Best Pay per Head Site? Top 7 Tips to Choose Well

Choosing the best pay per head site is decisive to have success as a bookie that runs a sports betting and gaming operation.

Best Pay per Head Site? Top Tips to Choose Well
Best Pay per Head Site? Top Tips to Choose Well

If you make the right choice, you can save yourself a lot of problems, and cash.

On the other hand, if you pick the wrong pph shop, your clients are likely the ones whom are going to suffer the negative consequences.


Choosing the Best Pay per Head Site

Here are some of the best tips that can help you decide what the best pay per head site for your bookmaking and gambling business is:


Its Located Overseas

As a bookie, saving money can be important for you, especially if you’re just getting started.

For this reason, working with an offshore price per head shop is your best choice.

This is because by having its offices overseas, the pay per head sportsbook can save in overall operational costs. And this translates into great deals for sports betting agents.

Another advantage of the offshore factor is that this type of pph company chooses to work from countries where the services they provide are protected by local laws.

This means that a top bookmaker can have minimal contact with his clients, and still run a profitable wagering and gambling business.

How’s that? Well, since the overseas pph shop is registering all the sports betting action, the bookmaking agent doesn’t have to take one single bet himself. And still earns a positive reputation!


It Offers Its Own Bookie Software

The best pay per head site is definitely one that offers you its own bookie software.

Signing up with a price per head shop that offers in-house sportsbook software means that you are dealing with an important, well known company.

This is because smaller bookmaking solutions providers may not have the necessary budget to invest in the kind of bookie software that can really make the difference.

On the contrary, a large pph shop definitely has the funds. And also the willingness to hire the right talent to create their own sports betting software.

Here is an example videos, showing you the kind of bookmaking software a large pph shop can offer you:


It’s Operated by Pros

When you first get on the phone with someone from a price per head shop, try to notice if the person is a pro or not.

This will help you determine if that is the best pay per head site to do business with, or not.

For example, if the person on the other side of the line sounds experienced, and can answer your questions right away, you are in the right place.

On the other hand, the person may hesitate about her answers. If this is the case, and you’re put you on hold to get you a proper response, you are likely dealing with a pph shop that is relatively new.


It’s Not the Cheapest, But Doesn’t Overcharge

This is very important. The reason is because if you deal with the cheapest price per head service provider, then you are probably not going to get a very satisfying service.

Why? Because a very cheap price per head software services company most likely is not interested in providing good services.

Instead, they just want to make fast cash, while sacrificing quality in the process.

What you want is a price per head service provider that charges you a little bit more. But that offers you solutions smaller competitors simple can’t afford.

Better said, you are getting the kind of high-quality services for a weekly fee that is fair for both sides.


Offers Mobile Betting

The best pay per head site can also offer sports betting agents a mobile solution for them and their players.

Most bookie software companies offer a combination of online and over-the-phone wagering package.

However, only a top price per head shop is able to include an in-house mobile service. For both the bookmaking agent and his sports betting and casino players.

Allowing your players to place bets or play casino games directly from a mobile application. And checking their activity as it occurs. From wherever you are in the globe, it’s also a major game-changer to pick the right bookmaking services provider.


Offers Casino

Without casino games, you are missing on a big opportunity to make a lot of extra money.

This is because the majority of sports betting players are also fond of casino games.

So, when wagering in sports is slow, you can offer a casino alternative.

This allows your players to continue active with you, instead of vising other online casinos out there.

With that said, if a price per head shop you are considering doesn’t offer you a casino solution, you are not likely dealing with the best pay per head site.

Here are some videos showing the kind of casino games you can get from a top price per head service provider:


Can Manage your Gradual Growth

As a top bookmaker, your sports betting and gaming organization is going to grow continuously.

This is also a very important reason why you need to work with the best pay per head site.

A small price per head shop is not likely to have the capacity to manage your gradual growth.

Instead, work with a large bookie services company. And this way you can grow as much, and as fast as you want. And neither your productivity, nor overall high quality, are going to be affected.


As you can see, besides phone and web betting, there are many factors to consider when choosing the right price per head shop.

You really want to avoid taking a decision that you are going to regret short-term.

So, considering that this is a company you want to partner with for the long run, you need to take the time to brainstorm your decision.

What is important is to work with a wagering and gambling company that:

  • It counts with offshore offices.
  • It offers its own bookie software.
  • It’s run by professional, experienced individuals.
  • It’s not the cheapest, but doesn’t charge more than it should. In other words, it’s very fair.
  • Offers mobile betting.
  • Offers Casino.
  • Can manage the gradual growth of your bookmaking operation.


If you find a pph shop that can offer you these outstanding qualities, you have doubtlessly found the best pay per head site.

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