Best Pay per Head Service: Top 10 Features You Should Look For

The Best Pay per Head Service includes all the things a sports betting and gaming agent needs.

Best Pay per Head Service: Top 10 Features You Should Look For
Best Pay per Head Service: Top 10 Features You Should Look For

And in order to find it, you need to look for a reputable price per head shop.


Best Pay per Head Service: Working With An Offshore PPH Shop

In order to get the Best Pay per Head Service, working with an overseas PPH Shop is the best option.

The reason is because a PPH offshore services company is able to deliver high-quality solutions for an affordable weekly price per head fee.

Running a bookmaking operation all by yourself is definitely not an option because the experience can be overwhelming.

Now, you do have the option of building your own wagering website; and hire your own sports betting clerks.

The problem with the above statement is that doing so can be very expensive.

And, as a top bookmaker, you definitely want to save as much cash as possible.

This means that you really want to work with the right price per head shop.

So you can get access to all the tools and solutions your bookmaking operation needs.


The Best Pay per Head Service Includes These Top 10 Features

Now, if you really want to know if you’ve found the right PPH Shop, these are the top 10 features you should look for:

  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Custom Reports
  • Lines Service
  • Full Wagering Menu
  • Call Center Access
  • Web Betting
  • Online Casino
  • Mobile Capabilities
  • Full Control
  • Wiseguy/Sharp Action Monitoring


Real-Time Reporting

As as top bookmaker, you need to count with real-time bookie software reports. And this is because you want to be informed about the current sports betting and gaming action of your clients.

The only way you can do this is by counting with real-time sportsbook software reports that can grant you this information.


Custom Reports

Another top feature related to good bookmaking software are custom reports.

You want to check only the data you need to check. And this is a top feature that should be included with the Best Pay per Head Service.

And, the more reports, the better; as you want to have the opportunity of checking your sports betting and gaming operation from different angles.


Lines Service

You also want the Best Pay per Head Service related to wagering lines.

This means that you need to work with a price per head shop that provides you with the best possible lines.

These are of course the kind of lines that allows you to get an edge over your players.

When you work with a reputable PPH Shop, chances are that their lines solution is so good; you won’t ever have any problems with this particular feature.


Full Wagering Menu

Apart from good and advantageous wagering lines, you also want a very complete sports betting menu.

This means that the Best Pay per Head Service should include the most complete menu possible.

The reason for this is because players always want to bet; but, some bookmaking agents fail to provide their clients with enough options.

As a top bookmaker, this is a scenario you definitely want to avoid.

Instead, what you want is a complete menu that is always full of great options for players to choose from.


Call Center Access

The Best Pay per Head Service should also allow the players of bookmaking agents to get unlimited access to an offshore call center.

This is one of the most important features to count with; as bettors really enjoy getting their action over the phone.

And, if you really want the best experience for your clients; make sure that the call center services you get from the PPH Shop are provided in more than one language, preferably English, Chinese and Spanish.


Web Betting

This is probably the most relevant feature from the list. The reason is because this tool is going to help the agent to establish himself as a top bookmaker.

Most, if not all players out there enjoy placing wagers over the web. However, a lot of them aren’t fond of providing online sportsbooks with their personal data.

This is exactly why bookies have an advantage: By offering a reliable web betting solution to players, the latter are never forced to get their personal data online.

So, more and more players are opting for getting their action with their local bookmaking agents whom are using the Best Pay per Head Service.


Online Casino

An online casino is definitely another top feature that should be included with the Best Pay per Head Service.

Just with like the feature above, this is another tool that can create a positive impact for the business of the bookie.

This is because most sports betting players enjoy playing casino games such as PPH Poker. But, if their current agent doesn’t offer them this option; they are forced to look for it somewhere else.

And in the process, the bookmaking agents loses such profits. If you want to avoid this, you should definitely ask for this feature.


Mobile Capabilities

If the price per head shop you want to work with offers you poor mobile solutions; search for an alternative.

The reason is because most players get their action using their mobile devices.

So, if the mobile capabilities you count with are not good enough, your clients are going to get tired; and are going to look for a bookie that offers them a faster, more reliable mobile solution.


Full Control

The Best Pay per Head Service definitely includes the freedom factor.

This means that the top bookmaker should be able to do anything he wants with the data he’s presented with.

This includes updating information on players’ accounts, and changing wagering lines.


Wiseguy/Sharp Action Monitoring

Last but not least, it is also important to check that the price per head shop you want to work with offers you non-stop wiseguy/sharp action monitoring.

This is because there’s just so much data for you to analyze. And, counting with the Best Pay per Head Service definitely prevents unwanted sports betting and gaming action.

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