Best Bookie Services from a Top Costa Rica Pay per Head Shop

Here’s an article about the best bookie services for you and your players, and the reasons why you should work with Pay per Head.

Best Bookie Services from a Top Costa Rica Pay per Head Shop
Best Bookie Services from a Top Costa Rica Pay per Head Shop

First, let’s talk about your business: during your time as a bookie, you want to keep a healthy relationship between you and your players.

And you can only do this by offering them the best possible solutions…


Best Bookie Services: Pay per Head

As a bookie, ask yourself: are you still behind, or are you already working with a PPH Shop?

As of today, most successful agents get the Best Bookie Services from a pay per head company.

And since you’re also a top bookmaker, you want high-quality offshore services as well!

That’s because such solutions can help you beyond your expectations.

And also because the PPH company goes above and beyond standard requirements.

Plus, pay per head prices are below what most agents think!

Just remember that bookmaking agents become successful because of decisions like working with pay per head.

So, get them, and over time, you will realize that using price per head solutions was the best choice.


The Best Bookie Services Package

These are the Best Bookie Services, available from a top PPH Shop:

  • Bookie Software
  • Pay per Head Website
  • Call Center Access


Bookie Software

Get bookie software, and get ahead of other agents!

From the Best Bookie Services, this is the one for bookmakers.

And, with your sportsbook software, easy winnings are awaiting around the corner.

This is because this tool can help you take better decisions that can lead to even better profits.

Just login into your sportsbook software account, and check everything out, including many useful reports.

Many of these reports will become your daily companions, allowing you to monitor all the action of your players with ease.


Pay per Head Website

Out of the Best Bookie Services, the PPH site is the top solution for your customers.

Players get their action at this pay per head website.

And betting on the site is easy as it only requires a login and a password.

Now, instead of downloads, web solutions are the way to go!

And a cool thing is that this service is 100% online-based.

Excluding downloads from the equation is important.

And the reason is because downloads are slow, and old school…



Aside from sports bettors, you can also sign up gamblers.

This is because in addition to the sports betting Best Bookie Services, you can also get an online casino!

Now, it’s up to you to get this gambling solution…

But if you get it, you can easily double your profits: the wagering profits, plus the winnings from the casino!

It’s also important to mention that all solutions are included in the weekly fee you pay, except for an extra fee for online casino services.


Call Center Access

The other of the Best Bookie Services for players is call center access.

This is a solution that is available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To get the best value for your cash, you should work with a Costa Rica pay per head shop.

This is because this is the country where the top PPH companies in the world are located.

So, by working with a Costa Rica PPH Shop, your players will get the best possible service; and you won’t have to overpay for it.


Paying on Time, No Exceptions

Getting the Best Bookie Services is not enough to become successful… you must pay on time, regardless of your personal wants and needs.

Remember that good bookies are against cheating their players!

So, concerning payments, always make them without exceptions…

You can get great profits, but you must also pay players on time.

This is because past due debts means your players won’t be happy.

Now, regarding your start-up funds, you’ll have to pay winners from your own pocket till you start getting profits.

But it’s paramount to always pay your players, before getting negative word of mouth.

And so by being an honest bookie, you can get a positive image that can lead you to achieve long-term success.


Your Job as a Bookie

Now, despite your freedom, in your spare time, you should get busy and look for new players!

This is because after getting the Best Bookie Services, your job will be no other than to put inside your sports betting portfolio as many clients as possible.

If you like, you can also hire sub-agents.

These are individuals that can represent your operation in different areas.

So, they can be in charge of player recruitment, but they can also do collections and pay winners.

In other words, they can become a solid, profitable part of your business.

You can choose to hire these sub-agents as full-time employees, or you can pay them by commission.

It’s really up to you and your particular needs as a top bookmaker.


Testing Everything for Free

If you want to make sure that you’re indeed working with the Best Bookie Services, you should test them out.

And you want to test each service FOR FREE!

This means that you shouldn’t pay a single cent until you’ve made sure that everything works according to your needs.

If you’re working with a top PPH company, chances are that you shouldn’t even ask for this trial.

And the reason is because a top PPH Shop will grant you this trial immediately.

And they do this because they know their solutions are of the highest possible quality.

So, they want you to test everything as quickly as possible because they are sure you will enjoy everything, and will end up signing up for good.

Now, following the trial period you can tell you players about your new pay per head solutions.

And all you really need to do is to create user names and password for your customers.

Then, using those aliases and passwords, you clients will be able to get their action without having to contact you directly.


As you can see, the Best Bookie Services are the ones provided by a Costa Rica Pay per Head Shop, so find one, contact them, and get started right away!

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