Becoming a Bookie: Everything Starts with a Price Per Head Service

Becoming a bookie is definitely a great choice for a lot of new entrepreneurs out there.

Becoming a Bookie: Everything Starts with a Price Per Head Service
Becoming a Bookie: Everything Starts with a Price Per Head Service

Forget about the yellow pencils, the paper betting slips, the red pens, or even the manual tape recorder! (to keep clients honest).

When it comes to becoming a bookie, things are way better these days for sports betting agents!

Why? Because running a bookmaking and gambling operation using a price per head service removes the whole data management portion of the business out of the hands of the top bookmaker.


Becoming a Bookie: Types of Bookmakers

Becoming a bookie is a process that can involve as much effort as you want to. The more you focus on improving yourself in a variety of areas, the more prepared you’ll be for the task at hand.

With that said, you can be an entrepreneur with almost zero experience on wagering and gambling. And yet, with the help of an offshore price per head shop, you can create your own sports betting and gaming empire.

So, there are three basic types of bookmakers out there:

  • Experienced ones.
  • Interested in the career, but no experience.
  • Players who want to profit from their hobby.


Experienced Bookmakers

These are the sports betting agents whom have been part of the industry for a while, and know the business well.

They are either old school bookies, or bookmakers from newer generations; but with the same degree of expertise.

These are the bookies that were immediately attracted to pay per head sportsbook services when the first pph shops open their doors; more than two decades ago.

And, whom continue to rely on pay per head as their right hand.


Non-Experienced Entrepreneurs

These are entrepreneurs who know that there’s a great potential for large profits in the bookmaking and gambling industries. And of course, they want to get their own slice of the pie.

If you are one of these individuals, becoming a bookie is definitely a great choice for you. Even if you have zero experience with sports betting, horse racing, or casino games.

The reason is because you can basically outsource all the services that you need to start profiteering from running a bookmaking and casino operation, right away.

Hiring a good pay per head service that includes a reliable sportsbook software is where you should start.

A top offshore price per head shop will get you:

  • Access to call center and web betting services for players.
  • Bookmaking software to check and control the real-time wagering data of clients.
  • Casino games (including pph poker) for gamblers.
  • The full mobile experience.

Then, if you don’t want to do the job yourself, you can hire other sports betting agents to work for you; getting you the clients you need in exchange for commissions, as direct staff, or even as small partners.

And, if you really want to do things right, you can outsource the services of a good accountant, and a good marketing professional, and a good assistant, to help you move in the right direction, seamlessly.


Players: Making a Profit Out of a Hobby

Are you a sports bettor, or someone who enjoys vising the race tracks, or playing casino games?

Then, you can consider turning your passion for sports betting, horse racing, or/and gaming, into a full career.

If this is the case, becoming a bookie is certainly right your alley. This is because you’re already familiar with how everything works.

And this gives you an insider edge over new sports betting agents whom need to learn the full business from scratch.

You also know what kind of deals are attractive for players; and this allows you to create your own marketing and sales strategies based on your insider knowledge.

Plus, you know a lot of sports bettors and gamblers. And, by offering the right deals, you can start adding clients to your bookmaking and pph poker portfolio as soon as you learn how to become a bookie.



Running the Business

Once you’ve identified which type of top bookmaker you are, the next step on the process of becoming a bookie is to get prepared to run the business.


Get the Funds

To count with the right funds is fundamental for the success of any sports betting and gaming operation.

You need to have money to pay your clients. Period.

In fact, your success as a top bookmaker will depend on a high degree on the emphasis you put into building a positive reputation among sports bettors and gamblers.

So, this kind of reputation you can build it by always being honest and fair; and most importantly, by never to fail to meet the financial requirements of the business.

In other words, when your clients win money, pay them right away; or make sure they’re aware of the exact date when you’re committed to honor your debt to them.

And, never broke a promise! When you do so, your clients won’t trust you as much as before. So, their natural reaction can be to tell others about your wrongdoings. And this can end up leaving some defining scars in your positive reputation.

If you can get your startup money from your own savings, then you’re all set.

On the other hand, you can consider looking for the help of a family member, a friend, or an investor / partner.


Search for the Right Price per Head Shop

Once you have the funds, the next step in the process of becoming a bookie is to sign up for the pay per head service of a top price per head shop who can offer you the right custom bookie software.

There are many good options in the market, but the only way to truly find out if you’re dealing with the right pph shop is to call them directly.

This way, you will verify that what’s offered on the web is in reality the pay per head sportsbook services they can deliver so you can run your wagering and gambling operation efficiently.


Start Getting Clients

After making a deal with the right pph shop, the next ongoing step for you as a top bookmaker is to find as many clients as possible.

In fact, this should be your primary concern. The reason is because you want to always keep a healthy number of customers in your bookmaking portfolio.

And since, some clients will leave you, no matter how good your services are; you need to be able to compensate for that lost action with new sports bettors and gamblers.

As you can see, becoming a bookie starts by figuring out what kind of bookmaker you are, finding the right pph shop, and focusing on growing your business.

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