Agent History

The next sub-report from the main Agent Reports section is called Agent History.

This report shows information on two types of transactions: Payments and Adjustments.

Now let’s see how it works:
The initial step in order to obtain your desired data is to set the Initial and the End Date for the display view.
Then, you can use the scroll down menu called Transaction in order to set the type of transaction that you want to verify.
There are 3 options available: Payments, Adjustments, or both.

Now, just set your favorite currency and click the blue submit button located on the right side of the screen, and check out the report below.

The Agent History display view contains a number of rows:
The first column shows the exact date and time of the transaction.
Then second row called Type, shows a quick reference about the transaction.

Next, on the third row from left to right, we can see a detailed description of the transaction, including balance forwards, commissions and transfers.

The penultimate row shows the Amount of the adjustment, and the last one shows the available balance after the transaction.
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