Betting Site for Bookies: A Difference-Making Pay Per Head Service

A Pay per Head Betting Site for Bookies saves money, and gets you clients.

Betting Site for Bookies: A Difference-Making Pay Per Head Service
Betting Site for Bookies: A Difference-Making Pay Per Head Service

This is a fully working website where players can place bets and play casino games.

You can get it for a small price per head fee. And your clients will be more than pleased with the sports betting and gaming services received.


Betting Site for Bookies: Why It Makes the Difference

Here are the reasons why a Betting Site for Bookies from a top PPH offshore services company is a real difference-maker:

  • Saves cash
  • Empowers the agent
  • Sportsbook and casino


Saves cash

Making cash is what a wagering and gambling operation it’s all about.

And with that being the case, you want to spend the least as possible in overhead costs.

So, by getting a Betting Site for Bookies and other solutions from a PPH Shop; you can avoid things like payrolls, or renting office space.

In fact, once you sign up with a top Pay per Head company, you’re pretty much ready to go!

All you actually need besides PPH offshore services is some knowledge on business and sports.

Now, once your business turns a profit, you can pay winners using that money.

But when you start, you need to count with some cash to cover those payments.

This is important to mention. And the reason is because even though you’re saving cash by operating with a reputable PPH Shop; you also need to keep a good reputation since day one.

You want this to be the scenario for your bookmaking and gambling operation.

And that’s because if your business is not turning a profit due to a poor reputation among bettors and gamblers; it really doesn’t matter if you’re saving money.

So, make sure to first secure the startup cash, then sign up with a good PPH overseas company.

That’s really the way to go for successful bookmakers.


Empowers the agent

Another positive factor related to getting a Pay per Head Betting Site for Bookies is that it empowers you as an agent.

This is because it provides you with so much outstanding tools; that it allows you to compete directly with the top online sportsbooks out there.

With the added benefit that it allows you to offer more privacy.

That’s because online sportsbooks request credit card and other personal information from customers.

And you can actually hold this data from the Pay per Head shop.

This means that players can get their action using a simple alias and password.

So, the PPH company doesn’t need the personal data of your customers to allow them to place bets or play casino games, such as PPH Poker.

Just this factor alone can help you motivate prospective clients to actually become clients of your bookmaking and gambling portfolio.

Here are the tools that are offered by a reputable PPH Shop:

  • Sportsbook software
  • Call center access


Sportsbook software

When you get a Betting Site for Bookies from a PPH company, you also get sportsbook software for you.

This means that the Pay per Head shop offers services not only for players; but it also offers a full data management system that allows you to have complete control over the whole operation.

And you can do this using customizable reports that are shown in real time. This means that you can actually check the action of players as it’s taking place.

Another outstanding benefit is that you can also manage your sub-agents.

And it’s also possible to create your own wagering lines.

With that said, moving lines is actually not necessary as the price per head shop offers this service for your players.

But, from time to time, you may want to modify a line here, and a line there. For some players, or for all of them.

And this bookie software makes that possible for you.


Betting Site for Bookies

The Betting Site for Bookies is probably the most import tool for a top bookmaker.

The reason is because most players enjoy getting their action using their mobile phones, laptops, or tablets.

And, by offering them a fully working website where they can place wagers or play games like roulette; can really make the difference for your business.

What’s great is that you can get a customized site that includes its own domain name; and the site design of your preference.

This allows you to offer more personalized services.

And this means that you can get successful as an agent by promoting your own brand!


Call center access

This is a solution that perfectly complements the Betting Site for Bookies.

The reason is because a lot of players still get their action over the phone.

So, offering a high-quality call center Pay per Head service allows you to keep your phone clients satisfied.

You want to work with a PPH shop that operates from a country such as Costa Rica.

This is an overseas territory that’s filled with wagering and gambling professionals.

This includes skilled clerks that can process sports betting calls in a fast and reliable way.

And it also provides low overhead costs for Pay per Head companies.

Meaning that PPH shops can offer better services, and very affordable weekly fees.

A great factor related to this solution is that you can get your own toll free number.

This means that your players can always get their action over the phone totally free of charges.

Doubtlessly this is a great benefit for your operation that can considerably increase the volume of phone wagers.


Sportsbook and casino

Getting a PPH Betting Site for Bookies also means that your players can place bets on sports and horses.

And alternatively, you can also choose to add an online casino solution.

This means that when your players access the Pay per Head website, they can visit either the wagering or gambling areas.

Doubtlessly, this is a factor that allows you to improve your profits considerably.

So, even if you have to pay extra for adding this extra to the Betting Site for Bookies, the value obtained is worth every penny.

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