How to Become a Bookie 12 – Your Own Marketing Website

Hi and Welcome! This is the twelfth video from our How to Become a Bookie series.bookie-web-designer

Here we tell you how you can create a marketing website to promote your bookmaking services in order to attract the attention of online players.


Bookie Marketing Website versus Betting Website


Your marketing website is different from the website that is used by your clients to place bets.

While Price per Head takes care of your betting site, including regular technical support, your marketing site is run fully by the bookie.

If you have the right knowledge, then this is something that you can do by yourself.

Otherwise, you can always get the assistance of a freelance web designer.


Getting a Domain Name and Hosting

In order to count with all the advantages that a marketing website offers, such as branding and promotion, you certainly need your own domain name.

Go Daddy dot com is a place where you can get a domain name. When choosing it, consider keywords related to your business and your own name or alias.

For example, you can go for a domain name that contains the word “betting” and your name, “Jimmy”. In this case, you can end up with a domain name such as betting jimmy dot com.

A domain name like that is quite favorable because players and search engines alike can identify that the site is related to betting and is owned by a bookie named jimmy.

Go Daddy also offer hosting services. You can get a special pack for a monthly or yearly fee that includes your domain name plus hosting, or you can also host your site locally.


Search Engine Optimization and Site Design

Once you have picked your favorite domain name and have found the right hosting, then it is time to find the right design for your website.

Using a content management system such as WordPress is probably your best bet since it offers free and paid designs and the ability to easily add content.

Search engine optimization or SEO goes hand in hand with site design. SEO are the practices that allow your marketing website to appear in the search engines like Google, and to become visible to your targeted market.

When you are in the process of picking a design for your website, always take SEO into consideration.


Content and Social Media

You might have a nice website, but if it lacks the right type of content, then it is likely that prospective clients won’t be able to find you.

The content on your marketing site should be inviting, and it should also sound natural. It must also be focused on what you have to offer as a bookie and other related subjects.

Once you have optimized your marketing website with accepted SEO practices and have added the right type of content, then it’s time to use social media to promote it.

Although there are many social media sites out there, you should focus on the most relevant ones, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Again, if you find it difficult to create and maintain your marketing website, you can always search for a few capable freelancers that can give you a hand.


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