There are many benefits attached to the different Price per Heads bookie services.  It doesnt matter whether you have ten clients or ten thousand, you will most certainly benefit from what we have to offer.

As an offshore call center located in Costa Rica, were legally allowed to process bets.

And, since lawful issues can become a major hassle for both you and your customers, this is undoubtedly an additional benefit.

By satisfying your needs around client attention services, obtaining the right tools needed to run your sports betting business successfully and reducing legal risk, you will certainly enjoy of much more time to focus on other aspects of your life besides your bookmaking operations.  However you decide to use such free time, you can be confident that thanks to our bookmaking software and the rest of our superior solutions, your business will be handled with efficacy and professionalism.

All agents are granted access to our custom-built bookie software.  This valuable tool drastically eliminates most of the daily hassle attached to a betting business. You can see players action, check customizable reports, adjust betting lines and much more, all done in order to help you increase your profits effortlessly.