Blogging 101 for your Bookie Operation

At first sight it seems that blogging is quite easy: just write a few lines and get them live on your bookie blog without any going anyblogging-101-bookie-operation further, and it can certainly be that simple, but that is only if you don’t want to get some good traffic that can lead to some future business opportunities.

If you think otherwise and wish to use your brand new bookie blog as part of your marketing plan, then here is some information you might find useful.


Bookie Tips: Promote those Posts!


Writing a great article for your pay per head bookie blog is just half the effort, as now it is time for your to promote it in order to improve your site traffic. You can see your posts as true marketing tools that can be used in social media and other online sites to attract new visitors and increase your chances of turning some readers into actual clients.

Don’t forget to write posts that will be catchy and focused on getting the attention of players. Try to also take into consideration that you are creating an article that you are looking to promote in social media sites, so don’t forget to create titles that prospective clients will find irresistible to click on.


The Design

The look and feel of your blog is equally relevant as to write attractive posts that can get the attention of potential clients. Having the right layout, an attractive and informative header easy navigation, few ads, clear fonts and a single bar are all factors that can help enormously when it comes to make your blog more appealing to visitors.


Get people to subscribe

In order to come up with an ideal stream of steady readers, it is advisable that you try to get as many email addresses as possible in order to send them your updates for fresh posts.

You can add a “subscribe to the newsletter” box in your blog and combine that effort with an online contest for example (which you can promote in social media sites such as Facebook), where the prize will be an item that will be attractive to possible clients.

By doing this, you are not only obtaining the email of people that wants to participate in the contest and whom will probably continue to read your sportsbook bookie blog in the future, but what’s more important, since the item that you were offering as the prize of your contest (let’s say a yearly subscription to a professional handicapping service) was particularly interesting for players, chances are that you will end up with a few good clients / frequent site visitors.


Guest Posting

If you want to appear as a believable source of information for players, then you can try to do some guest posting on popular blogs that you are sure are followed by people that can end up as part of your betting portfolio.

When you are allowed by authoritative bloggers to do some blogging on their well-known and respected sites, then you will immediately gain a lot of credibility within the online gambling community, which can put you in a great position to close some big deals for your wagering operation.



If you are not too fond of SEO efforts, then you can hire a professional that can do this work for you, but the main thing that you need to consider when it comes to SEO is that you need to write as natural as possible while focusing on where a keyword can fit better in your text.

Don’t forget to write bookie blog titles that will contain the specific keyword that you want to rank high for in search engines and also, try to write descriptions that will be informative enough to get people to click on a link to your post.

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