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Why You Should Definitely Become A Bookie?

Bookie business has become a very popular choice in the twenty-first century due to its online convenience. Even for people who already have one full-time job, they can still build their own sportsbook for making extra money. So, why you should definitely become a bookie? Let’s get to know what...

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Over/Under Blog: The Almost Playoffs

Welcome to a new feature on Price Per Head, The Over/Under Blog! We’ll tackle weird sports headlines, drop gems from the gambling department, and keep you entertained along the way. Over/Under: Hedging Your Futures Pick Before the Playoffs Start Took a chance and have the Pelicans making the playoffs? You were...

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Famous Apps That Invade Your Privacy

Your phone knows almost all things about you such as your location, travel destination, contact list, emails and messages. The same applies to many of the apps you use and some are even much nosier. Let us list the worst apps that you may never imagine how dangerous you put...

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How To Improve Your Marketing Communication

We all know that communication is the key to business success. Day-to-day communications are actually necessary because more options you can offer your customers the better. However, most of the players don’t like to be inundated with emails and texts about news feeds. Since not everybody likes this kind of...

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