How to Become a Bookie 5 – Players, Where to Find Them, Types

Hi! This is part of our How to Become a Bookie series. Here we explain where bookies can recruit clients, and the different types ofbookie-clients players.


Bookie Players, Where to Find Them


Nowadays a bookie can find his clients locally, regionally or online



Most bookies work with local bettors.

These are the players that know the bookie in person.

and who pay or collect before the others.

A good place to start searching for prospective clients is the local sports bars, or local sports venues.



A bookie can also hire sub-agents from other areas of the country in order to recruit new players or to pay and collect from existing ones.

A sub-agent works for commissions, or they can also cut a percentage deal, where they get some of the sub-agent’s players’ losses on a weekly basis.



Most, if not all, players, have access to the internet

Assuming that is correct, the bookie can promote his business online using targeted marketing in order to bring more players through the web.


Types of Players

Standard: These are regular players that establish a betting account with a given amount of money, and then replenish their account once it runs out of funds.



A credit player is one that has a closer relationship with the bookie.

It is common that this type of player have been a client of the bookie for some time because he is granted any credit at all.

Once the bookie trusts the player, and the player trusts the bookie back, credit becomes an option.



V I P clients are those who spend the most money with the bookie. A V I P player knows he’s different, and he likes to be treated accordingly.

If you have a player that is investing a lot in your sports betting operation, make sure that such person is always comfortable.


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