Bookie Tips: Asking for What You Want, Putting Fires Out

In order for your bookie business to flourish, you need to have the courage to ask for what you want, and you must also keep your clients satisfied by putting fires out as soon as they bookie-asking-what-want-putting-firesappear.


Bookie Tips: Ask for What You Want


If you believe that nothing is impossible for you and your bookie business, then your mindset will improve, and then you will count with a wider scope of reality, allowing you to negotiate incredible deals. In other words, what you really need is to learn to ask for what you want.

Maybe you think that something that you are brainstorming in your mind for your bookie business is not reachable, but this is only because you are not yet thinking outside the box and feel limited by your own experience.

But if you manage to overcome your fear of asking for what you want and really feel that you deserve it, you will surprise yourself by what you can obtain, both for your bookmaking operation, and also for your personal life.


Put Out Fires Quickly

When you notice that a customer is not satisfied with the bookie services you are providing, don’t waste time and make sure to find out about what is the reason why such client is not happy.

The more time that you take to figure out what is wrong, the less your player is going to trust in you, and, in fact, you are risking losing that particular customer.

And what is worst, an unsatisfied player can start spreading negative word of mouth concerning your sports betting solutions, which can prevent you from acquiring new clients that are familiar with the disgruntled customer.

These are the five recommended steps that you must take in order to attend to urgent complaints from players of your bookie business:

  • Respond quickly and in a calm manner.
  • Really listen to what the unsatisfied client has to say, but make sure that you offer a sincere apology first.
  • Make it clear to the player how you are going to proceed to solve the problem, and also provide a specific time frame.
  • Once you are in the process of solving the problem, provide the customer with current updates related to the progress of the resolution.
  • After you have finished solving the problem, make sure that the player is 100% satisfied.

It is inevitable that some of your players are going to become unsatisfied for a variety of reasons, and, if you want your bookie business to be the best that it can be, you must prepare to deal with these types of situations in order to prevent your clients from leaving you to place their bets with another bookie.

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