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Our High Tech Call Center is here to provide you with exceptional assistance. With our state-of-the-art technology, we are fully equipped to meet all your needs promptly and efficiently. Our team of highly skilled professionals is always ready to lend you a helping hand whenever you need it.

If you’re wondering whether a bookmaker can be profitable, the answer is a resounding “yes” when they have an efficient system in place.

By joining Price per Head, you gain access to a comprehensive service that includes a high-tech offshore call center specializing in sportsbook customer service. No more answering phones to take bets – your players can now place their bets directly by contacting our helpful bookmaking agents through our sportsbook making service.

Ultimate Sports Wagering Experience

No matter the time, our doors are always open for you to place your wagers. Our team of agents, fluent in English, Spanish, Cantonese and Chinese Mandarin, collectively possess over 40 years of expertise. We are dedicated to offering personalized assistance to PPH sportsbook agents, ensuring an unparalleled betting experience.

100% Uptime, 24/7 – 365

Our sports betting call center at Price Per Head guarantees 100% uptime, 24/7 – 365. We understand the importance of uninterrupted service for your players, which is why we have invested in advanced technology and have 3 servers strategically placed worldwide to eliminate any downtime. Trust us to provide a seamless and convenient wagering experience for your players.

On-Demand Player Support

We provide you with a unique, personalized toll-free number for players to call – enhancing the user experience and overall professionalism of your bookmaking business. With our fully integrated phone and internet systems, your sportsbook clients will never have to face any downtime as our live Price Per Head support center is always there to assist them.

Invested in Your Success

When players call our exclusive toll-free number, they will be warmly welcomed by our team of knowledgeable and professional staff. We take pride in delivering exceptional customer service, ensuring that your clients receive the same level of care and respect that you would provide. Our Price Per Head team boasts extensive experience in the sports betting industry and is well-equipped to address any inquiries they may have. Moreover, our agents are not only fluent in English but also proficient in Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese, catering to a diverse range of clients.

Your Bottom Line is Our Priority

Join forces with us now and tap into the limitless possibilities of your bookmaking service. Our team of experts, coupled with cutting-edge technology, ensures that our offshore sports call center plays a vital role in the success of your bookie business. By entrusting us with your time-consuming bookmaking tasks, you can lighten your workload and concentrate on growing your enterprise.

Take the smart step and become our partner today to unlock the true potential of your bookmaking service.

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