How to Become a Bookie 8 – Independence, Big Money, VIP

Hi! Welcome to the eighth installment from our How to Become a Bookie series.bookie-sub-agents

Here we explain the importance and responsibilities of running an independent business, talk about how successful agents are getting their big money, and tell you why it is important to count with a VIP program.


Become a Bookie: Independence


As a bookie working with price per head services, you are truly your own boss.

If you decide to become a bookie, you can pretty much say that you have nobody to respond to.

Although this is certainly a great advantage, it is also a big responsibility.

On the one side, you have no boss, and the profits are all yours.

On the other, all the money that is being invested in things like marketing is coming straight out of your pocket.

For this reason, it is a good idea to always keep an eye on your business expenditures because working with a budget certainly allows you to keep the kind of unnecessary financial inconveniences that you don’t need at bay.


Big Money

If you are able to manage your betting business right, chances are that you are going to make enough money so that it can last you for the rest of your life.

If you want to make big cash, you need to get some big players.

There is simply no exception to this rule, except if you are running a massive operation made of small time players.

Since most independent bookies have a limited amount of clients, it’s advisable to focus on the quality of the players you have, and not so much on the quantity.

Remember, it is better to get the action of a big time player, than the action of ten small ones.

Not only because of the profits, but also because it is easier to manage and keep satisfied a few clients, than to do the same for many.


Very Important Person

In order to get the attention of the big players out there, let them know that you count with your own VIP program.

Everybody likes the idea of being labeled as a Very Important Person, or VIP, and bettors are certainly not the exception.

In fact, most big players prefer to do business with bookies that are willing to go the extra mile in order to please their betting needs.

Although some VIP players are definitely going to be more challenging than others, make sure that all of them feel special, because they indeed are!


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