Best Pay per Head Services for Your Operation, And No Extra Costs

With the Best Pay per Head services, you can make a fortune, and contribute to the satisfaction of your players at the same time.

Best Pay per Head Services for Your Operation, And No Extra Costs
Best Pay per Head Services for Your Operation, And No Extra Costs

And you don’t have to break the bank, as you get access to very expensive products for just an affordable weekly fee.

Indeed, you’ll be satisfied, and proud of running your operation the smart way.

You’ll have the freedom you’ve always wanted!

You’ll be your own boss, and in full control of your own fate…


Best Pay per Head Sportsbook Software

If you’re currently taking manual bets, no wonder you feel you need some help!

And just as touchdowns are the most important part of football, the Best Pay per Head software is the most important asset for a top bookmaker.

You’ll be amazed at what this reliable, powerful bookie software can do for your sports betting operation.

This software is a relief, because you’re making money while comfortably watching it all happen…

In other words, working with this tool means that you’re letting others do all the data processing work for you…

This is the also the kind of outstanding service that requires no training at all.

This means that once you sign up, you can start using it immediately, and that indeed it’s what most pro agents are looking for…

Now, these are the benefits of using this tool:

  • Edit player accounts at will
  • Get a clear picture of your operation
  • Wiseguy protection


Edit player accounts at will

With this tool, you can easily edit the info of your players. This includes:

  • Open and close accounts: You can open a new account in seconds, and you can also shut down accounts when necessary.
  • Increase or decrease wagering limits: You can also manage betting limits for clients as required.
  • Adjust credit balances: And you can also add more credit to a given account, or remove credit from another one.


Get a clear picture of your operation

With the Best Pay per Head agent reports, you can check all the action as it’s taking place.

This means that you can have a clear picture of what’s going on with your operation.


Wiseguy protection

This tool will also make you a more confident bookie, because with this sportsbook software, you’ll be fully protected against wiseguy action.

So, you can run your operation with more certainty, making you a more cheerful and optimist bookmaking agent. Sure of what you do is worth it…


Best Pay per Head Services for Players

Thanks to the Best Pay per Head services, you’ll never look foolish, because players will always be able to get their action.

This is why most pro agents normally operate with these latest-technology solutions…

In fact, these high tech offshore services can help you create a connection with your players.

You’ll make their lives easier, and they will love you for your helpful and practical assistance.

Indeed, you’ll get the approval you want, and will shine in front of others…

And best of all, you can do all of this without any effort whatsoever, as your clients will be getting their action by themselves…

These are the solutions for players:

  • Sports betting and gaming website
  • Online casino
  • Call center access


Sports betting and gaming website

Industry experts agree, that professional online wagering and gambling is how most players get their action.

And as a smart bookie, you want to offer this superior service to your players without spending in overhead costs.

So, the Best Pay per Head solutions work especially well in this scenario…

You get access to a fully working website for your customers.

And also, all web games and services are modern and fast, so getting action will be a thrilling, yet simple experience for your players.

Now, there are two versions of this site:

  • Standard website
  • Personal website


Standard website

Some bookies just have a handful of players and want to save cash. In this case, the standard version is the best possible solution.

This is the standard site for the PPH Shop, shared by many agents and their players; and it’s a great, valuable service that will never let you down!


Personal website

Now, if you’re willing to a pay a ONE-TIME EXTRA FEE, you can get your own personal website, just for your own clients.

This site is a status symbol that improves your image.

And it can help you make your business more attractive to new players.


Online casino

Experts also agree that an online casino is the true secret behind the success of top bookmaking agents.

And all you need to do to get your own gambling solution for players is to pay an extra weekly fee.

Once you do, you’ll be able to double your profits effortlessly, because you can turn your current bettors into gamblers…

And that also means that you’ll find it easier to get new clients for your portfolio because you can not only go after sports bettors, but also after anybody who likes casino games.


Call center access

This is the service for those old school players that enjoy getting their action with assistance.

In this case, you can offer your players the freedom of getting their action over the phone whenever they want.

This is also a very secure service, because players are never asked for their personal info.

All they need to get their action is a simple user name and password. And the same goes for the web solutions.

This is indeed a very important service, because many of those old school customers are also big-time players.


So, if you offer them a high-quality calling solution, your business can become very prosperous.

Although success won’t happen overnight, these tools and services can help you reach the top in a faster way while investing your money wisely.

You can become a powerful and important bookie. You can acquire notoriety and recognition. Someone who’s admired and respected by other agents…

Doubtlessly, with the Best Pay per Head services, you’ll achieve what you want while improving your reputation at the same time.

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