Bookie Tips: You Don’t Have to Be the Best Dressed, or the Smartest

In order to run a successful price per head bookie company, you don’t have to be the best dressed, or the smartest, you just need to be yourself and be driven by humbleness.bookie-best-dressed-smartest


Bookie Tips: Nowadays, Your Clothes Are not Quite Relevant


Indeed, your worth as a price per head bookie should be focused on your aptitude, and not your apparel.

It is a true fact that a few years ago, people believed that clothes actually made the man, but the generalized perception on this matter has changed drastically.

The clearest example of this are the individuals that work at Silicon Valley, whom prefer to dress more casually instead of wearing a Brooks Brothers suit and a Rolex (which most of them can afford without a problem).

Don’t focus so much on social norms that are related to dressing codes, and make it your personal goal to focus on offering the best price per head bookmaking solutions that you can to your players.

Now, it is important to mention that dressing casually is not synonymous with being offensive.

Sure, you can opt for wearing jeans, t-shirts and even hoodies (yes, just like Mark Zuckerberg), but don’t go to extremes by wearing clothes that can seem a little bit inappropriate for certain occasions, such as when you are ready to attend to an important business meeting with a prospective client of your sports betting operation.

In sum, you should wear clothes that you find comfortable and that are socially respectable. This is because even though nobody really cares about dress codes anymore, you don’t want to wear stuff that prospective customers and partners might find inadequate.


You Don’t Have to Be the Smartest

According to the experts, the best CEO of a bookie company is not the smartest, but the most humble.

A good CEO of a price per head bookie start-up knows that he doesn’t know all the answers and is aware of the fact that he needs help.

There are bookie CEO’s who are quite knowledgeable in some areas, but they definitely need some assistance in others.

For example, a price per head bookmaking CEO can be more than proficient as a manager, but is not very good with numbers, or vice versa.

What you really want to avoid in order to be successful with your sports betting business is to believe that you know everything, and being unwilling to listen to other’s opinions.

Indeed, instead of focusing on the so famous phrase “dress to impress,” try to put all of your energies on being the best price per head bookie CEO that you can be by acting in a humble way, learning from your mistakes, and asking for help when you need it.

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