Best Pay per Head Software, It’s Top Features and Player Services

The Best Pay per Head Software is a tool that allows you to manage your sports betting operation seamlessly.

Best Pay per Head Software, It's Top Features and Player Services
Best Pay per Head Software, It’s Top Features and Player Services

Without this set of tools and services, bookmakers will find it very difficult to compete against other modern sports betting agents.

This means that working alongside a reputable price per head shop is really the way to go.

Plus, PPH services, even extra ones such as an online casino, are very affordable; and, if granted by the right company, can really make the difference.


Best Pay per Head Software: Services and Features

When you get the Best Pay per Head Software from a top PPH Shop, these are the services and features you can expect you receive:

  • Mobile bookie software
  • Online betting for players
  • Call center wagering


Mobile bookie software

This mobile bookie software offers centralized, full control for the bookmaking agent.

And this is precisely one of the reasons why you want to get the Best Pay per Head Software from a top provider.

As an agent, you’re always on the run, either getting new clients, creating business partnerships, or simply enjoying your profits with those close to you.

Whatever the reason may be, you want a full-on mobile solution that allows you to verify the current action of players at any given time; from anywhere in the world.

So, when looking for the right price per head shop, make sure to ask about, and even test the mobile capabilities of the services they’re offering you. That is, before you sign up with the PPH Shop.

This way, you can figure out if the products of the PPH company are good or not; allowing you to decide if you want to stay with the PPH Shop, or look for a different option.

Now, when searching for the best PPH offshore services provider, these are the data management tool features you should focus on:

  • Custom reports
  • Full management options


Custom reports

These are the reports which shows the wagering and gambling activity of your players.

Such reports allows you to check info for the current day, or for previous dates.

And, by using a set of smart filters, you can check only the data you need, making your sports betting operation more proficient.

Make sure the PPH Shop you sign up with offers you more than 15 bookie reports.

The reason for this is because a good number of reports means that the tool can really provide you with the features that can help you run everything trouble-free.


Full management options

The Best Pay per Head Software is also the one that allows you to manage all the aspects of your business.

This means that you should be able to do things like:

  • Setting credit and wagering limits
  • Customizing betting lines
  • Managing both players and sub-agents


Setting credit and wagering limits

Using this tool, you can set the credit limit for individual players. This is great because it means that you can increase or decrease such limit at any given time.

This is also very convenient!

For example if a very good player is short of credit, and he wants to place a large wager that exceeds his current credit limit; he can simply contact you, the bookie, so you can increase that limit.

This allows you to include some extra large bets that, when put together, can really make the difference for your profits.


Customizing betting lines

Now, the Best Pay per Head Software includes a full lines service for the agent and his players.

That means that you, as an agent, can check, and edit the lines offered by the PPH Shop.

And, your players can always get their action using lines that are very attractive to them.

You can, at any given time, edit any lines you want.

And you can do this for one player, or for many. It really all depends on your particular needs.

You can also create your own wagering lines from scratch.

This means that you can create lines that will be available for your players, and nobody else.

In fact, you can even create exclusive lines that you can make available for a single player, or for just a few.


Managing both players and sub-agents

Another feature related to the Best Pay per Head Software is that it allows you to manage not only your players; but also your sub-agents.

So, if you’re a top bookmaker who counts with agents in other regions of the country; you can grant those agents access to your software.

This makes it possible for them to input their own data, allowing you to see the fresh changes at any time.


Online betting for players

The Best Pay per Head Software is complemented by an outstanding service such as online betting.

This means that your players are able to place their wagers without having to contact you directly.

This is a service that includes a fully working sports betting website.

And, if you pay an extra, you can also get your own online casino.

The standard version of this service, which is the most affordable one, includes a site that’s shared by many bookmakers.

Now, if you want to pay a one-time extra fee, you can get a customized site.

This is a website that’s going to be used only by your own players, and nobody else.

You can also pick the design, and the domain name of the site, for example mysite dot com.

This allows you to enhance your brand, and count with a full site without the extra added overhead costs.


Call center wagering

Last but not least, your players can also get their action charge-free, and using the help of skilled wagering clerks.

This means that your customers can always get their sports or horse betting action over the phone; and without a paying a single cent for it.

The reason for this is because you also get your own toll free number.

So, this is a number that is available only to your own clients, and they can dial it as much as they want to; and at any time of the day.


Doubtlessly, the Best Pay per Head Software and it’s great features, together with online and call center betting for players is really the formula that can help you become a successful bookie.

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