Be A Bookie Now With Reliable, Affordable Pay Per Head Services

Do you want to Be A Bookie Now, and are wondering how can you cut the high cost of running your own sportsbook?

Be A Bookie Now With Reliable, Affordable Pay Per Head Services
Be A Bookie Now With Reliable, Affordable Pay Per Head Services

Here’s how: Work with Pay Per Head!

Just imagine being able to get online betting and call center access for your players, for an affordable weekly fee…

Furthermore, you get your own sportsbook software to manage everything with a few clicks…

So, why should you run your bookmaking business manually, when you can let others process the action of your players?

Now, before reading these lines, you probably thought you couldn’t afford a full sports betting and gaming operation…

But the truth is that anybody can Be A Bookie Now…

And all you need is to…


Be A Bookie Now With These Pay Per Head Solutions

To Be A Bookie Now, these are the PPH offshore services you’ll need:

  • Bookie Software
  • Online Services
  • Call Center Services


Bookie Software

With this tool, you can easily Be A Bookie Now, because you get full control over your operation…

Furthermore, this sportsbook software is completely user-friendly.

This means that you’ll be able to use this outstanding tool like a real expert since day one.

And this tool also gives you reports related to wiseguy action.

This means that your operation is always safeguarded against unwanted betting activity.

Plus, with this tool, you can also plan your course of action in a better way.

And this is thanks to the amazing data offered on each agent report.

Now, you get more than 20 of these reports, which shows you LIVE DATA related to the current wagers and online casino gaming activity of your clients.

And you can also edit the sports betting lines provided by the PPH Shop.

With that said, these lines are already amazing the way they are…

But, you may want to edit a line here and there for different reasons.

Or you may even want to create your own lines from scratch!

Furthermore, this tool also allows you to completely modify the wagering rules for players…


Online Services

Now, to Be A Bookie Now, you’ll also need the tools so that your players can get their action by themselves…

The main of these tools is a fully working wagering and gambling website.

When you sign up, your players only get access to the sports betting area.

So, you’ll need to pay an extra for the gambling services, but they’re totally worth it.

The main reason for this is because when you get new clients for your portfolio, you can search not only for bettors but also for gamblers.

And this factor significantly expands your chances of becoming successful.

Plus, this is a service your players will love because of how secure it is.

The reason is because all your clients need to get their action is a simple username and password.

This means that your customers are never forced to reveal their real identities to the PPH Shop.

So, their personal info is always in your hands.

Now, your players get to bet using the sharpest lines in the industry.

And also the most extensive wagering menu.

Betting options also include LIVE ACTION, meaning that your clients can place wagers during a live match…


Standard Or Custom Website

When you sign up with your favorite PPH Shop, you’ll be given two options:

To work with the standard pay per head site, or to get your own custom-built website.

The first option, the standard site, it’s mostly for agents who are running small wagering operations.

On the other hand, if you’re an agent that wants to expand as much as possible, you could really use your own custom site.

For this website, you just need to pay a ONE-TIME extra fee.

And then, you can customize the site, including the design and the domain name.

It’s basically your own website, but it’s hosted by the PPH company.

So this means that you’re getting unbeatable value, and saving a lot in overhead costs…


Call Center Services

To Be A Bookie Now, you also need to count with call center solutions for your players.

These are offshore services, provided by a Pay Per Head company located overseas.

With that said, you really want to do business with a PPH Shop from Costa Rica.

And the reason for that is because this country counts with the most experienced clerks and wagering pros in the industry.

So this means that your players will always get a fast and professional service.

And that client satisfaction will help you get more new customers by word of mouth.

Now, what’s great about this particular service is that it comes with its own toll-free number.

This is a 1-800 number that’s going to be available only for your own players.

This means that they can always get their wagering action over the phone FOR FREE!

And they can do it without any time restrictions as this is a service that runs 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Be A Bookie Now: Signing Up With Pay Per Head

Now, if you want to Be A Bookie Now with the help of pay per head solutions, this is what you need to do to sign up:

First, search for a PPH Shop from Costa Rica, and check out their online info.

Then, give the PPH company a call. This way you can verify who exactly you’re dealing with.

The next step is to get your free trial week.

During that time, you can test all the PPH services without paying a single cent for it.

Then, after that trial week, if you feel satisfied, you can sign up with the PPH Shop long-term.

The next step is to create usernames and passwords for your customers.

And the last step is to check the action of your clients using your bookie software!

As you can see, to Be A Bookie Now is very simple and all you need is to find the right PPH company, get your free trial, and start getting big profits now…


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