We Offer the Best Live In-Game Betting and the Most Complete Wagering Menu in the Market (including lines on all American sports, soccer and all major international sporting events)

Handling a successful betting operation is an ongoing task, and you, as an owner, don’t want to waste your valuable time on the small details. From answering general questions to the wagering action of your players, with Price per Head’s bookmaking management services it’s all covered.

10 Reasons Why You Should Use Our Software & Services

  • 24/7 – 365 Outstanding Customer Service assistance
  • State of the art technology / Software & Reports
  • State of the Art Security will Guarantee your Players a Safe Environment
  • Call Center Equipped with over 150 Customer Care Professionals
  • Exclusive Multiple Reporting Systems
  • Sharpest Lines in the Industry
  • Most Complete Wagering Menu Available / Live in Game Betting
  • Quality Control Monitoring on all Call and Online Placed Action
  • Mobile Capabilities for Both Agents and Players

Our Services, Your Success

Sharp Lines, square Lines or your very own customized Lines. Everything its Possible!

Straight Bets, Parlays, Teasers, Pleasers, If Bets: We Have It All!

Interested in what’s happening in the tracks? That’s great! We have an exclusive horses department with specialized representatives.

Betting Action Control

Don’t worry about wiseguys. We’ll keep track of sharp action and we’ll notify you when we notice this kind of wagering behavior right away.

We only hire highly-trained line movers and customer service agents with the right experience to satisfy even the most demanding players.

Our Sportsbook Software

  • Professional Price Per Head vip account rep that will walk you through the initial setup as well as following up the post-setup process
  • Live in game betting on major sporting events: football, basketball, baseball, soccer, etc. with up to the second line updates
  • Most complete wagering menu available! With a wide range of options , sporting events and props f rom around the world
  • Completely customizable wagering rules
  • Steam action report
  • Sharpest line available PERIOD!, our lines are not based on opinions, they are moved based on exclusive information
  • Access to multiple linetypes, sharp line , square line or your customized line*
  • Completely customizable agent and player profiles including sports limits, parlay s etup and payouts, teaser and pleaser s etup and payouts, straights ,if bets, if parlays, reverses, action points, etc
  • Completely customizable horse wagering rules
  • Completely customizable agent and player horse racing profiles including track selections for both thurgbred , harness and greyhound racing, payout limits, wager limits on straights, exactas, doubles, quinellas ,superfectas, trifectas, pick3’s , pick 4’s
  • Personalized phone number f rom the us, Canada and latin america with representatives speaking English, Spanish , Cantonese and mandarin so you can expand your business
  • 24-7 phone wagering and customer service provided by our highly trained and friendly staff
  • Exclusive horse department that will help you with any racing inquiry
  • Wiseguy/sharp action monitoring: you will be notified i f your players are betting sharp action
  • Custome made building specially designed for per head services,since we’re not a sportsbook, we know the importance of maintaining our operations up and running 24-7-365
  • Different phone providers each providing, voip, land lines, satellite
  • Mobile capabilities (tablets and smartphones) for players to enhance their wagering experience