Become A Bookie Using Pay per Head Services, And No Effort

If you want to Become A Bookie, getting pay per head services should be your number one priority…

Become A Bookie Using Pay per Head Services, And No Effort
Become A Bookie Using Pay per Head Services, And No Effort

This is because these are the services you can use to manage your operation.

Plus, a Costa Rica pay per head shop also offers solutions for players.

This means that your customers can get their action by themselves, online or over the phone…


Become A Bookie: Pay per Head Services

Now, here’s a brief explanation on pay per head solutions, and the benefits they can bring to your sports betting operation.

Let’s first check out the list of the offshore services you can get:

  • Sportsbook Software
  • Wagering and Gambling Website
  • Call Center Access

Now, let’s see how they can benefit your bookmaking business:


Sportsbook Software

If you want to Become A Bookie, you must keep an eye on everything.

This includes every single piece of action, sports or gambling.

And to do this by yourself can be exhausting, but luckily this is a task you can easily handle.

And you do this by working with bookie software from a top PPH Shop.

This tool allows you to check every single move your players are making, and you can do this effortlessly…

The reason is because this sportsbook software is fully mobile.

This means that you can be anywhere, grab your smartphone, login to the PPH site, and check out the action of your players at any given time.

And what’s best about this is that this info is offered in real time.

So, all the data that’s displayed on the screen of your smart device is completely fresh.

And this is exactly what you want…

And that’s because this is the kind of precise information that will allow you to make the decisions that can make you or save you some cash in the process…


Wagering and Gambling Website

When you Become A Bookie, you also need solutions for your players, and these are also provided by a top Costa Rica pay per head company…

The main of these solutions is a website where your players can get their action on sports and casino (the gambling service is charged as a weekly extra, but it’s totally worth every penny).

And all they need is a user name and password, which you can create and provide to them.

This means that the PPH Shop don’t need the personal info of your players, and this makes your operation even more secure and reliable.

Now, just like the bookie software you get for yourself, this service is also available online.

This means that no downloads are required, and all your customers need is internet access.

Then, they can login to the PPH Site, and get all the action they want, fast and privately…

There are the two versions of this website:

  • Standard website
  • Custom website


Standard website

The standard site is the official pay per head website for all agents.

This is where the players of most bookies get their action.

If you’re running a small operation, this is a phenomenal alternative…

However, if you want to grow, your best bet is to get a…


Custom website

If you want to Become A Bookie and be successful at it, then you definitely want a personalized site.

This is a website that is going to be only for your own players.

This means that you can get a fully working site for your customers to get their action at, without the expensive overhead costs.

In fact, all you need to do to get this website is to pay a one-time extra fee.

Once you do, the website developing team from the pay per head shop will contact you to get your details on how you want the site to look like.

This is because when you get a customized site, you can pick your favorite design, and even the name, you know, the www…

Needless to say, this is a great tool that you want to count with, and the reason is because it allows you to enhance your image as a bookie…

Since nobody else is going to be using this site but your players, you can play at the same level than regular online sportsbooks.

And you can do it with the added advantage that people that plays with you don’t get their personal info on the web.

And this last factor can really give you the edge you need when recruiting customers for your portfolio.


Call Center Access

Now, there are many players that still prefer to get their action over the phone.

And even those that prefer the mobile service may need to call in for their wagers from time to time…

So, if you want to Become A Bookie, you definitely need to work with a top Costa Rica pay per head company that can grant your players access to first-hand calling services…

You want to work with a price per head shop from Costa Rica because this is the country where the top PPH companies are located.

And the great thing about a Costa Rica PPH Shop is that they will give you your own toll free number.

This means that your players are the only ones with access to this number.

And when you combine a personalized toll free number with a customized website; you’re really getting the best value for your cash…


What If You Don’t Get Pay per Head

Now, if you want to Become A Bookie, and don’t want to work with pay per head services, these can be the major consequences:

  • Taking Action: Without PPH services, you’ll need to process all the action yourself. If you have just a few clients that may be fine; but even so, things can get complicated during rush hours. And, if you’re planning to grow, working alone it’s just not an option; so things can get even more expensive if you’re forced to hire your own clerks.
  • Grading Bets: Grading your own wagers! This means that you’ll need to check bet by bet, player by player, and grade every single wager individually. Needless to say, this can be a very time-consuming process…


As you can see, if you want to Become A Bookie and be successful, you should contact a pay per head shop, and get their services now!

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