specific needs.

Price per Head employs a team of skilled IT staff which includes in-house programmers, network engineers and data control technicians.  They all have broad experience in online gaming, wagering systems, internet security and data encryption.  Trustful servers guard all of our encrypted information, which is also protected by two firewalls to maintain our strict security standards. Our team is always working on implementing key elements such as convenience, security and satisfaction.

At Price per Head, we have made sure to take every step imaginable to protect both you and your players. No expense has been spared to ensure that were always available and that your clients are satisfied.  We will never stop striving to improve our call center operations and technology.  If You are serious about taking your business to the big leagues, Price per Head will make it happen

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