Best Sportsbook Software: Where to Get It, and PPH Features

The Best Sportsbook Software is a tool that’s available as part of the Pay per Head services pack from a top PPH Shop.

Best Sportsbook Software: Where to Get It, and PPH Features
Best Sportsbook Software: Where to Get It, and PPH Features

Make sure to get your bookie software from a price per head shop located offshore.

And that’s because as a bookmaking agent, this is how you can get the best value for your cash.


Best Sportsbook Software: The Features

Here are the features related to the Best Sportsbook Software from a top PPH offshore services provider:

  • Trial period
  • Customizable reports
  • Full betting line management
  • Full account management
  • Secure
  • Services for players


Trial period

The first thing you need to ask for when looking for the Best Sportsbook Software is a trial period.

In fact, if you’re dealing with a reputable Pay per Head company; you shouldn’t even need to ask for it as you should get it automatically.

This means that the PPH Shop will offer you the opportunity of testing out its services charge-free; and without forcing you to become a member right away.

The reason why a top Pay per Head business doesn’t forces agents to sign up immediately is because quality is guaranteed.

This means that the agent is likely to be very pleased with the Best Sportsbook Software and the other products; and so the top bookmaker is also likely to sign up after the trial period is over.

Now, when you first contact the PPH Shop, make sure to ask all the questions you can.

This way, when you start using your trial, you’ll have a better overall picture of how all the Pay per Head services work.


Customizable reports

The Best Sportsbook Software includes bookie reports that are fully customizable.

This means that agents can check only the info they consider necessary.

This saves time, and allows the agent to run his sports betting and gaming operation more accurately.

Now, you want as many reports as possible.

The reason is because you want to have a great overall picture about the current status of your business.

And, you also want to check which players are getting you the most profits; and which ones you should keep an eye on due to wiseguy activity.

With that said, you can use your trial period in order to check each one of the available bookie reports.

And, this also allows you to get fully familiarized with how the information is displayed on each report.

Now, if you’re dealing with a top PPH Shop, all bookie reports should be pretty user-friendly; which means that you should be able to understand the data on them immediately.


Full betting line management

The Best Sportsbook Software is also the one that allows agents to have full control over wagering lines.

This means that you, as a top bookmaker, can edit any sports betting line provided by the Pay per Head company.

With that said, if you’re working with a reputable PPH Shop, chances are that you won’t ever need to move any lines at all.

However, you may want to move a line here and there, for all of your clients, or for VIP players.

And, you also want to have the option of creating your own wagering lines.

This allows you to come up with your own prop bets, and other type of wagers that your players may find attractive.


Full account management

The Best Sportsbook Software also allows bookmakers to manage the accounts of players at will.

This means that agents can check all the info on each account, and edit it without a problem.

This is great because it means that agents can do things such as:

  • Opening or closing an account: You want to create new accounts at any given moment, and in an instant. And you also want to have the option of shutting down any given account immediately due to different reasons.
  • Edit the credit limit of a player: It’s also important to count with the option of editing the credit limit of your customers.
  • Edit the wagering menu of a player: And you also want to have the chance of adding, removing, or creating new betting lines for a single client.



The Best Sportsbook Software is also very secure.

This means that this is the type of data management tool that’s never going to compromise the security of processed information.

Actually, working with a reputable offshore Pay per Head company is how you can guarantee the safety of your data.

The reason is because this company counts with its own encrypted servers; guaranteeing that nobody but the agent and some key people at the PPH Shop are going to have access to the data of players.


Services for players

The Best Sportsbook Software is also complemented by the best services for players, including:

  • Sports betting and gaming website
  • Call center wagering


Sports betting and gaming website

This is a site players use to get their action using their favorite mobile devices.

And the reason why they can do this is because the PPH Shop provides web-based services only.

This means that all the solutions from the Pay per Head company are accessible via the internet.

Now, as a bookie, you can choose to get the standard sports betting site, or you can pay a little extra and get your own online casino!

This latter option is great because it allows you to easily double your profits by counting with a fully working wagering and gambling site.


Call center wagering

The other Pay per Head service destined for the customers of the bookie is call center access.

This means that players can dial a toll free number, and get their wagering action over the phone.

This is a service that’s available for people that bets on sports and horse racing events.

And, it’s the perfect complement for the online sports betting and gaming service provided by the PPH Shop.

And doubtlessly, it’s also a great complement for the Best Sportsbook Software, the service intended for the bookmaking agent.

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