Wager Listing

The Wager Listing Report enables agents to verify wagers placed based on date and individual ticket numbers. Additionally, this report provides valuable insights into the origin of each wager. The report, by default, displays the wagering activity for the past seven days. However, the agent can modify the time frame according to their preference by utilizing the Initial and End Date calendars located at the top of the screen.

The agent can also set his or her favorite currency. Lastly, they can decide whether they want to see information for an individual player or for all players by using the “History for Player” scroll-down menu. Once the agent has set their preferences and clicked on the blue “submit” button, the updated report will appear below, showcasing separate betting action for each player. In this report, you can review the ticket number for the wager as well as the date it was placed. Additionally, you can verify the specific sport associated with the wager and access a comprehensive description of the wager. 

Lastly, the report contains two rows that display the amount of risk and winnings, as well as various other pertinent information such as the bet and the game score. Additionally, there are numerous useful details pertaining to the bet, score, and so on.

Wager Listing Report

With our state-of-the-art wager listing report, agents can streamline their business operations, increase efficiency, and enhance client satisfaction. Don’t miss out on this essential tool for optimal business management. Take advantage of the comprehensive insights and data provided by our wager listing report today.

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