How to Become a Bookie 2 – Betting Types 2

Hi, welcome, this is the third installment of our How to Become a Bookie series. Here we explain what progressive parlays and teaserbecome-bookie-2 bets are.


Bookie Types: Progressive Parlays


In progressive parlays, you get to pick from four to twelve selections, and you can lose from one to three picks, and still win the bet.

Progressives offer a lower payout than regular parlays, and are only available for football and basketball spreads, not for money lines, or totals.

A tie, or no action, is considered a loss. In case of a loss the play reverts to the next lower level.



A teaser is also a selection of straight bets combined in a single large wager. The difference is that in a teaser, you can move the spread in your favor in order to improve your chances of winning.

For example on a two team, four point teaser, where the Clippers have a line of minus six and a half, and the Nuggets have a line of minus twelve, the teaser improves both lines, as LA now has a line of minus two and a half and Denver a line of minus eight. This means that both teams have now four points less to cover.

The more selections on a teaser, and the fewer the points, the bigger the payout.

Since teasers involve a point spread, they only apply to football and basketball betting. And players have the option of selecting between two and fifteen options.

A tie, or no action, is considered a loss. In case of a loss, the play reverts to the next lower level. However, on a two team teaser, both selections must cover the adjusted spread or the whole play is a loss.

Players have the option of moving the line by four, four and a half or five points in basketball.

And six, six and a half and seven points in football.

There is also the option of placing a seven point teaser in basketball, and a ten point teaser in football. These are known as sweetheart teasers.


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