Best Software for Bookies and other Pay per Head Services

The Best Software for Bookies is the one you can get from a top Costa Rica pay per head shop.

Best Software for Bookies and other Pay per Head Services
Best Software for Bookies and other Pay per Head Services

You really don’t want to spend too much cash, and PPH offshore services are affordable enough for any pocket.

Plus, you get solutions for you and your players, which means that one price covers all.


Best Software for Bookies: What’s Included

This is what’s included in a services pack when you get the Best Software for Bookies from a top PPH Shop:

  • Sportsbook software
  • Wagering and gambling website
  • Access to a modern call center


Sportsbook software

The Best Software for Bookies is the tool for you, the bookmaking agent.

You can use this tool to manage everything related to your operation.

It comes with many agent reports that are very easy to read and understand.

And when you check these reports, you’ll always see fresh information.

What is great about this sportsbook software is that it’s fully mobile.

This means that everything is web-based, so all you need to do is to go online; and check your data using your smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

With that said, make sure to avoid PPH companies that forces you to download their sportsbook or online casino software.

This is because downloads are not efficient, and most top agents avoid them; so you should consider doing the same.


Wagering and gambling website

Apart from the Best Software for Bookies, a PPH Shop also offers you full services for your players.

The main of the two solutions for players is a sports betting and gaming website.

This is a site where your players can easily get their action all by themselves.

This is great because it means that your customers can continue to make you profits without your direct intervention.

And, this is also a service that doesn’t require any downloads, your players can also use their mobile devices to get their action.

And this is a very easy service to use, which means that you shouldn’t be required to provide any kind of special training.

So, once you sign up with the right PPH company, you can immediately provide your players with the user names and passwords they’ll need to place bets or play casino games.

Now, there are two types of this solution:

  • Standard website
  • Customized website


Standard website

This is a the standard pay per head site, which means that the players from most bookies get their action here.

This is an outstanding service, the most popular, and also the most affordable one.


Customized website

This is a site that is going to be available only to your own players.

And this great because it allows you to enhance your image as a professional, independent bookmaker.

If you pick this option, you’ll be able to choose the design of the site, and also the domain name.

And what’s great about it is that all you need to do to get it is to pay a one-time extra fee.

Once you pay this fee, you won’t have to pay any other extras, and you’ll get a fully working sports betting and gaming site for your own players.


Access to a modern call center

Apart from the Best Software for Bookies for you, and an online wagering and gambling site for your players, the latter also get another service: access to a Costa Rica call center.

Now, you really want to do business with a PPH Shop from Costa Rica. And the reason is because this is the country where the most reputable price per head companies in the world are located.

So, by working with a Costa Rica PPH Shop, your players will be able to get their phone action using the help of professional sports betting clerks.

These clerks have been carefully trained in order to provide players the best possible service.

And, such clerks are also multilingual, which means that you can offer your services not only to English-speaking players; but also to bettors that speaks Chinese or Spanish as their native tongue as well.


Best Software for Bookies: How to get it

In order to get the Best Software for Bookies the first step is to search the web for the top PPH shops from Costa Rica.

Once you’ve found a couple of good ones, contact them. And for that purpose, you have 3 options:

  • Give them a call
  • Live help
  • Contact form


Give them a call

Calling the PPH Shop is really the easiest and fastest way to get the info you need, and to sign up right away.

Once you’re on the phone with the PPH representative, you can ask all the questions you want, and that way you can make sure that you’re dealing with the right company.

Quick tip: if you get fast and concise answers, it means that you’re dealing with the right PPH Shop.

On the other hand, if the representative is not able to respond to your questions immediately; it means that there’s something such PPH Shop is lacking, so your best bet is to search for a different one.


Live help

You can also visit the PPH Shop’s website and click on their live help button.

Then, you will be talking directly with a PPH representative.

This is basically the same process as over the phone as you’re talking with someone LIVE.

So, it’s really up to you if you want to have the phone experience, or a live help chat session.


Contact form

Alternatively, you can also send the PPH Shop your information so they can get back to you ASAP.

And you can do this by using the contact form located on the PPH Shop’s website.

Once you find the form, just fill out the requested details, and you can expect to hear from the PPH company ASAP.


As you can see, getting the top PPH solutions for you and your players is fairly easy and not expensive at all.

So, the first step is to get in touch with the right pay per head company, in order to get the Best Software for Bookies.

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