How to Become a Bookie 4 – Price per Head, How it Works, Services

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Here, we explain what price per head services are and how they benefit a sports betting operation.


What is Price per Head?


Price per Head refers to the concept of paying a fixed weekly fee per player to a third party, known as a pph shop for processing call center and online wagers, and also for their line managing services.


How it Works

Bookies pay a weekly fee per client that is based on usage. For example, a bookie that has fifty clients, but only twenty were active during a given week, then the bookie pays for twenty players only during that week.


Top Services

The top services offers by a price per head company includes:


Lines Management for both sports and horses:

The pph shop offers daily line management services as part of the bookie package.

However, the bookie can also move his own lines at will, for either one, or all of his players.


Call Center

Players can dial a toll free number to bet over the phone, through the call center. These betting services are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, year round.


Online and mobile betting.

Players can use their desktop computer, laptops, smartphones and tablets to place bets themselves, by entering a personal user name, and password. on a private, and secure website.


Bookie software

Bookie software includes a number of player activity reports, and many management tools.

Using Bookie software, the agent can:

open or close accounts,

set betting limits,

move lines,

pay commissions

And Much More.


Flash based and live casino:

Casino solutions include flash based games such as black jack, roulette, slots, craps and more.

Users can play traditional flash based games

Or with a live dealer, making the player’s experience even more realistic by allowing him to see how cards are shuffled and dealt.

A new alternative for betting, Square Pools is a game where Players can choose among 100 available boxes, and their pick are revealed after all bets are final.


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