How to Become a Bookie 7 – Software

Welcome! This is another article from our How to Become a Bookie series. Here we talk about the importance of using bookie price-per-head-bookie-softwaresoftware, and about its interface.


Bookie Software: What is it?


Bookie software allows the agent to manage his sports betting operation with ease, as the bookmaker always have access to live data concerning the activity of his clients.


Bookie Software: Why?

Thanks to bookie software, agents don’t need to keep an eye on their betting operation all the time.

This is because all the activity related to phone and internet bets, is always available for the agent to see.


The Software Interface

Our software includes the most thorough reports in the industry, for sports, horse betting, and casino activity.

After login in to your account, using your assigned agent name, and your password.

Once inside, on the left hand side of the screen, the agent will find all of our available reports.

Some of these reports offer information about the bookie, such as his current position, his current exposure and his gross week.

Other reports are focused on the activity of players, including action by player, player standings, and player history.

In total, there are more than twenty five reports, both standard and advanced.


Thanks for watching! Feel free to check the rest of the series, or contact us for more information.


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