Best Bookie Software from a Top Pay per Head Shop

Getting the Best Bookie Software is the solution for new and experienced agents alike.

Best Bookie Software from a Top Pay per Head Shop
Best Bookie Software from a Top Pay per Head Shop

You want to get this sportsbook software from a reputable Pay per Head company located offshore.

This gives you the opportunity of getting the best possible data management tool; while paying the least you can for it.


Best Bookie Software: Why Pay per Head

To obtain the Best Bookie Software, you should definitely get in touch with the right price per head shop.

This is the kind of company that can give you not only the sportsbook software you need; but can also provide you with all the services players require to place bets, and even play games at an online casino.

Now, if you really want a straight up answer about why working with a PPH Shop is a good idea; here it is:

You get all the services you need without spending a lot.

This is because the PPH offshore services provider counts with the right tools; and is willing to rent them to bookmaking agents for the right price.

This means that when it comes to PPH solutions, the rule is that you get what you pay for.

In other words: if you work with a price per head shop that charges you the lowest prices in the market; then you really can’t expect to get the best PPH services.

So, what you really need to do is to find a Pay per Head shop that offers high-quality products; for affordable prices.


Best Bookie Software: Top Features

Now, here are the top features related to the Best Bookie Software:

  • Many reports
  • Full control
  • Easy to use
  • Fully mobile
  • Secure


Many reports

When getting bookmaking software, you want to get as many reports as possible, including the following ones:

  • Daysheet: Check all the weekly house figures.
  • Management: Offers a list of players and sub-agents.
  • Line and exposure: Shows current lines, and their respective house exposure.
  • Real-time betting: It shows the LIVE wagering activity of players.
  • Open bets: It displays all the current open wagers.
  • History: It shows the history of all players.
  • Standings: This report shows the current standings of each one of your active players.
  • Cash flow: It displays the cash transactions made on players.
  • Agent position: It shows a detailed report of the weekly house exposure.
  • Player totals: It displays weekly totals for players, including pending bets.

Just by looking at the reports above, you can tell how much your sports betting and gaming operation can benefit from these; and the other reports offered by a top PPH Shop.

Such reports allows you to check all the wagering and gambling action of players.

And, most importantly, it tells you how much you’re winning or losing versus your customers.


Full control

The Best Bookie Software allows agents to have full control over their operation.

This means that the agent can open or close accounts, and edit the information on those accounts at will.

Using this tool, bookmakers are also able to edit the wagering lines provided by the price per head company.

And, agents can also create their own lines!

This is great because it means that bookies can create their own props.

And, they can also create custom lines for VIP clients, or for all players in general.

This point in particular is key, because you want to avoid working with sportsbook software that is going to limit you in any way.

In fact, you want the opposite: the kind of tool that gives you total freedom.


Easy to use

The Best Bookie Software should also be very user-friendly.

This means that you shouldn’t need more than a few minutes of training to start using the tool in its entirety.

So, look for a price per head shop that can give you access to this type of sportsbook software for free.

In other words: you want to have the option of testing the tool using a trial period.

If you’re really dealing with a good Pay per Head company; chances are that you wouldn’t even need to make the request for the trial; as the PPH Shop should provide it automatically.

Once you get your hands on the tool, test is as much as you can to corroborate that you indeed have the Best Bookie Software.


Fully mobile

You also want a data management tool that’s fully mobile.

This means that you should be able to use it anywhere, by accessing it via your favorite mobile device.

What you want to avoid is to work with a price per head shop that offers you downloads.

The reason is because you’ll only be able to use the tool by accessing it on the device where you made the download.

This can work fine for some time. But it will eventually put you in a situation where you want to use the software; and you just can’t because you don’t have your mobile device with you.

You can easily avoid this by working with a Pay per Head business that works with web-based services only.

This means that you can access the sportsbook software from any device that can connect to the internet.

This includes any smartphone, tablet and laptop.

Needless to say, this is quite convenient because it means that the agent can basically run his business from anywhere in the world!



The Best Bookie Software is also very secure.

This means that the tool is fully protected by an encryption system that guarantees the safety of your data.

And, such system is supported by an in-house team of technical experts.

This allows you to trust the tool completely. Allowing you to focus on other key areas of your business; such as acquiring new clients.

Now, security is also crucial when it comes to clients!

For that reason it’s important to avoid doing business with a price per head company that requires the personal data of your players.

In fact, all a reputable PPH Shop needs to process the action of bettors and gamblers is an alias and password.


If the tool you’re considering meets the above requirements, chances are that you’ve found the Best Bookie Software.

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