Best Bookmaker Services from an Offshore Pay per Head Shop

If you want to get access to the Best Bookmaker Services, you should contact a top Pay per Head shop.

Best Bookmaker Services from an Offshore Pay per Head Shop
Best Bookmaker Services from an Offshore Pay per Head Shop

This is a company that can provide you with the sports betting and gaming solutions you need to become successful in an effortless way.


Best Bookmaker Services: Everything you Get


These are the Best Bookmaker Services you can get when you work with a reputable PPH Shop:

  • Web-based solutions
  • Bookie software
  • Online wagering and gambling
  • Call center access
  • Agent and player support
  • Live wagering, real-time reporting
  • Full security


Web-based solutions

The Best Bookmaker Services are definitely web-based.

This means that such solutions are always available online.

If you’re a bookmaking agent, using such web PPH offshore services is the most efficient way for you to run your operation.

The reason for that is because you can basically run your sports betting and gaming operation from your cell phone or laptop.

In other words: by working with Pay per Head solutions that are web-based, you can pretty much run your business from anywhere in the world.

Now, if you’re dealing with a price per head shop that forces you to download their bookie software; this definitely is an option you want to pass on.

The reason is because you’ll need to download the same application on all of your devices; and that sometimes can become a problem.

So, make sure you’re dealing with a PPH Shop that works with web-based solutions as this is really a determining factor.


Bookie software

Bookie Sofware is one of the Best Bookmaker Services.

This is a data management tool that allows you to check all the activity from your clients.

Since this is a web-based product, you can access it using your favorite mobile device; including your android or iphone mobile.

This sportsbook software includes a variety of reports; which you can customize to check only the information that you consider necessary.

This saves you a lot of time, allowing you to run your operation in a seamless way.

Now, when searching for the right bookie software provider, make sure that the tool you get comes with more than 10 reports.

If you get less reports, chances are that the tool is not very good, and it’s likely that’s not going to serve all of your needs.


Online wagering and gambling

The Best Bookmaker Services also include online wagering and gambling solutions for players.

This includes unlimited access to a website where your clients can place bets on sports, or play popular casino games; such as PPH Poker.

You can work with the most affordable Pay per Head online service.

Other bookmaking agents and their respective players also uses the same site.

Or, you can pay a little extra and get your own personalized site, which is going to be used only by your players; and includes custom domain and site design.


Call center access

The Best Bookmaker Services includes 24-7 access to an offshore call center.

This means that players can call at any time of the day to get their action.

And, what’s great about this particular Pay per Head service is that when a player calls, he doesn’t have to pay a single cent.

The reason is because bookmaking agents get their own 1-800 numbers.

So, players can just dial the toll free number their bookie gave them, and call as much as they want to place as many wagers as they like.

Although online sports betting and gaming is very popular, it’s also important to count with a top call center service to serve those bettors that prefer a more personalized wagering experience.


Agent and player support

The Best Bookmaker Services also includes all the support required.

This means that you can always get in touch with the price per head company in order to find answers for your questions or concerns.

And, if you’re dealing with a top PPH Shop, chances are that you’ll even get a special support agent designated to your account.

This is great because when you call in, the support specialist knows exactly who you are; and how to deal with your bookie operation.

Your players can also get in touch with the PPH Shop at any give time.

With that said, the customer service personnel from the PPH Shop is ready to provide support ONLY for the stuff you authorize.

This means that there are factors related to players’ accounts that are to be discussed only between the agent and his customer.

Doubtlessly this is great, because it means that the bookie has as much freedom as he wants; and can really manage the accounts of players at will.


Live wagering, real-time reporting

The Best Bookmaker Services allows both players and agents to enjoy a live experience.

On one hand, players are able to bet during live events. This means that wagering action continues even after the game starts!

On the other, you as an agent, can check all the real-time wagering and gambling action of your players.

In other words: you can check all the action as it’s taking place!

This is really a great advantage because it allows you to take decisions that can help you improve your profits.


Full security

The Best Bookmaker Services also includes full security for players.

Needless to say, offering a secure sports betting and gaming service is really a great marketing tool.

The reason is because players don’t want their personal information compromised.

And so by working with a top PPH Shop, you, as a bookie; can offer you customers a wagering and gambling service that is not linked to their personal data.

For example, when a player makes a call to get his action over the phone, all he needs to provide the wagering clerk with is a pin and a password.

This means that the personal data of players never goes online, remaining in the hands of the bookie all the time.

Indeed, keeping the info of clients private and secure is part of the Best Bookmaker Services that can make a difference for your operation.

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