Betting Software for Bookmakers: Pay per Head Sports, Casino Tools

If you’re after Betting Software for Bookmakers, you need to consider the quality versus the price.

Betting Software for Bookmakers: Pay per Head Sports, Casino Tools
Betting Software for Bookmakers: Pay per Head Sports, Casino Tools

In other words, you need to consider total value versus cash paid.

With that said, in order to ensure that you’re a getting first-hand product; associate yourself with a reputable bookie offshore services company, also known as a pay per head shop.


Betting Software for Bookmakers: The Source is Everything

When it comes to getting Betting Software for Bookmakers; the pay per head shop that offers it must count with a good reputation.

Otherwise you run the risk of end up doing business with a PPH shop that is not going to offer you the sports betting and gaming tools you need to run your bookmaking and gambling operation properly.

The first thing you can do is to explore the web for reviews. If there are negative reviews related to the price per head shop you’re interested in, chances are that it’s better for you to avoid such PPH shop.

Now, if there are just a couple of negative reviews and the rest are positive, you can give the PPH shop the benefit of the doubt about its quality.

The reason is because even though a given pay per head company is able to provide first-hand solutions; client satisfaction is not always a guarantee.


Calling the Pay per Head Shop

So, if you see more positive reviews than negative ones online, give the PPH shop a call. This is very important because that way you can get a clearer idea of who you’re actually dealing with.

If you get natural responses to your answers, chances are that you’re on the right track.

On the other hand, the person on the other side of the phone may not be very sure about the answers he’s providing you.

If this is the case, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a price per head shop with little experience; and that’s not at all interested in providing the best Betting Software for Bookmakers.


Negotiating a Deal

Once you’re satisfied with a given PPH shop, its time to sign up for an account. This is actually the time to negotiate a deal related to the price per head weekly fee you’ll have to pay for each one of your customers.

If you’re not sure how this fee works, here’s a quick explanation:

A PPH shop gets its money by charging bookmaking agents a weekly fee for allowing players to have access to a high-tech call center; and to a wagering website. And, it also covers the Betting Software for Bookmakers.

This fee is based on actual usage, and it’s charged by individual player.

This means that if the bookie has 50 players, but only 25 used the wagering or gambling services from the price per head shop; then the bookie only pays the PPH shop for the 25 players that were active during a given week.

Now, it’s very important to verify if the pay per head shop you want to work with charges bookies for the actual usage of their services or not.

This is because if you’re going to be charged for all  of your players, even for inactive ones; you won’t really find this service all that convenient.


Betting Software for Bookmakers: What Do I Get?

A services pack from a reputable PPH shop includes more than just Betting Software for Bookmakers.

Here’s what you can expect to get:

  • The Data Management Tool
  • Calling Service
  • Online Betting


The Data Management Tool

The data management tool is the software the bookmaking agent gets.

The bookie can check and monitor all the current and previous wagering and gambling action from players.

This Betting Software for Bookmakers includes real-time data. This means that a bookie can see all the action and casino plays as they are taking place.

This is quite advantageous because it allows the bookmaking agent to take important decisions related to the activity that’s being generated by his customers.

High-quality sportsbook software also contains a variety of reports. These can be used on their own; or the can bookie compare the information from one report to another in order to take better decisions that can lead to better profits.


Calling Service

Bookmaking agents get this calling service so their players can make bets over the phone.

Despite the rising popularity of online wagering, phone betting remains heavily popular.

This is because many people just enjoy the special treatment they receive when they call-in with their action.

And, there are also many old school players that just feel more comfortable with this service.

If you’re dealing with a reputable PPH shop, you can expect to receive a call center solution that includes:

  • 24-7, year-round access
  • Multilingual services
  • Specialized treatment for players
  • Personalized 800 number


Online Betting

Currently, this is the top pay per head service a bookie can get. The reason is because the majority of players out there get their action using their computers or personal devices.

In other words, bettors really enjoy the privacy that is synonymous with online wagering.

Most price per head shops offers generic websites. Meaning that the players from different bookmaking agents all use the same internet site to place their bets.

This is great, and there’s really no problems with it. However, if you want to offer a more personalized service; you can ask the PPH shop to provide you with a custom website for your own customers.

This is going to be a website that includes its own domain name and personalized design.

Using a custom website is an outstanding option because it sets you apart from other sports betting and gaming agents.

And, it allows you to market your wagering and gambling operation in an easier way by counting with your own online bookie brand and presence.

So, you can always opt for using the generic site option; but if you really want to make the difference, it’s better to work with a custom bookie website.


As you can see, Betting Software for Bookmakers is more than a simple data management tool, as it is in fact a package of solutions that can positively impact the business of a bookmaking agent.

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