Best Sportsbook Services: The Top 7 Features That Makes the Difference

A top bookmaker wants the Best Sportsbook Services. And these are only available from a reputable Pay per Head shop.

Best Sportsbook Services: The Top 7 Features That Makes the Difference
Best Sportsbook Services: The Top 7 Features That Makes the Difference


Best Sportsbook Services: Top Features

Now, you know you’ve found the Best Sportsbook Services when these seven features are present:


  • Your own sports betting and gaming site
  • Personal 800 number
  • Everything is customizable
  • No downloads
  • Affordable prices
  • Backed by pros
  • Discretion


Your own sports betting and gaming site

The Best Sportsbook Services includes access to a mobile-friendly wagering and gambling website for players.

This means that the clients of the top bookmaker can use their tablets, smartphones or laptops to place wagers or play casino games; such as PPH Poker.

The agent can choose between a generic site, used by other bookies. Or, he can pay an extra and get a website that includes a custom skin, and domain name.

If the agent is dealing with a reputable Pay per Head operation, the company will count with its own team of software engineers.

This means that the agent can ask for specific things related to his custom site; and the PPH Shop can make it happen.


Personal 1-800 number

The Best Sportsbook Services also include access to a personal 800 number.

This means that the bookmaking agent gets a private toll free number for his customers.

So, when a player dials that number; the wagering clerk on the other side of the line also knows that the call is coming from a client of a particular bookie.

This is great because it allows the agent to promote his sports betting and gaming operation using a personal 1-800 number.

Considering the fact that paying for a toll free number is not cheap at all, the agent really gets a great deal.

This is because once the top bookmaker becomes a client of the PPH offshore services company; he doesn’t have to pay any extras in relationship to his 1-800 number.


Everything is customizable

The Best Sportsbook Services also allows the bookmaking agent to customize everything.

This includes:

  • Bookie reports
  • Accounts of players
  • Wagering lines
  • Betting limits for wagers and casino games


Bookie reports

The agent wants to customize his bookie software reports to operate in a seamless way.

By customizing the data that’s displayed on his sportsbook software, the agent can check only the info he needs.

This saves him time, and allows him to take better decisions that can improve his business.


Accounts of players

It’s also important to have the ability of managing the accounts of players at will.

A bookie should be able of opening or closing a given account at any time.

The agent should also have the power of showing players only the data the bookie wants them to see.

For example, the agent can make certain wagering types available for some players, and not for others.


Wagering lines

The Best Sportsbook Services also allows agents to manage their own wagering lines.

Usually the agent doesn’t have to manage lines as this is done by the Pay per Head shop.

But, from time to time, the agent needs to move a line here and there.

And having the option of doing so is certainly a top feature to look for.


Betting limits for wagers and casino games

The top bookmaker also wants to have the ability of setting his own betting limits for wagers and casino games; including PPH Poker.

This is important because not all agents out there work with the same prices for their customers.


No downloads

This is another top feature related to the Best Sportsbook Services.

The agent really wants to work with a solution that is always available.

In other words: the bookie needs sportsbook software that works fully online.

This way, the data of the agent is always accessible.

And that flexibility of use is exactly what a top bookmaker needs.

The reason is because agents are always on the move. And they also need to make sure that they can always keep an eye on their operations.


Affordable prices

The Best Sportsbook Services are also the most affordable ones.

This doesn’t mean that the bookie needs to search for the cheapest option in the market.

This is because chances are that the cheapest is going to be low quality.

And, a responsible agent want great solutions for his business.

So, what an agent wants is to find a reputable price per head company that offers great services and also affordable prices.

So, it seems like you’re not paying the cheapest, but you aren’t paying the most expensive price in the market either.

Now, chances are that if the agent is dealing with a top Pay per Head shop; he’s going to get a great deal. And, fully customized according to the particular needs of his wagering and gambling operation.


Backed by pros

The Best Sportsbook Services are definitely the ones that are backed by a team of skilled pros.

This includes professionals in the following areas:

  • Management
  • Wagering
  • Customer service
  • Technical staff



First of all, the managers are at the head of the operation. They make sure that everything runs smoothly.



Skilled wagering clerks are always prepared to handle any type of customer with professionalism and respect. Processing each call as fast as possible, to serve the next player ASAP.


Customer service

The customer service department takes care of a variety of situations related to both bookies and their players.


Technicals staff

The technical department from a reputable price per head shop also assist both bookmakers and their clients.



When a player gets in touch with the Pay per Head call center; all he should be asked for is an alias and a password.

This guarantees that the private information of the clients of the bookmaking agent is never compromised.

In such a case that players are being asked for things like their names or their personal emails; then this means that the bookie is dealing with a low quality PPH Shop.


As you can see, to have access to the Best Sportsbook Services is paramount to work with a reputable Pay per Head shop that can offer you the top features at an affordable price.

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