How to Become a Bookie 6 – Sub Agents and Third Party Services

Hi! This is part of our How to Become a Bookie series. Here we explain what sub agents do, and offer information on other usefulbookie-team third party services.


What is a Sub Agent Bookie?


A sub agent is a sales professional that represents the bookie either locally, at a different region of the country, or overseas.

The sub agent brings a significant amount of profits to the bookie.

Some sub agents are direct employees of the bookie, while others work for commissions, and only bring business from time to time.


Main tasks.

The sub agent is in charge of collecting money from their players, and paying for winning bets.

They also are tasked with recruiting new players for the sports betting operation on an ongoing basis.


Paying sub agents.

Bookie sub-agents can be paid either by a commission when they bring a new player.

Or they can also be paid a percentage of player’s losses. This is a deal that applies to the more established type of sub agents.


Other Third Party Services

You can always use the help of a good accountant in order to keep an eye over the money that comes in versus the money that goes out.

In order to promote his business over the internet, the bookie needs to create a marketing website, and to keep a presence on social media.

If the bookie has the expertise, he can do this by himself. Otherwise, he can hire the help of a freelance web designer, and a copy writer to lend a hand.

A personal assistant can help with secondary tasks, allowing the bookie to focus on what’s most important.


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